A Wolf in Hindelheim

A Wolf in Hindelheim A Remote German Village, 1926.Something Is Happening In This Place Where Nothing Happens.A Baby Has Gone Missing.A Police Constable Has Been Called.A Doctor Suspects A Storekeeper.A Son Wants To Prove Himself A Man.A Love Affair Unfolds.Then The Rumours Begin To Spread.Once Suspicion Has Taken Hold, Is Anything Beyond Belief I picked up Jenny Mayhew s debut novel because of its gorgeous cover very picturesque and intriguing, evocative of fairy tales and fables which I read in my youth I remain a firm believer in book covers covers make books memorable, and we remember the best ones even years after we read them and can recall very little from the actual text itself A Wolf in Hindelheim is set in a remote German village in the interbellum period, in the year 1926 Hindelheim is a small, isolated settlement, where nothing ever happens, and everyone knows one another but one day the peace is irrevocably broken when a baby goes missing.Although local constable Theodore Hildebrant suffers from various disabilities a result of injuries that he sustained in the first World War is nonetheless able to apply cold heades skepticism to the few cases that he has to solve, which is probably why he also has a unique knack for irritating those around him Hilderbrant operates with his son Klaus, who serves as his deputy, and together they re called to the house of Heinrich and Johanna Muller, pa
I m stingy on this rating For most of the book I felt at least 4 star connection and enjoyment It was enjoyment in a creepy and mood driven sense too Imbedded in the mindset and narration eyes of Constable Theodore Hildebrandt, assisted by his adult son, Klaus The first 3 4ths of the book was 4 star and the twisted complications of two sister in laws , especially those, and their respective marriages, intriguing It s 1926 in Southwest Germany within small village district multi generational neighbor and workmate complexity Secrets upon secrets The last war has left Theodore a wraith with twisted body, he is not a well man There are fore warnings in heavy foreboding mood for both practical and superstitious inclinations Over all this hovers continually an immense lack of honesty, IMHO Nearly every character has bad memories or increasingly worse future prospects, or combinations of both But the characters became real This author can write I loved the book while reading it, despite it going slow The mood and locale maintained were excellent We know why the baby void, but do we know the who And then the end The last quarter was an aberration As opposed to so many other post WWI European, especially English, this veteran of war policeman has not the resiliency to bu
This is a deeply claustrophobic novel, set wonderfully in a bleak and backward 1920s rural Germany that feels far as though it belongs to a medieval rather than twentieth century world Hindelheim is a typical remote village, where outsiders are viewed with suspicion and where unhappy marriages and petty squabbles abound Set against this backdrop of small minded rivalries a baby disappears Suspicions rest upon the Jewish shopkeeper, a young man who moves through life with easy grace, and who has never made any real attempts to fit into his community Constable Theodore Hildebrandt, as usual refuses to accept the pervading view of the situation, at least not without any evidence His suspicions about what actually happened at the house of Dr Koenig are clouded by his feelings towards the Dr s young wife This is a taut and well written n
This debut novel is set in a remote German village in 1926 Constable Theodore Hildebrandt is called to the house of Heinrich Muller and his wife, Joanna The couple live with Joanna s elderly mother, her doctor brother, Peter Koenig, and his young wife, Ute Heinrich and Joanna have a young son and recently had a new baby daughter, who is missing The suspected abduction of a baby is considered by Theodore and his deputy, and son Klaus as, frankly, a minor incident When asked by Joanna about what he can do, the Constable has few suggestions and, in any case, he is interested in his attraction to Ute Koenig than anything else Ute herself feels, as if someone or something wicked is playing a game on everyone here Indeed, the small village is oppressive, isolated and there have been rumours that a wolf has been sightedWhen a young Jewish shopkeeper is said to have visited the Muller s house on the day the baby went missing, he seems a possible suspect Constable Hildebrandt is not convinced, but then, as Klaus complains, he has, the luxury of being an outsider Klaus himself is married and his disgruntled wife is expecting a baby Theodore is a man who has returned damaged from the trenches to find that things have changed and that modernity is beginning to intrude on the quiet corner of the world he previously called his own there is a new road being built and a canning factory is being planned When the amb
The social setting and historical foreshadowing were eerie and effective, the actual plot and crime not so much Still an interesting read. South West Germany, 1926 The disappearance of a baby girl calls for Constable Theodore Hildebrandt and his son Klaus to visit the remote village of Hindelheim, a place where nothing ever happens But the news of the missing baby has brought darkness to the community It is as if someone or something wicked is playing a game As the wind blows and the mist thickens, tensions rise amongst the villagers as everyone falls under suspicion And when the rumours begin and secrets start to unravel, the quiet village of Hindelheim
Set in a small German village in the 1920s, this novel begins with the mysterious death of a baby, and the ensuing investigation It gets in to the rise of eugenics, and other negative aspects of the early 20th century
A great book, atmospheric, and with believable characters Very revealing about Germany between the two World wars, the modernisation in the form of the new road being built in the old small town communities and the attitudes and beliefs of the characters
A good debut novel atmospheric, set during an interesting time and hinting at what 1930s Germany was about to become Less a traditional crime novel than an analysis of a particular time and place Some of the characters
Spoiler alertA slow but pleasant read Leaves rather a lot unsaid at the end, but it doesn t seem to matter I liked the main protagonist very much.I would have liked to have been made of the union between Theodore and Ute, seeing as that was building throughout the story.

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • A Wolf in Hindelheim
  • Jenny Mayhew
  • 10 August 2018
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