A Small Town

A Small TownA Small Town Cop Turns Vigilante To Track Down Twelve Escaped Inmates In This Thriller By The New York Times Bestselling Master Of Nail Biting Suspense Los Angeles Times When Twelve Inmates Pull Off An Audacious Prison Break, It Liberates Than A Thousand Convicts Into The Nearby Small Town The Newly Freed Prisoners Rape, Murder, And Destroy The Quiet Community Burning Down Homes And Businesses An Immense Search Ensues, But The Twelve Who Plotted It All Get Away After Two Years, The Local And Federal Police Agencies Have Yet To Find Them Then The Mayor Calls In Leah Hawkins, A Local Cop Who Lost A Loved One That Terrible Night She S Placed On Sabbatical To Travel Across The Country Learning Advanced Police Procedures But The Sabbatical Is Merely A Ruse Her Real Job Is To Track Down The Infamous Twelve And Kill Them Leah S Mission Takes Her From Florida To New York And From The Beaches Of California To An Anti Government Settlement Deep In The Ozarks But When The Surviving Fugitives Realize What She S Up To, A Race To Kill Or Be Killed Ensues In This Non Stop Tale Of Vengeance From The Edgar Award Winning Author Of The Butcher S Boy Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestA SMALL TOWN wasn t really the book I was expecting I guess I was hoping for a tautly written mystery, and not what it actually seemed to be a moderately fast paced airport thriller, to be read in a single sitting before being donated In A SMALL TOWN, a small town lol in Colorado is brutally attacked and destroyed following an intensely planned prison break.Wanting revenge, and furious by the lack of justice served out by the cops, the mayor of the town hires an ex police officer named Leah to hunt all these men down and kill them, Kill Bill style Which she does, happily, because all of these guys are truly awful and it really is sickening that they got away with their crimes The first couple are easy, but when the surviving men learn that someone is hunting them, they start to make plans of their own.As I said, I guess I was hoping for something a little mysterious It s clear from the obvious start who the bad guys are, and even when Leah s tracking them and on her way to kill them, there isn t a whole lot of suspense Leah is personally invested in the murders because they killed one of her lovers, but that emotion doesn t really make it off the page You could argue that Leah is cold because she has to be as a cop, but I felt like work could have been done with her character to make the reader invested in her survival.Definitely not a bad book, but also not my favorite by any means Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 2.5 stars Audacity is the keyword here The audacity of twelve psychopaths planning a mass escape from a low security federal prison turned max security prison The audacity of twelve psychos to punish the small town that hosted the prison to grind that small town into the ground Then there is the audacity of that small town s city government to send their own punishment against the twelve psychopaths who escaped Finally, the escapees are enraged at the audacity of Weldonville to paint a target on their back and decide to fight back.The small town of Weldonville, Co sends police Lieutenant Leah Hawkins to paint that target on each of the twelve co conspirators and then take aim In the small bit of humor present in this book, the town officials who are aware of Leah s mission use the large federal grants to finance Leah s mission of retribution and revenge Part of Leah does not want these men to die easy, for she has fought the escaped prisoners in the streets, losing friends and loved ones in the battles Killing the remaining escapees will be easy, for the death toll at the prison and in the town is a heavy burden for Leah.If you are a fan of Perry s early works, the not to be missed Jane Whitfield books, then you will know what I mean when I say this is a book in reverse of that terrific series Instead of helping a person hide completely, this is discovering several people who think they have hidden completely.Exciting and unusual, A Small Town fascinates with a carefully detailed description of how the bad guys planned both their break out and their own escape and then how Leah tracks them down Perry s writing is crisp as always, giving just enough information Thankfully he did not overwhelm with details of the rapes and murders that just about killed Weldonville When he did give detail it is spread throughout the book in small doses, not too graphic.Although I liked the content of the epilogue, I didn t think it connected with anything I had read earlier It really came out of the blue This was the only fault I found with the book.Some of the other reviewers found A Small Town to be implausible I found the story to be an imaginative fictional thriller I find most thrillers to be implausible.Thanks to NetGalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for a fair and balanced review. Theres a prison break and this causes havoc for the small home town near to the prison There is still twelve prisoners to be found But the people of the town fight back.This is one of those books that you don t want to say to much about as it would spoil it for potential readers The plotline is believable and the characters are realistic, even though a couple of them are a it over the top It was a nice change to have a bad ass cop that was a woman I loved this book.I would like to thank NetGalley, Grove Atlantic and the author Thomas Perry for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. Distinctly differentIn fact probably one of the most unique books read this year The basic story is that Weldonville, a smallish town in America has a maximum security prison on it s borders, it shadows the town, affords it jobs and a level of prosperity and they live in a comfortablish if not wholly trusting companionshipThat is until one night, when a plan that has taken months if not years to hatch finally happens and the gatesof the prison are opened and hundreds of prisoners escape and make their way to the townOnce there they murder, rape and pillage at will and cause mayhem, the town is left bereft and sickened and will never be the same againFast forward on 2 years and the 12 instigators of the deed are known and are still at large No one can find themLeah Hawkins intends to change that and with the help from the town of funds to make the town secure sets out to track them downAnd what follows is an in depth look at how she goes about this and what happens to the 12, it s way than a theres 1, bang kind of story as she plays the most superb game of finders keepers looking for the most ruthless men who had done everything to avoid detection, or so they thoughtTruly fascinating, well written and explained as to be intricate in detail but not alienate the readerI loved it and the tension and excitement that was there from page 1 the author managed to keep going right through the storyViolent nasty characters pitied against Leah who to say was determined would be doing her a disservice 10 105 Stars A Small Town by Thomas Perry is a fictional tale where twelve violent prison inmates orchestrate a large scale prison break out that leads to the decimation of the nearby town Weldonville when over 1,000 prison inmates run amok.In the aftermath, two years after the twelve behind the break out can t be located by authorities, Weldonville police officer Leah Hawkins then decides to hunt down the masterminds behind this rampage and send them off to the place they belong.Unfortunately for this reader, the implausibilities within A Small Town required too much escape from reality to work and for such a premise to be engaging, an additional foundation for such implausibilities to occur needed development It is recommended readers seek out other works of Thomas Perry than that of A Small Town. So, I m not gonna lie The last chapter isbad It s kind of like, oops I ve got to end this thing so lets just do a half ahem job and put this thing to bed.But the rest of the book is wonderful You have action, heartbreak, violence, and heartfelt drama.The initial prison break is choreographed like a horrific, yet perfect dance.Our main character is almost iconic with her steely eyed sense of vigilante justice.And our villains Oh, the reader wants them to get what s coming to them.The author s style is one of great detail, but rather than bogging down the read, the level of detail adds such authenticity.I enjoyed this read immensely I found myself reading it when I should have been doing other things And I ll happily read the author again In A Small Town by Thomas Perry, his lead character, Leah Hawkins, is a 30 something cop in rural Colorado The town she lives in and defends, Weldonville, hosts a supermax prison On July 19th, hundreds of prisoners escape in a well planned operation and terrorise the town people of Weldonville Hundreds of people are raped and murdered in the most hideous ways Leah Hawkins loses many friends, and, in particular, her lover is shot while trying to defend the town, at Leah s side Two years on, most of the escaped prisoners had been either killed or captured All but the twelve masterminds behind the break, who are still at liberty somewhere.And here s where the plot point goes hinky Leah Hawkins 6 2 and strong and clever is tasked with tracking down the 12 men still at largeand killing them She accepts the challenge and sets off to dispence frontier justice when the FBI had largely failed to find the 12 The balance of the book is Leah Hawkins tracking like a blood hound these men That one single person albeit with some help from the Weldonville police in terms of equipment can succeed when the FBI has failed is a bit difficult to take in But author Thomas Perry is the author of 20 or so previous thrillers, and he brings the book and Leah s character to an interesting conclusion.I don t read too many thrillers This one was pretty good on character development Perry doesn t make Leah Hawkins a super cop , but one with doubts of her mission and her own capabilities to carry it out He also gives voice to most of the odious criminals who are being tracked But the fact that one person could track down 12 others who are located all over the country is a bit of a stretch. I was very excited to received an ARC of this book because Thomas Perry is an author I love I ve read all of his books and I know I m always in for some fun However, this did not impact my review I write my reviews for possible future readers This book starts with a prison escape I was getting into the story of this escape, and then..boom It s 2 years later and a new story starts I loved the new story, but it was a bit jarring to have such a sudden change Even a chapter heading that clued us in would have helped Once I adjusted, I was totally involved in the way these escaped prisoners were tracked down I love the Thomas Perry world of fake IDs, changing identities and tracking people As with all of his books, I loved the writing style, the story line, the imagination I really enjoyed this book This is 4.5 stars which I m rounding down The first reason is that jarring time shift which happens than once The second is the pacing, if that s the right word There were times when a change in viewpoint took place in the middle of a chapter A new chapter gives me a clue a change might be coming This needed of that However, this being an advance cooy, this may be fixed by publication date So after further thought, assuming this will be fixed, I m rounding up. Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview a Small Town by Thomas Perry Mr Perry has the ability to make you root for the underdog he takes an ordinary individual and gives them the innate ability to disappear while taking down enemies one at a time In his new novel, a small town in Colorado houses a large penetentiary The residents of this small town make up most of the workers at the facility It used to be a prison for white collar crimes, but over time, hardened criminals are behind its bars.When this small town faces the unimaginable a prison escape that devistates the town, the residents look back with distain and hatred for those who killed their neighbors Twelve of those escapees have not been found and after two years, this small town believes that if they don t take things in their own hands, nothing will be done.Police Chief, Leah Hawkins, takes a leave of absence to seek out those who ruined her town, and her one mission is to take out those twelve or die trying.5 stars Perry is back in form with this novel RECOMMEND. I have always been a fan of Thomas Perry so I was pleased when Net Galley offered an advance copy of Perry s most recent book I didn t think it measured up to the previous titles of his I enjoyed There s no mystery We know the why, how, what and where of the bad guys and the same for the heroine who would appear to have almost superwoman capabilities Leah, the police lieutenant, hired it s all supposed to be off the books is given virtually unlimited funds which she spends wisely, mind you to murder there is no other word for it a bunch of convicts who had engineered a vast prison break and then had savaged the local community Her motives appear to be focused on revenge for the killing of her married lover the adultery was OK because his wife was in a wheelchair during a shootout with the bad guys following the breakout.That she s than competent at tracking down the scoundrels is never at issue, and her techniques flawless and filled with mounds of luck It goes without saying she is athletic, tall, blonde and beautiful and probably eats right most of the time.It s a perfect book for a plane ride distracting enough but not so much that drifting off once in a while would be bothersome to its rather wrinkled flow.My thanks to Net Galley