BlissThey Re Always Happy.Rory James Has Worked Hard All His Life To Become A Citizen Of The Idyllic City State Of Beulah Like Every Other Kid Born In The Neighboring Country Of Tophet, He S Heard The Stories No Crime Or Pollution A House And Food For Everyone It S Perfect, And Rory Is Finally Getting A Piece Of It.So Is Tate Patterson He S From Tophet, Too, But He S Not A Legal Immigrant He Snuck In As A Thief A City Without Crime Seems Like An Easy Score, Until He Crashes Into Rory During A Getaway And Is Arrested For Assaulting A Citizen Instead Of Jail, Tate Is Enrolled In Beulah S Rehabilitation Through Restitution Program By Living With And Serving His Victim For Seven Years, Tate Will Learn The Human Face Of His Crimes.If It Seems Too Good To Be True, That S Because It Is Tate Is Fitted With A Behavior Modifying Chip That Leaves Him Unable To Disobey Orders Any Orders, No Matter How Dehumanizing Worse, The Chip Prevents Him From Telling Rory, The One Man In All Of Beulah Who Might Care About Him, The Truth In A Country Without Prisons, Tate Is Locked Inside His Own Mind. DNFed at 37% because I believe a book that brings you to a state of boredom every time you re picking it up does not deserve to be entirely read.Have you read the blurb Have you realized that this is a dystopian M M romance, yet Let me repeat that, a dystopian M M romance story.I knew it was too good to be true.Over 150 reviews that I ve written on Goodreads, there is only one DNFed book that I have reviewed in detail, this one aside It s called Poison I usually don t review those, but I really had to put every feeling I had about it in a review I now feel the same way for this Bliss book.You see, it in fact started very promising with Tate hurting Rory and having to see a lawyer about it Some guys took him and implanted a chip inside his skin for him to become a normal citizen of Beulah what s with the name It sounds as if someone is vomiting which has a negligible percentage of criminality.Why Because that chip those guys implanted in Tate s skin makes him a slave He s obliged to answer to anyone s wishes and, if he doesn t cooperate, well the feeling of not obeying actually destroys him from the inside Creepy.As
2.5 stars Warning to all readers This book is hard non con, no two ways about it If you have a problem with rape and sexual slavery, put the book down and back away slowly.Now, going into this book I knew that this would push my boundaries And it did This was my first real non con story and, even though I found it really hard to read at times, I was sort of fascinated by it in the way that some people are fascinated by horror movies I also have to admit that I found this book to be smoking hot at times, and I sort of loved loathed those scenes I think the strengths of this story are in the non con and creepy nature of the dysopian world If you are into non con then this just might be a great story for you I thought that the world that these two authors created was atmospheric and chilling I loved that about this story, and honestly, I couldn t put this book down all day But where this book totally belly flops is the romance.When it comes down to it, I m a romance reader I ll happily read other genres, but if a book is billed as a romance, I expect a believable romance This book was one of the most unbelievable GFY romances that I have ever read I would have been thrilled, in fact, if this book didn t end with a
Beulah Protectionist Elistist Creepy perfect A lot of people said a lot of sneering things about Beulah But Beulah was also safe First things first, I m taking out Mr Lowell And I m going to make it look like an accident It s a kindness really What he deserves is for me to shove him off a cliff into a pit of naked, writhing, horny and sadistic women Hmmm on second thought.I digress.Let s talk about this book THIS BOOK ARGH Anything that elicits homicidal tendencies, anxiety AND laughter from me deserves a read BUT, heed the warning, people If non con isn t your thing you d best skedaddle But in Beulah, everything was different Everything was simpler and complicated at the same time Have you ever had a pot of really beautiful flowers that you had to move for whatever reason and when you picked up the pot there were slugs and creepy crawlers underneath That s Beulah It s lovely at first glance, but take a closer look and EEEEEEEE I kept picturing Pleasantville in my head and that s what made it not just regular yuck creepy but WHA
Creepy beautifully written absolutely gripping You send a man to prison once and chances are he ll go there again and again Prisons and punishments create criminals they don t deter them But you give him a chance to rehabilitate himself in a meaningful way and everyone wins You do, he does, and so does society as a whole Sounds good on the surface Which is just like the town of Beulah Perfection to the naked eye But there s a darkness lurking in Beulah, unseen to outsiders and even the general population within On its face, Beulah is a Utopian society in the middle of a nation overrun with crime The air is clean the lawns are lush and green There s free healthcare, education, and the citizens are friendly Which is precisely why Rory applied for a position within the protected walls of Beulah RORY JAMES It was a little nice Yes Safer to go with nice than with weird Maybe it was a cultural thing Maybe people here were just happier. Rory spent his years growing up in the putrid city of Tophet he struggled to keep safe, feed himself, and put himself through college now all that hard work is paying off He got himself a job in beautiful Beulah working as an assistant for Chief Justice Jericho Lowel the perfect job, with the pe
4.5 STARS Two of my favourite authors and a winning combination their writing as always is stunning and they have this ability to make their stories so much than the sum of the words actually written on the pages They make me ask questions of the characters, think outside the box and make my imagination work overtime and believe me, it s not pretty I got so caught up in this world they created, my emotions became real And this could be so very real in the back of my mind, my thoughts went to Hitler a man with so much charisma, he managed to brainwash his own nation into believing in the perfect race, the perfect people, in a perfect world In Bliss we also see how that charismatic power and propaganda can be a powerful tool in establishing complacency, when the population begin to believe the hype of supremacy without realising the cost to humanity in achieving a false objective

Rehabilitation through Restitution

Right from the start you have that feeling of impending doom, where the pain starts to creep across your chest Knowing that the realisation of perfection and exactly what lies behind it in this world will be too painful to watch Plus the fact that these two authors very rarely write anything that doesn t rip a hole in my heart.

How seductive is the lure of perfection when you have lived in squalor What price would you be willing to pay for t
2.5 starsThere were too many philosophical inconsistencies in this book The scope of the punishment chip, which bends people to others control and stunts their will, wasn t fully disclosed The setting wasn t fleshed out enough to be believable, and when judgement came, it was too simplistic the fall of a man and court trials don t bring justice to a society While I appreciate the deep ideas bandied about, they never fully gelled I could have forgiven that, but the romance in this book felt forced Tate falls for Rory when Tate is under the influence of the chip Tate isn t gay he finds sucking cock distasteful, yet he falls in love with Rory while chipped and that love attraction somehow continues once the chip is removed.I love HEAs they are practically a requirement for me to enjoy a story, but this one felt forced Perhaps too much was crammed in here I was fine with Rory an
POSSIBLY SPOILERISHWell I won t call it perfect, since we now know where that leads, but this is a creepy, brilliant little fable that manages to be fucked up and humane and disturbing and lovely all at once Its picture of what happens when you violate the human will is unsparing and frightening, but without the gratuitous sadism you sometimes find, which allows the hope that blooms towards the end to feel deep and earned I still cannot get over Tate, the way his fierce, unconquerable voice explodes into the story when it s finally set free But
Torn apart and impressed More like mildly annoyed, mildly horrified and mildly disappointed Everything is very mild around here.I rarely find myself dreading the next pages of a book, but during the first fourth of this novel I was in a state of barely controlled tension and profound disquiet Basically I was running from this via 1D fanfic, yes, fine So it started very well I was freaked out as fuck, and I m pretty sure that s the intended effect But then I realised that Rory was such a passive dweeb I was never going to be able to like him, and we all know what it means when you don t like one of the main characters in a book.I don t normally read non con not because I then have nightmares about it, but simply because I don t see the appeal , but by the time I realised this was going to be so rapey I was already hooked That being said, I expected to be way traumatised than I was by the end of the experience And yet, look at me now I m fine I m pissed, but I m fine.So if you re in
YUP.Can t wait to read this one.Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George pitch a show to NBC called Jerry and it s about a judge sentencing a man to become Jerry s butler and do whatever he wants A utopia dystopia story that is centered on the idea of bliss in exchange of freedom to think and feel Plus, it s m m Really intriguing.I was disappointed From here onwards, everything you ll read is my opinion only It s given but I just want to stress that point.Let me start with the book s weakest point Romance.Gosh Eye roll worthy view spoiler Tate and Rory s relationship was built when Tate was still chipped mind controlled Tate says that some of the feelings in that span of time was for sure because of the chip Like the hunger and lust for Rory even though Tate is sure with himself that he is most likely straight He is very repelled by the idea of sucking a dick He told us at the beginning But he also says that some feelings are not chip related the warmth he felt when they watched movie together cuddling Basically, Tate is confused on what feeling was from the chip or from his own And this confusion is never completely clarified Yet, Tate and Rory are convinced they re

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