After The Storm

After The StormNo Matter What Her Family And Friends Say, Jenny Knows She Will Never Fall In Love Again How Can She, When Her Childhood Sweetheart Was One Of The Countless Killed At Waterloo So When The Earl Of Danfield Proposes A Marriage Of Convenience, It Seems The Perfect Solution He Will Secure His Inheritance, And She Will Be Spared The Necessity Of Being Paraded In Society, Forced To Dance And Flirt And Do All The Things Her Broken Heart Cannot Do His Proposal Will Give Her What She Wants Most Peace But Peace Is The Last Thing She Finds In Her Marriage Her Growing Attraction To The Earl Brings With It Guilt That She S Betraying Her Beloved Johnny Her Mother In Law Considers Her An Interloper Her Husband S Former Lover Makes It Clear She Doesn T Want It To Be Former And When A Supposed Prank Nearly Kills Her, Jenny Has To Wonder Now That The Earl S Inheritance Is Assured, Has She Become An Inconvenience To Be Eliminated Note This Is An Updated Version Of An Earlier Novel Written As Claudette Williams The Updated Versions Of Claudy S Claudette Williams Titles Are Sexually Explicit Than The Original Versions. This had many elements that worked primarily the hero is charming and the heroine is winsome and spirited That s pretty much it as the story itself jumps the sharks with too many stock characters, dropped side stories, and tropes.The h is mourning the love of her life who died at Waterloo when she encounters our charming H who plants one on her Lo and behold, guess who shows up at dinner that evening The h s father is worried about his daughter s depression and lack of social life this past year of mourning and has dictated she will join the season She ends up accepting the Earl s proposal of a MOC instead His father s will dictates that he must marry by 29 or the bulk of cash to maintain the estate will go to the Earl s younger, bastard half brother Needless to say, the Earl has no plans on maintaining a MOC For one, he has to have an heir Anyone who has read any Regency s knows THAT THE H MUST HAVE AN HEIR Plus he has the hots for the h and has big plans for her he has even jettisoned his number one nubile mistress The h is pretty excited about the H as well and in a couple of weeks does a 180 on Johnny was the love of my life to the Earl is a real man and I m a woman now Toss in the Earl s father s ex mistress, now stepmother that s kind of a black widow spider with eyes for most of the men, the afore mentioned half brother, a cousin with two kids that I never quite understood why was there, a governess that makes eyes at every male in the vicinity, an ex vamp of the current Earl who shows up periodically, and an old friend of the h and her dead fiancee that shows up.Random attacks are made against the h and the H there s a villain an infant could spot, affairs between the stepmother and whoever, same for the governess, and I was done Sexual intrigue between the governess and the brother and the cousin, intrigue between the Dowager Countess and the h s friend, what happened to the Earl s ex All these elements are fun, but there was just too much in the mix. Book After the StormAuthor Claudy ConnPublication Date 2 4 2013Reviewed by Tammy Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This is a very well written Historical Romance Novel I fell in love with the characters We have Lady Jennifer Ashley who is a robust, cheerful young lady who unfortunately loses her best friend and love of her life, and Fianc Johnny Or so she thinks he was the love of her life Johnny s life is taken while in battle at Waterloo His best friend Mac has come to tell the horrible news to Jennifer and she goes into mourning for just about a year No matter what her family which consists of her Aunt Beth and Father Sir Ashley or what her best friend Lavvy says Jennifer hasn t been able to move on While out walking and enjoying the tree that she and Johnny had carved their names upon she is rattled when a horse and rider about run her over The man riding the horse comes to her aid and plants a kiss upon her lips Well I never she thought Much later at a gathering she finds out the Man who kissed her is Jason The Earl of Danfield She knows his reputation and has learned that the Earl must get married and she hears that he has come to ask for the hand of Lavvy After visiting with the Lavina s father however Jason decides to himself that he must have Jennifer of Ashley for his bride He goes to her father and asks permission to speak with Jenny After being truthful with her she accepts his marriage proposal and they are married within a short time Jennifer goes off with her new husband to his castle Their marriage was to be one of convenience nothing but Jenny soon discovers she has come to truly love Jason However there is something really wrong going on at the castle Someone is obviously wanting to harm Jason and Jennifer Mac rescues Jennifer from a most terrifying fate Mac vows to get to the bottom of this as does Jason and his younger brother The story takes us through Jealousy of old lovers, evilness of a stepmother Can Jennifer and Jason finally have happiness What will become of Mac I cant tell you any as I don t want to spoil anything but let me say This was a truly fantastic book AND the shocker near the End WOW Blow you away Review copy provided by Purchased Kindle Copy Buy Links N After The Storm by Claudy ConnJennifer of Ashley Grange had once been a lively and mischievous girl The past year she was but a shell of herself Her best friend and fiance, Johnny, had died in the Battle of Waterloo She would never love again Instead of facing a Season, she agrees to a marriage of convenience Can she ever be happy without feeling the guilt that she s alive and Johnny is dead Jason, The Earl of Danfield, has been left no choice His father s will would have him married by his twenty ninth birthday or his younger step brother would inherit He despised the idea of his father ruling his life from the grave, but he needed his inheritance When he meets Jenny, he realizes maybe marriage won t be the worst thing in the world.Claudy Conn once again has written a great story Full of suspicious could be villains, rogues and jealousy abounding All kinds of characters to suspect of evil doing This story even includes an old dark drafty castle right along with an evil step mother Sexual content within marriagehttp Okay wow Totally adored this book with a passion I devoured it. I couldn t put it down The whole storyline was great I enjoyed it The mystery and suspense kept me glued to my kindle This book had it all Lots of action, emotion, laughs and sizzling passion The characters in Claudy s books always stand out This book was no different.Jenny is a precious beauty who is in grieving for her lost love She really doesn t understand what she is feeling when this new man shows up in her life Justin is a handsome man looking for marriage and when he meets Jenny he decides she is the one for him Justin was soo sweet Jenny was sassy and funny Both of them fit perfectly together This story had everything you could possibly want Claudy knows how to deliver and she continues to do so with all of her amazing books I am a die hard fan Sudsy soap operaShallow, cliched characterization and the usual trite misunderstandings intertwined with a not very challenging mystery make for a quick, but not very interesting read I know Claudy Cohn to be talented that this book indicates Had this been the first book of hers that I read, I wouldn t have read any . Listened to the story while stacking the firewood Didn t like the narrator s voice very much some character voices were rather good but the others were annoying as hell but the story was quite decent It had a bit of mystery I actually liked The romance part felt too much of an instalove for me to enjoy it to the fullest Still, short and sweet.I ll probably try another Claudy Conn s book in future. Review also posted on Book Lovin MamasI will say it over and over againI LOVE Claudy Conn s historical romance books They are seriously addicting and make it feel like you go back to a time where men literally swept women off their feet After the Storm is a novel about Jenny and how she has lost her childhood sweetheart, Johnny during Waterloo She has told herself, she will never love another person again due to the fear of losing them.Although, it will be kind of hard for her to not fall for the Earl of Danfield because the minute she is introduced to him, he is all that she thinks about Jason the Earl of Danfield gives her a proposition of marrying him If she marries him, he will finally receive his heritance and she will not have to endure going out during the London season as her father wants her to.The Earl also wants to try to win Jenny s heart over even though she says she will never love again He knows in the bottom of his heart, she is falling for him.When the Earl and Jenny marry, he takes her to one of his homes and she meets his step mom and step brother While there, Jenny is almost killed and someone is out to kill the Earl Jenny is determined to find out what is happening at the Earl s castle and get to the bottom of who wants her husband dead.When she finally finds out who it is, she will find out the truth on what really happened to her beloved Johnny.Claudy writes a book that is full of passion and love and how it is possible to love again after a tragedy What I adored most about this book is that I could not figure out who was causing the trouble and trying to kill the Earl I would think it was the step brother and then another time I would think it was the step mother When I finally found out who it was, I was in shock just as Jenny was in the story.Claudy also knows how to make readers fall in love with her characters I had so much sympathy for Jenny and as well as Jason Jenny for losing her loved one and Jason for trying to win over Jenny the minute he realizes he cannot live without her They both were destined to meet each other I even fell for some of the secondary characters in After the Storm one being in particularthe Earl s stepbrother Even though there were times I thought he was the one causing trouble, he still won my heart over He had a way with words If you love a historical romance that has passion, mystery, romance, humor, and action, you will enjoy reading After the Storm. When Jennifer Ashley lost her childhood friend fiance, Johnny, in the battle of Waterloo, she felt as if she couldn t move on For over a year she mourned his loss while her father, aunt and close friends Lavinnia and Mac watched her wither away When her father makes a decision to push her back into life by sending her to London for the next Season, part of her wants to come back to life but another part of her wants to remain true to Johnny s memory At a small dinner party, Jenny is introduced to the Earl of Danfield, Jason He must marry in a month to insure that he retains his inheritance Although originally he had intended to ask for Lavinnia, he finds himself drawn to Jenny To avoid being pushed into a Season, she accepts his offer of marriage During their journey to Danfield Castle, where according to the inheritance regulations they must live for at least a month, Jenny finds herself attracted to his good humor, careful consideration of her needs and of course broad shoulders She begins to realize that her aunt was right and her relationship with Johnny was of a best friend, but this has the making for a passionate, adventurous love affair, if she gives in to it At the castle, she meets his eccentric family and wonders exactly what she has gotten herself into When her friend Mac arrives, welcomes him into her home When accidents begin to happen that put not only her but Jason as well into danger, it builds a greater bond between them and makes them realize that they have enough feelings to truly start their marriage in and out of their bedroom For the most part, I enjoyed the characters and how well rounded they were Jenny, however was on the young acting side, which although was pointed out, still sometimes made me sigh in frustration And although they did fall in love rather quickly, it stayed in character with the book overall I enjoyed how the story flowed, however it was the the way the story was written at times that distracted me That and when they were sorting out their feelings for each other, numerous times in their head we were privy to, What is this question asked again and again. I have grown to really love Claudy Conn s short historical romance books They are usually 200 pages and actually quite predictable as far as the major plot lines There is a despicable rake who encounters a refreshing young chit and at first they do not get along, but eventually grow quite fond of each other and then of course love The rake isn t so despicable after all and the young chit shows grit and fortitude There is always some danger lurking about and of course the must needed happy ending Does this stop me from devouring these books and loving every single second of it Nope, not even a little bit Also, in this particular book, I didn t figure out who was the bad guy until it was staring me in the face Well done So the main characters in this one are Jennifer Ashley and Earl Jason Danfield The earl needs to marry within the month or he will lose his inheritance Jenny was engaged a year ago to her lifelong friend who died at the battle of Waterloo She has vowed to never love again Is this perfect The earl needs a wife, but hasn t found anyone yet and Jennifer refuses to be debuted in London and paraded about So they agree upon a marriage of convenience Upon marrying, they promptly go the Danfield Castle for a month per the terms of his inheritance where Jenny meets Jason s evil stepmother, his delightful half brother, his cousin, his two wards and their governess He dead fiance s best friend comes for a visit to make sure everything is on the up and up for Jenny Things start happening and luckily the characters don t pretend they are accidents to threaten both Jenny and Jason and they must figure it out before these attempts are successful To read reviews for Claudy Conn visit my blog at Anyone that knows my reading preferences knows I m not a huge fan of historical Actually Claudy is the third author I find myself being pulled to in this genre After the Storm is a sweet, touching, romantic, mysterious and fun read that all fans of the genre will definitely enjoy Actually, I find I can say that even readers that are NOT fans of the genre will enjoy it Jenny s story is a sad one She lost her best friend and fianc e to battle and has not recovered from it She swears she will NEVER love again is incapable of it is what she believes for she is still in love with John But now she is given no choice but to move on Her father and aunt have put her in the situation that she must face the world, meet many suitable suitors and choose a husband Jenny is dreading it She does not any to move forward She does not want to get married and she most certainly does not want to try to love again When the Earl approaches her with a proposal of a marriage solely of convenience, she s not sure It does give her an out from having to go through the hustle and bustle of meeting other suitors But will she be able to let go of the guilt she holds for her beloved Love the build, characters, setting and EVERYTHING in this story Claudy Conn is now another who has gained me as a fan of her historical romance That totals three now I do love the different feel the time frame and dialect feed to my imagination while reading Great job Claudy Bravo