Alex Coxs Introduction to Film

Alex Coxs Introduction to Film Emerging Filmmakers Need To Know The Basics Of Their Art Form The Language Of The Camera, And Lenses, The Different Crew Roles, The Formats, The Aspect Ratios They Also Need To Know Some Bare Bones Theory What An Auteur Is, What Montage Is, What Genres Are But, Even Urgently, Young Filmmakers Need Answers To Their Questions What Lens Was Used How Did They Do That Effect Who Paid For That Picture How Did They Get It Past The Censor Most Important, Alex Cox Believes That All Filmmakers Require Serious Grounding In Film You Cannot Be A Great Artist If You Aren T Versed In Great Art And This Doesn T Just Apply To The Cinema This Book Is For Aspiring Filmmakers, But Also For Students, And For People Generally Interested In Grounding Themselves In This Particular Art Form From A Filmmaker S Perspective According To Coz, I Believe 100% That A Reasonably Educated And Intelligent Person In Any Country Of The World Should Be Able To Have A Conversation About Luis Bu Uel, About Akira Kurosawa, About Stanley Kubrick, About Fellini Or Bergman, And Talk Knowledgeably About At Least One Of Their Films Read This Book, Watch The Films, And You Can If you ve ever seen Alex Cox s Moviedrome introductions, you ll know he s an intelligent, erudite speaker with a passion for films and this really comes across in this book Occasionally, you the reader are prompted to put the book down and watch a specific film or a specific part of a film Other similar books would just assume you re already familiar with the early works of Abbas Kiarostami and i

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  • Alex Coxs Introduction to Film
  • Alex Cox
  • 11 October 2018
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