A Heart in Shadows (Maewyn's Prophecy 4)

A Heart in Shadows (Maewyn's Prophecy 4)Dark Visions Plague Giffen, And When He Meets A Beautiful Young Incubus Of Uncertain Motivations, He Grows Even Troubled It Doesn T Help That His Destined Love Match Is Bent On Destroying His People Publisher S Note A Heart In Shadows Is A Male Male Erotic Romance As Such It Contains Elements That May Be Offensive To Some Readers Male Male Sexual Practices. The Maewyn s Prophecy Series is one of the best Series about Elves legend I have never read With this four enstallment the last inhabitant of Scott House still un mated finds is love But, is not his predestined mate Giffen is 50 years old and for all his life he is waiting for his elf mate to arrive He is sure of it, cause Giffen has the sight and he knows that he have a mate somewhere But years passes and he is still alone His friend Bear, in accord with the Elves Queen, Talia, has sent to him Derek, an incubus Derek is lithe and gentle and he only wants to love Giffen He knows he isn t his predestined love, ma it doesn t matter But Vavasour, the real mate of Giffen has other ideas he maybe doesn t want Giffen, but sure as hell, he doesn t leave him to another All the series is not a simple reading Emily Veinglory has a beautiful written, she gives us flash of image and many insight view of the characters It is like a storm of emotions you have to collect and put together