Azathoth The Modern World Has Been Stripped Of Imagination And Belief In Magic When A Man Gazing From His Window Upon The Stars Comes To Observe Secret Vistas Unsuspected By Normal Humanity One Night The Gulf Between His World And The Stars Is Bridged, And His Mind Ascends From His Body Out Into The Boundless Cosmos. 3.5A glimpse of what a dreamer might encounter if he is allowed by Outer deities Azathoth and the skies to become a part of their fabulous wonder It seems it is a beginning of a novel that Lovecraft never finished Too bad It would have been great. I finally put The case of Charles Dexter Ward behind me and stumble upon this little gem of beauty and poetry His worst and his best side by side Surrealist, daydreamy goodness..Wonderful stuff I wish I could givethan 5 stars. What a tantalizing little fragment Part of me wishes Lovecraft had finished the story, as this very brief glimpse has language that deviates from his usual, in a beautifully lyrical way Then again, some things are best left as they are. 2017Such a gorgeous, well constructed, poetic piece See Dolphins swim in space The piece reminds me of an instrumental by NIN, which unfolds as despairing beauty If you want to hear, A Warm Place I heard this, in my mind, as I read it second read Lovecraft creates stories with su
I didn t understand anything of this tale Wasn t it incomplete Did I miss something I didn t get the point, seriously s Rating 3.5HmmmmmmI was a bit confused with this one, I think it was about astral projection or something along those lines Interesting thought Nonostante abbia gi letto la raccolta Mammut di Lovecraft, la mia ricerca di tutto ci che stato tradotto di e sulle sue opere continua Non credo esista una collezione pi completa di questa. A fragment that describes an unknown person living in a bleak, colorless, lifeless city that comes home every night and stares up at the sky One night, he s transported into a cosmos of wonderful colors and characters That s it Sometimes I think they ll publish anything by famous authors even if they have to dig stuff out of the trash I m a huge proponent of Lovecraft But, I don t know why this story exists.2 out of 5 confused starsYou can also follow m
. Mini relato entre comillas porque, en realidad, era el inicio de una novela que ten a en mente H P Lovecraft pero que nunca pudo seguir por su pronta muerte Precioso y m gico inicio 3

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