alfabetA Startling And Gorgeous Work By Denmark S Most Admired Poet Finally Available In English TranslationAwarded The American Scandinavian PEN Translation Prize By Michael Hamburger, Susanna Nied S Translation Of Alphabet Introduces Inger Christensen S Poetry To US Readers For The First Time Born In , Inger Christensen Is Denmark S Best Known Poet Her Award Winning Alphabet Is Based Structurally On Fibonacci S Sequence A Mathematical Sequence In Which Each Number Is The Sum Of The Two Previous Numbers , In Combination With The Alphabet The Gorgeous Poetry Herein Reflects A Complex Philosophical Background, Yet Has A Visionary Quality, Discovering The Metaphysical In The Simple Stuff Of Everyday Life In Alphabet, Christensen Creates A Framework Of Psalm Like Forms That Unfold Like Expanding Universes, While Crystallizing Both The Beauty And The Potential For Destruction That Permeate Our Times This is weird At first I though this to be a book of bullshit Then, I managed to decipher and come to like a bit of this abecedeariousness.Still, no matter what the lazy say, usage of capital letters is never overrated.Also, not everything managed to congeal into a semblance of sense, for me It might must be something I lack, and not the author Still, so far this gets 3 stars 1 star for the innovativeness 1 star for the brevity 1 star for the verses I liked 1 star for the lack of capitalization not the finance one, the literate version of it tongue in the cheek fellow crazed ones 1 star for the brave presentation of t
How is it possible that Danish poet Inger Christensen 1935 2009 did not win the Nobel Prize in Literature People often use the term world building when discussing fantasy novelists, e.g., J R R Tolkien or Ursula K Le Guin Alphabet, though a work of verse rather than prose, is a tremendous achievement in world building Guided by a fertile blend of mathematical and grammatical principles, Christensen uses this book s slim 67 page length to construct an astonishingly intricate world from scratch, a fecund world that overflows with beauty and biodiversity, but which, mirroring the real world we live in, is menaced by humankind s inexorable drive toward self annihilation.As its title suggests, this book is loosely structured around the alphabet it is divided into 14 sections, each of which takes its creative impetus from a different letter of the alphabet, from A through N Why does Christensen stop on the letter N, rather than proceeding all the way to Z Perhaps because N is the first letter of nuclear holocaust, the feared event that threatens to cut Christensen s poetic outflow short, just as it threatens
Inger Christensen s poetry casts quite a spell by its mesmerizing beauty It s layered, one line folding into the next such that you re taken on this journey that touches on many topics including the beauty of nature to its destruction, life and death, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the hydrogen bomb, why the author writes poetry, and so many other side journeys in between It s lovely and haunting at the same time.early fall exists aftertaste, afterthought seclusion and angels exist widows and elk exist everydetail exists memory, memory s light afterglow exists oaks, elms,junipers, sameness, loneliness exist eider ducks, spiders, and vinegarexist, and the future, the future section 5 life, the air we inhale existsa lightness in it all, a likeness in it all,an equation, an open and transferable expressionin it all, and as tree after tree foams up inearly summer, a passion, passion
early fall exists aftertaste, afterthought seclusion everydetail exists memory, memory s light afterglow exists oaks, elms,junipers, sameness, loneliness exist branches exist, wind lifting them exists,and the lone drawing made by the branches June nights exist, June nights exist,the sky at long last as if lifted to heavenlyheights, simultaneously sinking, as tenderly aswhen dreams can be seen before they are dreamed a spaceas if dizzied, as if filled with whiteness, an hourlesschiming of insects and dew, and no one inthis gossamer summer, no one comprehends thatearly fall exists, aftertaste, afterthought just these reeling sets of restless ultrasoundsexist, the bat s ears of jadeturned toward the ticking haze never has the tilting of the planet been so pleasant,never the zinc white nights so white,so defenselessly dissolved, gently ionized andwhite, never the limit of invisibility so nearlytouched June, June, your Jacob s ladders,your sleeping cre
Har man bare lidt kendskab til dansk litteratur i det 20 rhundrede, er man f r eller siden st dt p linjen abrikostr erne findes, abrikostr erne findes S tningen stammer fra Inger Christensens hovedv rk fra 1981, digtsamlingen alfabet Christensen, der er kendt for at g re brug af systemer i sin digtning, heraf pr dikatet systemdigter , tr kker i alfabet p to systemer nemlig alfabetet og Fibonaccis talr kke hvis ophavsmand er den italienske middelalder matematiker Leonardo Fibonacci Det er denne talr kke hvor hvert tal er summen af de to foreg ende dvs 1 2 3 5 8 13 osv der bestemmer l ngden af hvert af de i alt 14 digte, som samlingen best r af S ledes er det f rste digt blot en verselinje lang, mens det sidste digt har en l ngde p 321 verselinjer Man aner her, at digtets strenge form har n et en gr nse alfabet stopper ved bogstavet n og ikke som Halfdans ABC hermed bryder digtet for f rste gang med Fibonaccis talr kke, som kr vede, at det fjortende og sidste digt skulle v re n sten dobbelt s langt 610 verselinjer.De f rste 5 digte er en opremsning af verdens bestanddele, en slags inventarliste, som blot konstaterer at de
Publicado en Alfabeto de Inger Christensen Creaci n destrucci n como pulsi n po ticaNo suelo prodigarme con la poes a soy m s dado a leer ficci n ergo, no ten a pensado que apareciese este libro por aqu.Sorpresas de la vida, en efecto, estoy aqu para hablar de l Por lo tanto, pod is suponer que me ha impactado.Sexto Piso, otra de esas editoriales inquietas, se han lanzado a una nueva aventura, en este caso po tica y el primer libro que han escogido, Alfabeto de la danesa Inger Christensen, es una absoluta delicia.Es una de esas extra as obras en las que ese concepto tan difuso, el aliento po tico , est tan presente que impacta por su calidez calidad literaria Estructuralmente, puede parecer inicialmente r gida de la sinopsis editorial sacamos dos concurrencias que utiliza la danesa para componer su obra Es un largo poema cuya forma sigue dos principios de composici n El primero es la secuencia de Fibonacci Es decir, cada verso es la suma de los dos precedentes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 El segundo es el alfabeto Cada poema, y las palabras que utiliza, sigue el orden de las letras a, b, c, d, e Sin embargo, bajo esta forma aparentemente estricta, hay lugar para el azar En efecto, en primer lugar la famosa serie de Fibonacci, cada verso es la suma de los dos precedentes y, desde luego, el alfabeto que le da nombre Sin embargo, como bien dice, la editorial, no denota rigidez, muy al contrario, es tan variada en la forma de tramar los temas y los estilos que supone un
I read this in brief segments over the course of a few months The genius of this work can be found not only in the mathematically inspired composition, but in Nied s brilliant translation Christensen used the Fibonacci sequence to inspire the structure of the poems, but
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De smukkeste smukkeste digte.