Blood of Tyrants

Blood of TyrantsShipwrecked And Cast Ashore In Japan With No Memory Of Temeraire Or His Own Experiences As An English Aviator, Laurence Finds Himself Tangled In Deadly Political Intrigues That Threaten Not Only His Own Life But England S Already Precarious Position In The Far East Age Old Enmities And Suspicions Have Turned The Entire Region Into A Powder Keg Ready To Erupt At The Slightest Spark A Spark That Laurence And Temeraire May Unwittingly Provide, Leaving Britain Faced With New Enemies Just When They Most Desperately Need Allies Instead.For To The West, Another, Wider Conflagration Looms Napoleon Has Turned On His Former Ally, The Emperor Alexander Of Russia, And Is Even Now Leading The Largest Army The World Has Ever Seen To Add That Country To His List Of Conquests It Is There, Outside The Gates Of Moscow, That A Reunited Laurence And Temeraire Along With Some Unexpected Allies And Old Friends Will Face Their Ultimate Challengeand Learn Whether Or Not There Are Stronger Ties Than Memory.Naomi Novik S Beloved Temeraire Series, A Brilliant Combination Of Fantasy And History That Reimagines The Napoleonic Wars As Fought With The Aid Of Intelligent Dragons, Is A Twenty First Century Classic From The First Volume, His Majesty S Dragon, Readers Have Been Entranced By The Globe Spanning Adventures Of The Resolute Capt William Laurence And His Brave But Impulsive Dragon, Temeraire Now, In Blood Of Tyrants, The Penultimate Volume Of The Series, Novik Is At The Very Height Of Her Powers As She Brings Her Story To Its Widest, Most Colorful Canvas Yet. Something strange happened while I was reading Blood of Tyrants I started to like Temeraire again This series had me at Napoleonic Wars and dragons , but while the first few books ranged from serviceable His Majesty s Dragon to standout Black Powder War , by the time Empire of Ivory rolled around, these books had started to get bogged down in a Carmen Sandiego esque need to visit exotic world locales and became less about the War or the dragon For me, the series peaked at Napoleon s invasion of England and began a downward slide soon after, and if it wasn t for a few things here and there, I would ve completely lost all hope Crucible of Gold was one of those things and a step in the right direction, but as I said before, something s not right when Austerlitz and Jena get maybe a paragraph and there s chapters dedicated to African slave traders or setting up an Australian penal colony I wasn t sure which Temeraire would be making an appearance in Blood of Tyrants, the Napoleonic War invested Temeraire of Black Powder War or the random globetrotting filler Temeraire of Tongues of Serpents, but to my dismay turned surprise, both Sinc
Pretty standard rating from me for this series. THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A MAN HE FORGETS HE HAS A DRAGON LIKE WTF NAOMI HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN.So I won Blood of Tyrants from First Reads, although I m still not sure why I haven t won anything in a Goodreads giveaway in three years, I only rarely enter contests any, and my interest in the Temeraire series has been declining lately, but somehow, for some reason, I gave this contest a try and managed to win the book Stranger things have happened, I guess Like forgetting that one has a dragon, amiright Yeah.So William Laurence, a man who has a dragon and who has had said dragon for the past seven books in this series wakes up in Japan with no memory of the events of the last seven books, including his dragon Amnesia That s totally original and has never been done before Fortunately and conveniently he is fluent in Chinese, so when the Japanese household that rescues captures him discusses his fate in Chinese for some reason, he s able to understand them and escape to the coast, where he is reunited with the dragon he doesn t remember having and continues on a planned trip to China where his amnesia continues to interfere with the story until everything fortunately returns to him at
I guess i m the only person who didn t mind the amnesia plot Given that the Temeraire books are not exactly a font of deep and introspective characterization, even a fairly cheap device like amnesia was fairly effective at wringing some out I don t know if this is a particularly unusual way to read the books my impression is that i m in a minority, anyway but I ve always cared a great deal about Lawrence than I have about Temeraire Temeraire is just kind of twee and cute and modern politically correct all the time Lawrence actually has a fairly complex and difficult character arc buried under all the reticence and good manners well, and a degree of authorial disinterest , from having his whole life upheaved, reassesing his sense of duty and doing it all while, at least in the early books, still being a product of his time I m beginning to lose track of all the war stuff and who is against who and the dragon emancipation busin
I love spending time with Temeraire and Laurence This book has three distinct storylines, and contains hardship and confusion, struggle and defiance, reunions and sunderings, adventure and humor, and sometimes even sweet success and exultation And war, when they meet up once again with their arch nemesis, Napoleon.These dragons are naive and idealistic in their expectations of humans to behave kindly and intelligently, even though they are frequently betrayed by us Our odd notions of duty and law and rituals confuse them and they do their best to strip them away and show us the difference between right and wrong These beasts could teach us a lot if we let them I read as slowly as I could, trying to make it last, but it was difficult as I just wanted to burn through the pages I won t say any , as I don t want to risk spoilers, but I am already wishing I had the next book Until we meet again, Te
Not the best in the series, but not bad This book is broken into three parts Because they could each be stand alone books, I rate and review each part separately.2 Stars for Part One, JAPAN Laurence washed ashore about 60 miles from the only internationally accessible port Nagasaki after he got swept overboard, hitting his head, and losing his memory The authorities are hunting him A Japanese youth named Junichiro plays a role Meanwhile, Temeraire frets and Iskierka lays their precious egg I don t much care for amnesia based plots and this part felt pointless and slow I didn t like the attitude aboard the British ship But there are cool sea serpents and river dragons I liked Sui Riu, a water dragon, the Guardian of the West Vivid rescue scene.4 stars for Part Two, CHINA This part reminded me of Throne of Jade Very good Would almost go 5 stars if not for amnesia and rehashing past books with shadowy memories, and re confronting the treason issue Another weakness is the way Novik waxed on laboriously, showing how Laurence justified his w
Let me start by saying that Temeraire is easily one of the best characters created in the fantasy genre in the past decade A fascinating, charming, believable dragon who you would definitely want to be friends with.Unfortunately, in my opinion, this book suffers from Reverse Jordanitis Jordanitis is a terrible disease, named after the late Robert Jordan Jordanitis an ailment of my own naming occurs when an author writes too much about too little I used to joke that Jordan could write 500 pages about Rand al Thor going to the bathroom This book suffers from Reverse Jordanitis in that Ms Novik has written too little about too much hence reverse Jordanitis The book lurches from Japan to China to Russia and, reading it, I ended up feeling robbed As the characters jump around there are a number of places
We did not get ourselves into trouble at all It came to us without any effort on our parts And that is exactly what happens in this book Trouble keeps on coming for Temeraire, Laurence and their friends One after another tight squeezes and bad luck.Even though I wish the amnesia angle had been written a little differently I still enjoyed this story A LOT And that is because of the dragons This book is all about the dragons Their b
4.5, its a really good read, I had a problem with the way lawrance was written in this book, it seemed like a recap of the other books to keep us the reader up to date, but it kinda didnt happen, its hard to explain.the end is good but another cliffhanger ending. Captain William Laurence has fallen into the sea during a tremendous storm, leaving him stranded in Japan with no memory of the past 7 years or his life with Temeraire The political situation in Japan is about to explode with William sits in the center Vague memories arise but when Temeraire and William are reunited he still can t remember their friendship and years together.The story continues as they trek to China and then to Russia Glimpses of memories resurface but Termeraire is remorseful about his inability to protect Laurence.This is a completely compelling story that rivets you to the pages Novik s work may come out slower than I like but it s definitely worth the wait I am amazed every time by Naomi Novik s ability to write a historical fantasy that makes me feel like I m actively participating in the story The perfect combination of funny, character interaction, suspense and dramaif your a fantasy lover you have to read Blood of Tyrants OMG, did check out this cover This ARC copy of Blood of Tyrants was given to me by Random House Publishing Group Del Rey Spectra in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication August 13, 2013.Written by Naomi NovikSeries TemeraireSequence in Series 8Hardcover 448 pagesPublisher Del Rey Publication Dat

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