Anyone Charles Soule Brings His Signature Knowledge And Wariness Of Technology To His Sopho Novel Set In A Realistic Future About A Brilliant Female Scientist Who Creates A Technology That Allows For The Transfer Of Human Consciousness Between Bodies, And The Transformations This Process Wreaks Upon The WorldInside A Barn In Ann Arbor, Michigan, A Scientist Searching For An Alzheimer S Cure Throws A Switch And Finds Herself Mysteriously Transported Into Her Husband S Body What Begins As A Botched Experiment Will Change Her Life And The World Forever Over Two Decades Later, All Across The Planet, Flash Technology Allows Individuals The Ability To Transfer Their Consciousness Into Other Bodies For Specified Periods, Paid, Registered And Legal Society Has Been Utterly Transformed By The Process, From Travel To Warfare To Entertainment Be Anyone With Anyone The Tagline Of The Company Offering This Ultimate Out Of Body Experience But Beyond The Reach Of The Law And Government Regulators Is A Sordid Black Market Called The Darkshare, Where Desperate Vessels Anonymously Rent Out Their Bodies, No Questions Asked For Any Purpose Sex, Drugs, Crime Or WorseAnyone Masterfully Interweaves The Present Day Story Of The Discovery And Development Of The Flash With The Gritty Tale Of One Woman S Crusade To Put An End To The Darkness It Has Brought To The World Twenty Five Years After Its Creation Like Blade Runner Crossed With Get Out, Charles Soule S Thought Provoking Work Of Speculative Fiction Takes Us To A World Where Identity, Morality, And Technology Collide Many thanks to Heather at Harper Perrenial for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Be anyone with Anyone This book started strong, with perfect pacing but, around the twenty five percent mark, something just snapped The plot clumsily tripped on its own feet And fell flat to the ground, losing my interest in mere pages I desperately clung to any interesting bits because I didn t want to DNF this, especially because I DNF ed Soule s other book But I hung on and I am kind of glad I did So, what s this book about One fateful day, Gabby White flips a switch, a simple action that would change the world as we knew it A bright flash of light later, Gabby finds herself transported into her husband s body What started as a big oopsie will soon become revolutionary technology that some will do anything to get their hands on Twenty years later, the Flash has taken over the world with almost everyone using it and those who won t or can t being dubbed The Dulls People can now switch bodies or rent out there own for anything and everything from sex, drugs, and crime to much nefarious deeds We follow Gabby, her husband Paul, and their daughter in the past as they fight for the rights to Gabby s accidental breakthrough And we follow Anamni Anahmi F k it I don t remember her name and I don t have my ARC with me i m writing this at Starbucks so let s just call her A We follow A, who participates in a black market version of the Flash which is called Darkshare I got very attached to Gabby and Paul Mainly Paul, who made it onto my fictional crushes I don t claim to know why my brain crushes on who it crushes on mOvInG oN As I said, I got very attached to the Gabby Paul plotline while I could not find a single f k to give about A s plotline So much so that I skimmed all the A chapters Now, I do want to note that the ending was superb Had the whole book been like the ending, it would have earned a solid five star rating The ending did such an incredible job of wrapping everything up in a presentable and alluring bow Unfortunately, pretty packaging doesn t make up for a crappy gift Overall, the first and last five percent of this book was splendid and the science fiction was extremely creative and astounding Unfortunately, this book also suffers from a nasty case of Saggy Middle Syndrome The middle would warrant a one star rating but the beginning and end would warrant a five star rating And so, the obvious choice is a solid three stars Better luck next time, Charles Soule I believe in you Bottom Line 3 StarsAge Rating R Content Screening Spoilers Educational Value 0 0 Positive Messages 1 5 Some positive role models, but they have very limited page time Violence 5 5 Murder, gore, fights, body horror Sex 4 5 Bodies are rented out for sexual activity Language 4 5 F k, sh t, b tch, d mn Drinking Drugs 4 5 Painkillers, alcohol Trigger and Content Warning Loss of a loved one, Seizures, Concussions, PTSD, Anxiety, Murder, RacismReps Female inventor kind of Cover 4 5 Plot 2 5 Characters 4 5 Publication Date December 3rd, 2019Publisher HarperCollinsGenre Science Fiction Thriller 9 24 2019 I just noticed that my ARC cover is significantly a lighter blue than the Goodreads cover the ending was super twisty but unfortunately Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit Buy If you liked Recursion, Anyone is a suspenseful SF thriller that s much in the same vein, with lots of twists and turns In our day, Gabriella White, a brilliant neuroscientist who s searching for a cure to Alzheimer s, is at the very end of the funding for her project In her frustration, she recklessly pushes the power for her lab equipment to the maximum and accidentally finds herself in her husband s body in their nearby house, uncertain as to whether she ll be able to switch her consciousness back to her own comatose body in the lab In the very next chapter, it s twenty five years later, and it s clear that Gabby s flash technology has completely changed our world, in both good ways and bad When a flash takes place, the flasher s original body is unresponsive and the flashee s mind essentially checks out completely during the entire time the flash is taking place, and has no recollection of any events that happened while the other person s mind was controlling their body A young woman named Annami is venturing into the illegal world of darkshare, where you let someone rent your body for a period of time in exchange for a cash payment Annami is driven by a compelling need to earn a large sum of money quickly, but why This dual timeline novel shifts between Gabby s story in the present and Annami s in the future eventually, of course, the loop is closed Under the contract she signed, any invention Gabby comes up with is owned by the private investor read very rich loan shark who funded her research, but Gabby completely mistrusts what Gray Hendricks will do with her invention if he finds out about it So she comes up with a plan to hide it but it s clear that somewhere between now and 25 years from now, something goes wrong with Gabby s plan, and reading her part of the plot is kind of like waiting for the other shoe to drop It s an exciting read that sucked me in for a whole evening s reading There s racial and sexual diversity here, and it melds really well into the plot which isn t always the case Anyone does get a little bogged down in the middle and I m dubious about the ending I m still processing, so stay tuned Full review to come.I received an ARC of Anyone from HarperCollins and Wunderkind PR for review Thanks so much Who would you be if you could be anyone I can tell you I d really like to be Charles Soule and have written this book ANYONE is an intense, superbly crafted, edge of your seat thrill ride I loved the execution two slowly converging storylines that collide in the most spectacular way, not to mention the most dedicated, hardcore character I ve read in a long, long time You really want to read this one. As soon as I found out that the main character was a female Ph.D scientist, I needed a copy of Anyone like my life depended on it And that synopsis This girl was sold.Dr Gabrielle Gabby White is a Ph.D M.D cognitive neurologist who is desperately trying to find a cure for Alzheimer s Following the birth of her daughter Kat, Gabby decided to stay home and pursue her research by converting her barn into a state of the art lab, which is privately funded by Hendricks Capital while Paul continues his tenure track position as a music composition professor Gabby finally reaches her breaking point when the funds for her research is essentially depleted, and she has no groundbreaking results to show for In a last ditch effort, she uses the last of the funds for one final experiment one where she ends up transferring her consciousness to Paul and controlling his body With this incredible breakthrough, Gabby must find a way to hone this technology as well as hide it from the greedy hands of Hendricks Capital.Fast forward 25 years, and the flash technology that Gabby developed has become ubiquitous in society People can pay to transfer their consciousness to anyone at anytime, and it is 100% legal As with all good things, the black market finds a way to exploit this technology by giving rise to darkshare dens These are places where people can rent bodies for all matters of insidious activity for a price, of course During that time, Annami would be unaware, and her rider could use her body for whatever he or she wanted, anything at all Drugs, sex, crime anything Anyone The chapters alternate between Gabby and the development of the flash technology and 25 years in the future, which follows our other main character, Annami I was completely enthralled with Gabby s timeline for constructing this technology and the science behind it I ll be honest, I definitely had several science nerd moments There were times that I could wholeheartedly relate to Gabby as a scientist who has been caught up in the grunt work of research and both the highs and lows that you experience That being said, I also enjoyed Annami s timeline and the consequences of the world that was forged following the implementation of the flash technology We are always in search of cures to so many different ailments and diseases, but that future gives a glimpse of what could potentially happen when science crosses a line that society isn t ready for.I absolutely tore through this book and read it in one sitting The pacing of this story was spot on, and I honestly couldn t turn the pages fast enough This multifaceted story focuses on so many important topics such as race, identity, ethics, and morality just to name a few There were so many twists and turns throughout the story, and the way the two timelines come together was spectacular.Overall, Anyone is a masterfully written and compelling sci fi thriller that takes you on a wild ride I honestly can t recommend this one enough Thank you to Harper Perennial for providing an ARC for review This did not influence my review All opinions are my own 4.5 stars rounded up 3.5 starsI was hesitant to pick up Charles Soule s upcoming release, Anyone because I really didn t enjoy The Oracle last year However, I heard nothing but fabulous things about this book so I decided I d venture into Soule s world of writing one time Anyone takes place between two alternate timelines, following the creation of the flash technology that allows its user to transfer their consciousness into another person s body, while the host s unconsciousness basically turns off While the story was intriguing, the early timeline with the forging of this technology was a lot compelling than the world after Needless to say, that is my personal opinion and both timelines were still written masterfully The journey in which the two timelines end up meeting together was a wild ride and it was also vastly original I absolutely loved seeing how each moment unfolded as I turned the page The action in this story is jam packed and it includes a lot of interpersonal relationships My main gripe about this story was that it was probably 100 pages too long We start off very fast and fun, but it dips about halfway and gets a bit drawn out If the story was tightened up a bit, this would ve been a surefire five star read for me Overall, Anyone is a fun science fiction novel that will definitely entertain and draw crowds of fans The way the story wrapped up was spectacular and unexpected I think this book has also stapled Charles Soule as the next Blake Crouch of sci fi thrillers If you enjoyed Recursion, you ll enjoy Anyone. Charles Soule outdid himself with his new techno thriller and I was completely hooked from the very first chapter I had a pretty major book hangover when I finished and couldn t get the story out of my head for a few days.Anyone switches back and forth between current day and 25 years in the future and focuses on tech that transfers consciousness into another human The possibilities of what could happen using this kind of tech are endless and Soule hits on so many uses that made my head spin, both ethical and seriously non ethical I couldn t turn the pages fast enough and just when I thought I had everything figured out, Soule would hit me with another crazy mind blowing twist.This genre is one of my favorites and I was not disappointed In fact, I d put this book in the top 3 of my 2019 reads I read and loved The Oracle Year, but Anyone definitely tops Soule s first book Well done Thank you so much to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the advance copy One emerging popular topic in sci fi and speculative fiction is the notion of a detailed neural map of a person being used or abused to create new concepts of immortality, or to create distributed intelligence across a fluctuating group This theme has been used in Cory Doctorow s Walkaway, in Neal Stephenson s Fall, and now in Anyone, the second text based novel by graphic novelist Charles Soule Soule s first effort at a traditional novel, The Oracle Year, had a fascinating story line, but character development suffered in places The new novel represents a step forward by developing interesting protagonists and not typical heroes, by any stretch The book is a bit unnerving from the opening pages because the characters often display that Game of Thrones quality of being both angels and scoundrels at once They are scarcely stereotypical characters, though the flash hacker Annami bears some resemblance to Blade Runner or Neuromancer characters Sure, there s an apparent source of good and light battling a global demonic force that has developed the newest type of social network a brain sharing technology that allows humans to transfer their consciousness to other people s bodies for a finite period of time In theory, the technology s inventor, a scientist from rural Michigan named Gabrielle White, should be our Joan of Arc, though White s obsession with keeping her technology from the hands of corporate barons makes the reader slowly begin to wonder if the ethical choices would be any better if she were in charge Soule is subtle in showing that heroes can have deeply rooted problems, and we do not easily move to suspect either White or Annami of motivations that might be less than pure.Soule brings us to the obvious conclusion that shared consciousness platforms will have the same problems as any technology platform since they were invented and perfected by humans, they still will be subjected to the whims of the ruling class that always end up taking control of everything In fact, we begin to almost get annoyed with Gabrielle White for her naivete no, the people will not rise up if they are only given the truth instead they will choose to forget as long as the technology barons provide them with a soothing toy lulling them to sleep with an illusion of species solidarity.Given Soule s appropriate level of gentle jadedness throughout the book, it is interesting that he chooses to end it with an epilogue of hope Somehow, it appears that the worst tendencies of the technology managers are foiled, and we all learn to expand as a species by experiencing a oneness across all bodies and cultures and genotypes Aw, c mon, Charles, hope is for dopes These are humans we re talking about Everything will not be all right in the end, because we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and screw things up royally It s in our DNA.The book also suffers from a less than satisfying explanation of the technology behind the flash, as neural patterns will not be replicated by mere moire patterns from lasers The problem is, Soule would have a hard time explaining multi layer convolutional neural networks, even to those well versed in cognitive neuroscience, because when you get to multiple hidden layers and controlled hallucination, even the experts who build the damned neural networks can t explain how they work Nevertheless, the book engages in some magical hand waving of the Well, it s very electric and dangerous variety.Despite these minor quibbles over neuroscience for dummies and a fairy tale happy ending, I found this to be a great read, and a significant leap forward from his first novel which was fascinating in its own right I ll be reading Stephenson s significantly longer and convoluted novel The Fall next, and I ll look forward to comparing the two works. This book was provided for review to our bookstore by the publisher Xposted to Edelweiss.In ANYONE, Charles Soule takes what was so fun about his novel THE ORACLE YEAR and perfects it This has all the high paced adventure of a spy novel or an action film, and pairs it with the thoughtfulness that is found in really good science fiction Soule puts his characters through unimaginable stressors to evaluate our views on race, identity, humanity, and the very existence of the self. The scientific and technical exploration of a Crichton novel with the pacing of a Patterson novel Add to that Charles own unique style of having his characters confront social, legal, and ethical issues while, at times, literally running for their lives without any loss in the story pacing Today is the day you change the world With that broad opening statement, Soule introduces the reader to a world where you can be anyone..with Anyone Equal parts science fiction, legal thriller, mystery and action story, Anyone seamlessly crosses and mixes the genres as it pulls the reader into its dual narrative storytelling from the discovery of the breakthrough technology that allows a user to transfer their mind into the body of another to 25 years into the future where this tech has become so ubiquitous, it has literally changed the world All the while, showing the both the benefits and the dark exploitation of the technology Think an episode of Black Mirror that you don t want to end and actually want to be a part of at least for a little while Charles Soule continues to shine as an author and creator with this second novel I highly recommend his first, The Oracle Years as well by the way I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy at New York Comic Con. For my latest Waiting on Wednesday, I am going to take a look at Anyone by Charles Soule, an intriguing science fiction novel that is coming out in December 2019.Soule is an interesting writer who is probably best known for his contributions to the world of comics Soule has authored a huge number of comic book series for a number of different companies over the years, including for Image Comics, where he has recently wrapped up his Curse Words series, and DC Comics However, his most significant body of comic book work has been for Marvel comics, where he has worked on series such as She Hulk, Daredevil, various Star Wars titles and several recent major arcs in the X Men franchise, where he killed off both Wolverine and Cyclops within two years of each other I have quite enjoyed several of his series in the past, and have reviewed a couple of them on my blog make sure to check out my reviews for Star Wars Darth Vader Dark Lord of the Sith Volumes 1 and 2, and my short review for Hunt for Wolverine in the Canberra Weekly.Last year, however, Soule branched off away from the comic world by writing his first novel, The Oracle Year The Oracle Year had a rather cool premise about a normal man who wakes up one morning with 108 accurate predictions of the future While I didn t get a chance to read this book last year, I really liked the sound of this cool and unique plot, and it was easily one of my top ten books I wish I had read in 2018 I still plan to read it at some point, but as it was a standalone novel, it does mean I can check out Anyone first Anyone is another great sounding book from Soule, mainly because it also has a unique and enjoyable plot synopsis.I was very impressed with the above plot synopsis, especially as Anyone has a captivating and intriguing core concept Soule has clearly got an inventive mind, and I am looking forward to seeing how he explores the body swapping aspect of the story in this book I really like the idea of viewing the full course of the technology, from its inception to its inevitable use for crime and other unsavory actions, and I am looking forward to seeing the various impacts such a technology could have on the world As a result, I have a strong feeling that this could be a story that I will quite enjoy, and it is definitely on my list of books to check out in the next few months.For other exciting reviews and content, check out my blog at

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