A Killer Among Demons

A Killer Among DemonsDark Prints Press Merges Its Two Favourite Worlds Horror And Crime For One Amazing Anthology 10 Tales Of Paranormal Supernatural Crime From Some Of The World S Best Authors A Man Finds That Revenge May Cost You Your Soul, In An Endlessly Repeated Day A Missing Girl Case Leads To A Cult Being Discovered, Of Malnourished Beings That Feed On Flesh A Man Drives A Corpse Around On Its Road To Redemption A Ghostly Intruder Won T Let An Ex Lover Rest Dirty Detectives Pay One Last Visit To A Demented Dentist Mysterious Deaths Are Solved By A Grievance Visitation A Mobster S Secret Weapon Is Discovered, A Turf War Hinging On Magic A Spirit Possesses Victims To Find Their Killers, But Discovers The Devil Himself A Detective Finally Unleashes The Spiritual Powers He S Tried To Ignore, Conjuring The Demise Of His World And A Makeshift Surgery Helps Those Afflicted By The Drug Of Musik Caveat I have a story in this collection.However, aside from my story being in it this is a fantastic collection Craig Bezant, the editor, should be proud of a job really well done He s collected ten stories of supernatural paranormal crime and the first thing you realise is just what a tremendous job he s done collecting
his introduction to A Killer Among Demons, editor Craig Bezant states that two of his greatest passions in fiction are crime and horror Dark Prints Press has previously published well received anthologies dealing in both of these genres crime fiction in The One That Got Away and horror in the Australian Shadows Award winning Surviving the End but this is his first foray into combining the two, and personally I hope it s not the last A Killer Among Demons collects the work of a variety of authors, both local and international, all writing tales of supernatural crimes, ranging from the most personal and human revenge, murder, obsession all the way to the apocalypse itself, and even beyond.The quality of stories in A Killer Among Demons is uniformly high One fantastic element of every single story in the collection is the sheer invisibility of the writing, which is a staple of fine crime fiction especially The reader is simply absorbed into the stories, swallowed whole, without being aware of the act of reading As the much missed El Leonard once sagely advised, if it sounds like writing, rewrite it This is a rule all ten writers in this collection clearly followed Different readers will find different favourites I personally lean away fr
Ok I m biased because I have a story in it, but this is a solid paranormal crime anthology with a welcome mix of supernatural noir, dark fantasy and straight up scares with diabolical twists by fantastic authors.Very proud to be pa
Fun and spooky tales.