Assassins Love People Too

Assassins Love People TooDillon Carter S Boyfriend, Marc Francis, Is A Paid Assassin That Little Fact Makes Having A Normal Relationship Very Complicated Especially When There Are People Out There In The Big Bad Spy World Who Hate Marc So Much The Last Thing They Want Is Him To End Up Happy Obsessive Enemies, Ex Lovers And Poisoned Espresso Do Nothing To Make Marc And Dillon S Trip To Italy Relaxing In Fact, They Ll Be Lucky If They Survive At All. Assassins Love People Too is the sequel to Assassins Are People Too , and you really should read that book first It will not only give you the details and character history you need to understand what is going on in this book, but it is also hilariously funny and very suspenseful In fact I thought it was a hard act to follow, but am happy to report that I think the sequel is even better There is a little less humor and suspense as Dillon and Marc s lives come under threat, but there is also a deeper look at their developing relationship Dillon is still pretty na ve, and that gets him into trouble than once, and Marc is beginning to admit that he has feelings After the heart stopping cliff hanger of the previous book, events take off at a run in this sequel before they accelerate Hold on to your hats for this one Dillon s life is threatened almost constantly as Julio, the main bad guy from book one and Marc s personal enemy, goes after him to get to Marc As much as Marc tries to teach Dillon how to be safe or at least less unsafe , Dillon just cannot get into the frame of mind n
3.5 starsVery enjoyeable, fast paced, but sometimes Dillon s insecurity drove me nuts I d certainly read Ronin s book if it became available. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Mark and Dillon are on the move, trying to avoid Mark s enemies and stay alive This leads them to staying with Ronin, a colleague Mark s as well as his former lover Mark and Ronin decide to take the fight to the bad guys.For a short story this had a good helping of angst Mark s inability to
Book Assassins Love People Too Assassins in Love 2 Author S.C WynneStar rating No of Pages 105Movie Potential Ease of reading very easy to readWould I read it again Yes I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Reviewed for Divine MagazineFor me, this one suffered the curse of Book 2 It happens every time with me Book 1 is so incredible that I m giddy and barely able to vocalise what I loved about the story Then Book 2 comes along and something is lost in translation Thankfully, this one wasn t TOO lost It was a minor issue that I can easily overlook, to come back and happily delve into the next book in the series and, hopefully, the next one after that.The characters were just as great They keep their old personalities and quirks, while having time to explore of their new ones The story and plot line was well developed and paced, too, which was great I never felt rushed or that the story stagnated anywhere Both books in this series are the perfect length required to tell the story properly All too often, with action adventure stories, book 2 s plots try too hard to out do the last book Wynne did a brilliant job of ma
This was my first book by SC Wynne and I really enjoyed the story I wasn t too far in before I realized I was missing some vital information So, after doing a little research I found out Assassins Love People Too is book two in the Assassins Love series I read a few reviews for book one to kind of help me get up to speed but I definitely want to go back and read it for myself Even coming in at a disadvantage I was still able to follow along easily and understand what was going on The author has a light and fun writing style that is easy to adapt to and before you know it you are pulled into the story Dillon finds himself in some very stressful situations trying to get to Marc s side He doesn t know what s going on only that he needs to get there and refrain from talking to anyone in the process But, for Dillon, that s easier said than done He likes people, he likes to talk and make friends and he has a hard time accepting that not everyone is what or who they appear.Marc is a trained assassin who has a hard time showing his emotions He is used to being a loner but he really wants to make a g
So this book picks up with Dillon living in France with his assassin lover who hasn t quite quit his job yet He gets an urgent call to get to Paris by train and trust no one Of course innocent Dillon chats with the old lady next to him, not good After she tries to kill them, they head to Italy to Marc s ex s house This leads to some tension needless to say, but the two assassins decide to head off and put an end to the criminal wanting to kill Marc and leave Dillon to hang out with an old trusted friend of the two and he befriends a young waiter at the local cafe
All the happiness I love the suspense these books give me Dillon and Marc are so entertaining together Marc with his inept social graces and relationship experience and Dillion with his insecurities and inability to read Marc all that well These two LITERALLY need to communicate to get what the other one is trying to convey In the first book it ended on a cliffhanger and we all wanted to throw our Kindles, and cry Well, there s a bit of a cliffhanger on this one as well butttttttttt it s not who you think who Yeah I said who And I m thrilled about what book 3 will bring.SC Wynne made this book even better than book 1 and it s reading like a susp
When is the third book coming out Argh, that ending I loved reading about the continued story for Marc and Dillon, lots of action and fast paced plot in this one I really liked them struggling to define their relationship and find bal
What a great sequel The action starts right away..loved watching Marc and Blondie stumble through there hot steamy romance Is the third book out yet I loved the first book so much and was hoping that the second could live up to the incredible action and developing love story introduced in the first book and I must say this one did not disappoint We follow Marc and Dillon, now in Europe, some six weeks into their dash and hide existence trying to escape the deadly interest of Julio, a very bad man who Marc seems to take delight in thwarting While Julio pulls out one henchman after another trying to kill both Dillon and Marc, the two of them find themselves in pretty rocky waters trying to not only evade killers but negotiate the twisting path of a new relationship as well At least Dillon hopes that is what is forming, for Marc is not an easy man to read and Dillon is worried that Marc has brought him along just to keep him from harm and for easy sex While Dillon s heart is rapidly being lost to his assassin boyfriend, Marc is focused on one thing only keeping the two of them alive.Though short on page time, Assassins Love People Too is long in suspense and danger Introducing a former lover of Marc s and a fellow assassin, the author expands both her plot and her burgeoning love story Now with such uncertainty and jealousy mixed in to play, Dillon