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American Moonshot Instant New York Times BestsellerAs The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The First Lunar Landing Approaches, The Award Winning Historian And Perennial New York Times Bestselling Author Takes A Fresh Look At The Space Program, President John F Kennedy S Inspiring Challenge, And America S Race To The Moon We Choose To Go To The Moon In This Decade And Do The Other Things, Not Because They Are Easy, But Because They Are Hard Because That Goal Will Serve To Organize And Measure The Best Of Our Energies And Skills, Because That Challenge Is One That We Are Willing To Accept, One We Are Unwilling To Postpone, And One We Intend To Win President John F KennedyOn May 25, 1961, JFK Made An Astonishing Announcement His Goal Of Putting A Man On The Moon By The End Of The Decade In This Engrossing, Fast Paced Epic, Douglas Brinkley Returns To The 1960s To Recreate One Of The Most Exciting And Ambitious Achievements In The History Of Humankind American Moonshot Brings Together The Extraordinary Political, Cultural, And Scientific Factors That Fueled The Birth And Development Of NASA And The Mercury, Gemini And Apollo Projects, Which Shot The United States To Victory In The Space Race Against The Soviet Union At The Height Of The Cold War.Drawing On New Primary Source Material And Major Interviews With Many Of The Surviving Figures Who Were Key To America S Success, Brinkley Brings This Fascinating History To Life As Never Before American Moonshot Is A Portrait Of The Brilliant Men And Women Who Made This Giant Leap Possible, The Technology That Enabled Us To Propel Men Beyond Earth S Orbit To The Moon And Return Them Safely, And The Geopolitical Tensions That Spurred Kennedy To Commit Himself Fully To This Audacious Dream Brinkley S Ensemble Cast Of New Frontier Characters Include Rocketeer Wernher Von Braun, Astronaut John Glenn And Space Booster Lyndon Johnson.A Vivid And Enthralling Chronicle Of One Of The Most Thrilling, Hopeful, And Turbulent Eras In The Nation S History, American Moonshot Is An Homage To Scientific Ingenuity, Human Curiosity, And The Boundless American Spirit. We choose to go to the moon we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because the challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win JFK at Rice University September 12, 1962 The Eagle has landed Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969JFK delivering his we choose to go to the moon speech at Rice University image from History Hub Public Affairs Officer Three minutes, 45 seconds and counting In the final abort checks between several key members of the crew here in the control center and the astronauts, Launch Operations Manager Paul Donnelly wished the crew, on the launch teams behalf, Good luck and Godspeed There have been many events in American history that can bring one to tears, decades later There is no shortage of dark moments in our violent past, domestic and international I was alive in 1963 when JFK was murdered, and when RFK and MLK were killed by sinister forces Recalling those moments can bring tears of grief, a sense of a blow to us all, as well as a feeling of personal loss 9 11 was a Pearl
Not exactly what I expected It s marketed as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and while it does cover the space program up to the moon landing, the real focus is on President Kennedy s career and his contributions to the space program It may not be false ad
covers the history of the space program from earliest imaginings of Jules Verne in 1863 through the rocketry of Robert Goddard in the 1920s, Werner Von Braun and the Nazi V 2 during the second world war, and a big focus on the cold war especially t
On July 20 1969, the country and the world watched as Astronaut Neil Armstrong walked on the moon s surface Nearing the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, David Brinkley s latest novel reminds us o
The fiftieth anniversary of the first lunar landing inspires the acclaimed historian to take a fresh look at the American space program, at President John Kennedy s inspiring challenge, and at the race to the moon.Drawing on new primary source material, Douglas Brinkley brings this fascinating history to life as he turns the spotlight on the men and women who made this giant leap possible while exploring the technology and the political tensions of the time Readers will find much to appreci
For what it is, this is a wonderful book However, adjustment of expectation may be warranted This book covers the early days of the space program in the context of U.S and the world geo political Cold War landscape It tracks technology advancements and political circumstances that led to the space race culminating on the moon landings There are many books that focus solely on the astronauts, controllers and engineers and never venture out from the labs, sims, and space craft of the U.S NASA space program I initially thought I would not enjoy this book because of it scope, and suspect that may be causing some of the lower reviews, but I learned so much and was impressed by the author s research, clarity and narrative delivery depicting the Geo political world of the 50s and 60s
A couple of thoughts about this book1 How come we haven t been back to the moon Reading this book made me wonder about how we invented all this amazing technology to get us there And yet here it is 45 years since we last step foot on the moon Imagine how much better the trip could be now with all the improved technology we have I cant believe we haven t been back.2 I learned a lot about the space race and the race to put somoene on the moon I didn t know the only thing we beat the Russians to was landing on the moon First person in space Russian , First Satellite in Space Russian , 1st Female in Space Russian , longest orbit around the Earth Russian And yet we got to the moon 1st Everything else was won by the Russians.3 The ending of the book was short, way, way too short Here s all this in depth stuff about the lead up to
Douglas Brinkley s new book on the space race is a decent read but nowhere near as wonderful as I both hoped and expected I m no expert on any of this, but I learned precious little and came away strangely unfulfilled, as if Brinkley had promised to show me something about my country and its history that would enlighten or astound me That just didn t happen.I ve read some pretty good books on the race to the moon, from Tom Wolfe s sterling The Right Stuff to Norman Mailer s Of a Fire on the Moon, both providing glimpses of what it all meant.Brinkley settles for a fairly thin account of how it happened but the why isn t really there, just some obvious Cold War competition It s deeper than that, though, because there is no way to tell story of man walking on the moon without delving further.We did thi
Since I was a kid I ve had an odd passion for JFK and Space When a book came out which combined the two and went over the history it was fantastic I ve read a lot about the two different subjects and found this book gave a lot context on mix between the two Overall, very very good book if this is a subject which you enjoy Favorite part was JFK starting to fall in love with the idea of the space race and moon shot He had a clear vision of what
I listened to this on hoopla thanks to my local library.Excellent research and thoughtful writing For a science book it sure had a wonderful human touch The narration was also well done I loved how the author wrapped things up in the epilogue.

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