A Study of Spinoza's Ethics

A Study of Spinoza's EthicsWith An Astonishing Erudition And In A Direct No Nonsense Style, Bennett Expounds, Compares, And Criticizes Spinoza S Theses No One Can Fail To Profit From It Bennett Has Succeeded In Making Spinoza A Philosopher Of Our Time W N A Klever, Studia Spinoza I love this book because in it Bennett tells us to face that fact that Spinoza was not the smartest guy And that made me like Spinoza even Spinoza s Ethics is a strangely charismatic book, and I ve long been fascinated by it To understand the Ethics better, I previously read a big chunk of Wolfson s Philosophy of Spinoza Unfolding the Latent Process of His Reasoning, but found it to have little interesting content I found myself nodding in agreement with Bennett s similar assessment Wolfson places Spinoza in a densely described medieval setting the labour and learning are awesome, but the philosophical profit is almost nil I ve also read Della Rocca s recent 2008 Spinoza an excellent and concise overview of all of Spinoza works Della Rocca is definitely the best choice for anyone coming to Spinoza for the first time For those interested in an in depth analysis of the Ethics, this book is a tour de force One great feature is Bennett s stern treatment of Spinoza As Bennett notes, there has long been a certain courtly deference which pretends that Spinoza is always or usually right, and it is bracing to read an intelligen
In the book that set the tone for Anglo American readings of Spinoza, Jonathan Bennett systematically misunderstands The Ethics With a clear ignorance of the words used in the Ethics, the content of Spinoza s other works, Bennett successfully sees the trees and

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  • Paperback
  • A Study of Spinoza's Ethics
  • Jonathan Francis Bennett
  • English
  • 02 September 2017
  • 9780521277426