Brighams Destroying Angel Being the Life, Confession, and Startling Disclosures of the Notorious Bill Hickman, the Danite Chief of Utah (1904)

Brighams Destroying Angel Being the Life, Confession, and Startling Disclosures of the Notorious Bill Hickman, the Danite Chief of Utah (1904) William Adams Wild Bill Hickman 1815 1883 Was An American Frontiersman He Also Served As A Representative To The Utah Territorial Legislature Hickman Was Baptized Into Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints In 1839 By John D Lee He Later Served As A Personal Bodyguard For Joseph Smith And Brigham Young Hickman Was Reputedly A Member Of The Danites He Was An Important Figure In The Utah War Hickman Torched Fort Bridger And Numerous Supply Trains Of The Federal Army Hickman, A Practicing Polygamist, Was Excommunicated From The LDS Church In 1868 Shortly Thereafter, Nine Of His Ten Wives Left Him According To His Autobiography, Hickman S Excommunication Immediately Followed His Refusal To Commit An Assassination At Brigham Young S Request Around September 1871, While Under Arrest For The Murder Of Richard Yates Years Earlier, Hickman Wrote An Autobiography In Which He Confessed To Having Committed Numerous Murders Years Later, His Autobiography Was Given To J.H Beadle, Who Published It Under The Sensational Title Brigham S Destroying Angel Beadle Writes For Years I Had Heard Of Bill Hickman, Chief Of The Destroying Angels, Head Danite, C, Ad Nauseam But Like Most Persons Unacquainted With Mormon History, I Regarded Such Matters As The Creations Of A Fertile Fancy When Convinced By A Longer Residence In Utah That There Was And Had Long Been Some Kind Of A Secret Organization Dangerous To Gentile And Recusant Mormons, I Began To Examine The History Of The Church Carefully Our Conversation Need Not Be Recorded, Except To Say That The Man Impressed Me With His Earnestness, And Left Me With A Much Better Opinion Of Him Than I Had Before I Then Agreed To Take Charge Of His Manuscript, And, To Use His Own Language, Fix It Up In Shape, So People Would Understand It Originally Published In 1904 Reformatted For The Kindle May Contain Occasional Imperfection Original Spellings Have Been Kept In Place. The history you won t learn in church.Growing up Mormon, as in a lot of religions, some of the less than flattering historic moments are given one of a handful of treatments 1 Spun in a favorable light2 Glossed over, often with a those were the times excuse3 Buried, denied, and completely ignored as happeningThis book deals with all three, but especially the last Many of the events William Bill Hickman writes about are ones the Mormon church will never admit happened Even during Bill s time, church leaders professed either innocence or ignorance of the orders they themselves gave A handy tactic, if your orders are to kill men for no other reason than you don t like them.This book shows a different side of Brigham Young than what I learned in Sunday School A ruthless, power hungry side that only
Enjoyed the book The main part is a autobiographical memoir written by Bill Hickman published in 1872 This edition was originally published in 1904 and included explanatory notes and supportive information by J H Beadle Hickman s memoir was controversial, portraying Brigham Young as a Godfather like figure, ordering murders for the good of the church or just because the person annoyed him I read it as I would any other memoir Hickman was present at key Mormon historical events including Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, the Exodus to Utah, the extermination of the Timpanogos Indians, the Utah War, and the expansion of the Mormon presence throughout the Utah territory He also served as a representative to the Utah Territorial Legislature Hickman admits to murdering many men at the request of Brigham Young, writing in an understated style that describes bludgeoning a man to death in a few sentences, then continues on about horse trading, close calls with Indians, mining for gold, exploring the Utah territory or just conversations with no
I always knew that the Mormon s were crazy and this just confirmed it I can t imagine the life Bill lived as a happy one and killing all those people, mostly because he was told to is just insane I found the book rather hard to fallow and understand at times, bu
An autobiographical account of the life of William Adams Hickman I found it interesting. interesting learn real mormon history learn what brigham young was up to learn how people can be lead astray by false prophets.