America's Half-Blood Prince

America's Half-Blood PrinceSteve Sailer Gives Us The Real Barack Obama, Who Turns Out To Be Very, Very Different And Much Interesting Than The Bland Healer Uniter Image Stitched Together Out Of Whole Cloth This Past Six Years By Obama S Packager, David Axelrod Making Heavy Use Of Obama S Own Writings, Which He Admires For Their Literary Artistry, Sailer Gives The Deepest Insights I Have Yet Seen Into Obama S Lifelong Obsession With Race And Inheritance, And Rounds Off His Brilliant Character Portrait With Speculations On How Obama S Personality Might Play Out In The Presidency John Derbyshire Author, Prime Obsession Bernhard Riemann And The Greatest Unsolved Problem In Mathematics Taking the truism to heart that it s always good to read dissent and criticism, adding that holding fast to ideology despite contrary evidence is dangerous I wanted to read this not because reading, say, The Turner Diaries is in any way courageous, but because Sailer is an intelligent and provocative writer who admires Obama s writing for its literary artistry, yet has issues with the man s agenda Fair enough Sailer, also a film critic, does a good job of pointing out competition between whites as a prime motivator toward the race, pun not intended, to embrace Obama His use of simple terms like whites and blacks may strike some as uncomfortably outmoded It s a proposition that I hadn t thought of or come across before, perhaps because to discuss race today, qua race, is to walk across the coals, none too lightly.So, race then matters Sailer says yes, yes indeed, whether or not race is defined as a social construction only He would likely say no here Why does it matter Because it motivates, motivates politically, and thus influences policy Sailer doesn t put it in these terms, but he may well agree that what Obama seeks to do for blacks is but the other side of the coin of what the Dixiecrats would have done and did for whites Cynical speculation How dare one impart such base thinking to a man of eloquence Well, look at his writings And Sailer does, in depth, which is
A great read Unputdownable I finished reading it in a day A follow up assessment of the Obama presidency would be interesting.