A Wake Up Call for America

A Wake Up Call for America I Believe That God Desperately Does Not Want To Judge The United States The Lord Takes No Pleasure In Judgement, And Though Many Might Disagree, I Believe There Is A Special Calling On America The Unites States Is Unique In So Many Ways We Are A Country That Broke Away From An Oppressive King To Create What I Believe To Be The Greatest Democracy In History Just As Israel Has A Calling And I Believe Every Nation Has A Calling America Has A Calling. This short essay can easily be read in one sitting I believe that the presentation of the facts as Ron Cantor presents them to be true Those that don t like this book confuse murder with rights and equality with what is right in God s eye If you don t believe in God and what He wants for us then this book won t matter to you Ron Cantor is calling us back to be a nation of God obeying people In doing so, God will once again richly bless us This is an eye opener for those who can t see what Obama has really done to this country But I acknowledge that Obama supporters have partaken of th
Something to think about Author is too optimistic think about Bible prophecy when you read it.