Blood on the Wall

Blood on the Wall Drawn By The Scent Of Death And Despair, As Guardian Of The Old Forest, Tarik Goes To Investigate The Death Of The Area S Old Druid In The Grisly Scene He Finds There, He Also Runs Into A Reporter Who May Turn Out To Be The Endangered Forest S Only Hope Jayne Has Come For The Scoop On The Murder, But When She Comes In Contact With The Old Druid S Blood, Her Heritage Awakens And Her Essence Begins To Change Reluctant To Believe Tarik S Explanations, She Ignores The Fantastic Changes To Her Mind And Body And Chooses To Run Home Instead But When The Druid S Killer Decides She S An Unresolved Loose End, She Must Quickly Come To Terms With Her New Reality, Before Her Ignorance Winds Up Killing Them All.