A Star for Mrs. Blake

A Star for Mrs. BlakeCora Blake Never Dreamed She D Go To Paris She S Hardly Ever Left The Small Fishing Village Where She Grew Up Yet In The Summer Of 1931, She Is Invited To Travel To France With Hundreds Of Other Gold Star Mothers, Courtesy Of The U.S Government, To Say Goodbye To Their Fallen Sons, American Casualties Of World War I Who Were Buried Overseas Chaperoned By A Dashing West Point Officer, Cora S Group Includes The Wife Of An Immigrant Chicken Farmer A Housemaid A Socialite A Former Tennis Star In Precarious Mental Health And Dozens Of Other Women From All Over The Country Along The Way, The Women Will Forge Lifelong Friendships As They Face A Death, A Scandal, And A Secret Revealed. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I had mixed feelings about this book It was certainly a well written and compelling story April Smith is clearly a very talented woman The characters were believable, and true to history I even kind of liked the way that the point of view would switch from character to character with little fanfare I was able to easily be lost in the memories of Cora and the other mothers as they recounted the fondest memories of their boys or the path that brought them to France I laughed when I read about Cora s experiences in Maine Having once lived on an island very close to Deer Isle, all I had to do was close my eyes and I could see the fishing boats, the rocky beaches, and cranberry bogs I could smell the low tide and the lobster traps I knew what it meant to be leaf season and I knew exactly what they meant when they talked about people from away Being able to visualize the setting and empathize with the characters is usually all it takes for me to enjoy a book Unfortunately, along with the beautiful imagery and the compelling relationships was a streak of vulgarity that I will never understand nor appreciate I will never be able to comprehend the need that some authors seem to feel to inclu
I was up all night with the flu This book was a non challenging distraction More critical analysis would be less favorable It had all the sophistication of a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book or an A
I was extremely disappointed in this book, especially since it has been chosen as Cincinnati s On the Same Page book for this year I was anxious to learn about the WW1 Gold Star Mothers and their pilgrimage to France, but this book is so poorly written, the plot so cl
An interesting subject and lovely writing but it was boring for me I may check out future books by the author but this one didn t do it for me unfortunately I received this via Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review A truly dismaying book I felt like I was following a labrador running hither and yon look there s a squirrel The book is supposedly based on the diary of a military man whose first assignment upon graduating West Point was to escort a group of Gold Star mothers to Verdun The author couldn t decide if this was to be historically based it wasn t , a story about the sacrifices that mothers made for the war repeated ad nauseam , or a romance little of it There were too
I thought this was a fantastic premise for a book I was familiar with the concept of stars in the window for sons and now daughters serving abroad and with the gold stars for those who lost a son during World Wars I and II, but I was not familiar with the government sponsored pilgrimages of these mothers to the graves of their sons Its kind of amazing that our government did that and really what an undertaking that must have been This short article is interesting for further reading I liked that the group we follow in the book, Party A, is made up of such very different women, the maid, the socialite, the Jewish farmer s wife and the widowed Mrs Blake I believe that s one of the good things about our military all walks of life meet up together Unfortunately, these soldiers died together, the mothers grief becomes a uniting factor across class, religion and race.I think Smith got too carried away with her subjects and what could have been an interesting and touching story was too bogged down by extraneous details and side stories If Smith had been able to narrow down her focus I think she could have also done to keep her characters real and
What I love about reading historical fiction is that I m constantly learning It is like going to school without having to take tests and writing papers This is exemplified by A Star for Mrs Blake I had never heard that the United States Government planned, paid for and escorted over 6500 mothers of men who were killed in WWI to France where their sons were buried That fact itself made the book important to me Additionally, the book is a delightful fictionalized read where we become involved in the lives of a quartet of strangers who make the trip to France together Cora Blake, who is the main character, comes from a small fishing village off the coast of Maine, and cares for her late sister s three daughters Her young son, Sammy, was killed at the last of the war April Smith writes beautifully and gives life to the characters, especially Cora I could almost feel the chill of the wind and the desolation on the Main coast When they come to the wreckage of the countryside that was caused by the war,
I d never heard of a federally funded pilgrimage of World War 1 gold star mothers to the graves of their sons in Europe, but there was such a program apparently I find that fact moving than the novel which just did not do it for me Aspects of the descriptions and relationships were well done, but then certain scenes between the principle characters would feel just a bit dull somehow and the devices employed to move the plot along were too convenient And then in the end it was all wrapped up far too neatly with big bows to make us all happy in the end, despite the deaths of two major characters with whom we were supposed to feel sympathy So, an interesting read, but I cannot recommend it much It would not surprise me, however, if this is made into a decent movie eventually, as the scenery and costumes would
What A Read.When I signed up for the tour I was really interested in the book because I had never heard of the Gold Star Mothers I m a Canadian so I m not well versed in American history but I found the idea of this government initiative to be what drove me to sign up since I rarely read historical fiction set after 1900 and I was very interested in reading a book based on a fictional woman, from small town America travelling overseas to finally see where her son rested 13 years after his death.I loved Cora, especially how we were introduced to her We got to know her, and what kind of life she led right from the beginning For me I especially loved the fact that Cora was an average woman She was intelligent, and strong and so giving I was in awe of her strength to move on after the death of her son and her courage to confront his grave site so many years on I m not a mother yet, but I can t imagine burying my son or daughter overseas and being separated from them, but I respected her decision because of how much thought she gave it Which was another thing that I enjoyed about Cora, she was a thinker and always
In 1929, Congress appropriated funds to give Gold Star Mothers the opportunity to visit the graves of their sons who died in World War I The author, April Smith, was inspired by the real life diary of Thomas Hammond who acted as an escort to a group of mothers traveling to France in 1931 The book follows fictional Cora Blake and four other East Coast mothers as they travel by ship to France, visiting Paris and Verdun.There are lots of interesting historical details included in the book the Depression, racial and ethnic

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