6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise!

6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise! All Across America, People Are Struggling With Stubborn Belly Fat But You Don T Have To Be One Of Them Are You Ready To Make A Commitment To Getting A Slimmer, Sexier Waistline Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Dangerous Belly Fat So You Can Live Longer Are You Ready To Have A Body You Re Proud To Show Off On The Beach This Book Teaches Six Proven Strategies To Melt Away Belly Fat And Naturally Reveal Your Sexy, Slim Waistline It S Possible To Lose Up To Five Inches Of Belly Fat In Just One Month, Even If You Don T Do Ab Crunches Or Sit Ups If You Read This Book, You Will Learn The 7 Fat Belly Foods And How To Quickly Cut Them Out Of Your Diet Find Out How To Correct A Hormonal Imbalance That Causes A Bloated Belly Learn How To Break Two Bad Habits That Often Lead To Belly Fat Learn How To Lose The Gut By Cleaning The Gut Through Detox Discover 5 Safe Supplements That Will Help You Burn Belly Fat Fast JJ Smith Is The Author Of The 1 Bestseller And USA Today Bestseller Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Working Out JJ Smith Is A Nutritionist And Certified Weight Loss Expert Who Has Been Featured On The Steve Harvey Show, The Montel Williams Show, And The Jamie Foxx Show And On The NBC, FOX, And CW Network Television Stations, As Well As In The Pages Of Glamour, Essence, And Ladies Home Journal Since Reclaiming Her Health, Losing Weight, And Discovering A Second Youth In Her Forties, JJ Has Become The Voice Of Inspiration To Those Who Want To Lose Weight, Be Healthy, And Get Their Sexy Back After finishing the 10 day Green Smoothie cleanse I was eager to learn all I could on how to maintain this new lifestyle, and continue to reach mu goal of NEVER DIETING AGAIN tHIS BOOK HELPED ME do just that.This book changed my life so much so That Ibecame a certified coach teaching this cleanse I love this lifestyle and
This is a good book with a lot of great information As a Naturopathic physician to say that this will work for everyone I am am not sure It is great place to start and a great place to go if you are at a plateau It is also very good for people who have health problems that limit there ability to exercise Before retiring I often recommend chromium for weight loss and sugar craving I had several clients that used stev
Luv itI liked that the book was short sweet and top the point I would recommend this book too every or anyone struggling with belly fat Im one who would exercise and couldn t understand why the belly wouldn t go away now I under stand. Very Good information Good information I recommend reading this book if you are trying to get flatter tummy, and need that additional motivation I definitely seen the difference once I cut out certain foods. SimpleStraightforward and simple in its presentation I appreciate the research that went in to this study It makes goal appear attainable. Very informative It does work just follow the instructions given to you and stick with it Good information but didn t lead to much fat loss. The book was great It gave me a lot of ideas and products to use I didn t know what to start with but the book helped me to decide Also some things to work on to help on lifestyle too Stress plays a major part in my life.I give the book a 5rating because
ExcellentThis books shows you how to eat to live and not live to eat, which causes many health issues and possibly premature death Teaching my children a better way so they can teach theirs early. Interesting book, I will have to think about some of the ideas in it as the foods it refers to, to me, I would call ingredients, so not so simple to apply, since removing things such as white flour from one s diet is a bit complicated.