A Port of Stone and Iron (The Moonship Series Book 1)

A Port of Stone and Iron (The Moonship Series Book 1) As The Youngest Wagon Driver In The Town Of Southport, Aya Is All That Stands Between Her Family And Poverty The Mysterious Illness Sweeping The Land Has Taken Her Father, And Now The Ominous Red Doctors Have Slithered Their Way Into The City, Where They Hold Positions Of Fearful Power When Aya Discovers A Terrible Secret, She Is Propelled On A Journey To Save Not Just One World, But Two Fueled By Myth And Magic, Aya Will Learn What Brings Her Town Together And What Sets Her Apart. Disclaimer Alexandra is a dear Facebook friend of mine and the owner of a favorite Etsy shop, so I was pretty excited when she wrote a book My review is no doubt influenced by my good opinion of her as a human being and a creator, but I am not totally unbiased towards my friends as some of them have written books that I didn t like That said, on with the review This book is the first in a series which seems to be going in the direction of being a coming of age fantasy adventure, inspired by faerie lore It features numerous strong female characters yay , positive and sensitive portrayal of characters with disabilities yay , and a good interpretation of faeries that draws heavily from traditional lore while still exhibiting a bit of artistic license yay.I found that A Port of Stone and Iron was well paced and kept me wanting to read It never really got bogged down in unnecessary exposition, instead revealing things as needed throughout the story It s a bit on the short side, if I hadn t been so busy I could have easily sat down and read it in a single day, which means now I am preeeeetty impatient for the next volume.In general, the writing is pretty strong, although I did find that the author sometimes had a bit of a heavy hand with giving characters accents speech mannerisms, especially when characters who appeared to be from the same area and socio economic class as the main characters would speak very differently than the protagonist narrates.Becaus