Booty and the Beast

Booty and the BeastWhen The Devastatingly Gorgeous And Arrogant Nick Hart Seeks Me Out After Five Long Years, I D Hoped He D Begin Our Conversation With An Over Due Apology, Not An Invitation To His BedApparently, Nothing Had Changed About The Egotistical Athlete From High School Not His Devilishly Sculpted Body Or His Dream Of Making The Professional Football LeagueBut Raw Talent And Endless Ambition Only Got Him So Far The One Thing The Unconquerable Nick Hart Doesn T Have MeAs Team Nutritionist For The Ironfield Rivets, I M The One Shoving Tofu Up Picky Players Endzones And Serving Quinoa To Pouting Punters So, When Nick Asks Me To Risk My Job And Sneak Him Into A Private Team Try Out, I Should Say NoBut I Need A Favor Of My Own With My Matchmaking Mother Rampaging Through The City, Searching Jail Cells And Corner Bars For A Man Desperate Enough To Date Her Daughter, The Only Way I Can Focus On My Career Is To Convince Her That I Ve Found The Man Of My Dreams Who Then Breaks My Heart Nick S Perfect For The Task After All, He S Done It BeforeBut I Won T Let Him Do It AgainNo Matter How Close We Get On The FieldNo Matter How Much He Wants To ScoreNo Matter How Deep He GoesBut When Nick Reveals The Truth About The Past, Can I Forgive Him To Save Our Future Although the title gives a nod to the fairy tale classic, Booty and the Beast is definitely not your love at first sight story Nick and Charisma have history from when they were school and it wasn t full of smiley faces or beating heart emoji s Years later these two run into each other and it s still not a joyous reunion, but both need favors from each other and they decide that even though it s not the best solution, maybe they can make the best of their individual situations Who knows, in the end they may even like each other.Nick and Charisma s story is full back and forth insults and witty banter that seems to be only a cover for how they really feel about each other Charisma s reaction to her mothers antics were funny and liked them both from the beginning Now Nick, it took me awhile to warm up to Once I got to the meat of the story I enjoyed both main characters and the story line kept me entertained and rooting for the couple to finally get what they both wanted, which in the end was each other. Dnf 13%Sorry, the last time I ve read this author was 2016 Apparently my taste changed.The hero hurt the heroine when they were in high school because she was a big girl back than He was and still is just an ass.And now he did not redeem himself before the heroin gave him another chance.He was cheasy and cocky like blah She was too easy.Nothing new. harisma is the nutritionist for the football team and has come a long way from the overweight teenager who was humiliated in the worst way possible by a boy she thought was a friend Years later he has reappeared in her life but this time he wants her help.Despite all his setbacks Nick hasn t given up on his dreams of a professional football career but if he wants that to happen he needs Charisma s assistance but things are able to become complicated when she demands something from him in return Let the games begin This is the first book that I have read from this author and I really enjoyed this story Nick and Charisma were such a great couple They have such great chemistry even though they had a past that wasn t so good They have a lot of back and forth because of the past that they share Will they be able to overcome their past and work on the present and future to get the HEA that they deserve Wonderful story and wonderful characters and I can t wait to read from this author.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Booty and the Beast by Sosie Frost a five star read that is like a touchdown in the endzone Nick Hart is possible one of the most determined men I have ever read, he just had something about him that made your skin tingle with his strength Charisma Cassandra Cassidy is one lucky lady, even if she doesn t quiet realise it yet This novel has made me want to eat healthier, it made me want to try wheatgrass maybe only as I would do just about anything to get a glimpse into the locker room at Rivets dressing room, but still would it be worth a shot Thank you Sosie Frost for bringing Charismas mum to the story, she made me chuckle wine out of my nose, special mention to the family mind they have a special place in my mind. Nick Hart is used to having it all in football and with women He left Charisma behind after breaking her heart Now he is back asking her for a favor to get an in with the team tryouts Charisma needs help with fending off her matchmaking mother and Nick could be the perfect fake boyfriend for the job Nick has never told Charisma why he left her in the past Can these two overcome their turbulent past to have a future I received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Sosie Frost does it again We ve got characters that you fall in love with and visits from some favorites in this series Nick and Charisma have the chemistry and storyline that pulls you in You ll laugh, cry and wanna kick their behinds for some of the choices made There s lots of second chance romances out there This one is worth it They have high school history When Nick ask Charisma for a favor to get him in for the private try outs, she had a personal agenda of her own Can these two put the past behind to build a future This cute story will have you cheering for Nick and Charisma and their drama draws you in as well.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Rom Com at it s best with Nick and Charisma s second chanceBooty And The Beast by Sosie Frost is another remarkably well written romantic comedy by this author She always delivers a highly engaging and entertaining read with laugh out loud moments, tension building to explosive chemistry, emotionally devastating heartbreak and a much deserved resolution in the form of the must have HEA.Nick and Charisma are friends to enemies to mutual use to friends with benefits These two have many things in common, being together without connecting or letting each other in being predominant I really love these two together Their history makes for an interesting plot to the development of their present, all the trials and triumphs in between, not to mention the hate and anger Nobody writes righteous female anger better than Sosie Frost Individually these characters are wonderful Not only does Charisma live up to her name she s sassy, independent, strong and beautiful inside and out Then there s Nick A bad boy alpha athlete with confidence, machismo and and determination in spades He is the ultimate hero with his charm, flirting and panty melting dirty mouth Overall, a very well written book that is so much than a romantic comedy this couple has a lot of love once they allow themselves to have it by accepting the past, realizing they can have a future and welcoming their much deserved HEA.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Booty and the Beast is a good second chance romance The storyline is well written and engaging, with drama, humour, hijinks, a matchmaking mama, and a man who always wants to have his way with Charisma.I read and reviewed this book with no obligation.