5 Night Plan

5 Night Plan Rich Simmonds Espouses A Radically Different Approach To Understanding How Strong And Grounded Relationships Should Be Built He Simplifies The Pro S And Pitfalls Of Romantic Communication To Unpack Key Communication Concepts Upon Which To Build New Relationships Such As Integrity Of Intention And Authenticity What Rich Simmonds Espouses Is That Brand New Couples Should Spend 5 Uninterrupted Days And Nights Together To Force A Reality Of Communication And Intention That Simply Doesn T Happen In The Initial Romantic Artifice Of New Relationships His Research And Experience As A Social Communications Influencer Show That Building A Love Relationship On Transient, Reality Masking Romance Is Why Most Marriages Fail The 5 Night Plan , However, Explains Why And How Communication Is The Ultimate Key To Building Lifelong Love.This Book Will Provide Readers With Rich Simmonds s 5 Night plan, truly does holds up an honest mirror in the face of relationships Embrace the view Dr Steve MaraboliNew York, USA5 Night Plan suggests a fresh perspective on relationships and how to approach a potential long term, concrete romantic relationship Personally I think the book is suited to adults in their 30 s who is tired of wasting time dating hoping to find the one and start their happily ever after What I really loved about the book is that even in an established relationships the concepts written about is relevant regardless if you are in the beginning stages of getting to know a potential partner, or perhaps need to kick start a long term love.Rich Simmonds is an amazing communicator and a master when it comes to emotional intelligence in my opinion Reading about consistency, quality time, communication, trust, commitment, forgiveness and my favourite chapter that deal