Cast in Flame

Cast in FlameAny Day That Starts With Dragon Arguments Is Going To Be Bad Kaylin Returned From The West March In One Piece Now That Piece Is Fraying She S Not At Home In The Imperial Palace And She Never Intends To Be All She Wants Is Normal Garden Variety Criminals And A Place Of Her Own Of Course, Normal In Her New Life Involves A Dragon As A Roommate, But She Can Handle That She Can T As Easily Handle The New Residents To The City She Polices, Because One Of Them Is Nightshade S Younger Brother On A Night When She Should Be Talking To Landlords In Perfectly Normal Buildings, She S Called To The Fief By Teela A Small Family Disagreement Has Become A Large, Complicated Problem Castle Nightshade S Latent Magic Is Waking And It S Not The Only Thing. The ending is great No question I won t quibble over that However, the repetition is really starting to irritate, irk, bother, grate, offend Sentient buildings, playing with the word stickers on her skin, wandering through alternate realities, all culminating
3 1 2What can I say, what can I saynothing new I guess I should copy my review of book 9 and be done with it grin I keep reading my reviews of the former books and I realize that nothing changes in my understanding of this series I end up loving it in spite of it.Ms Sagara s ability as a writer and a story teller can t be downplayed, because with all my nits I keep reading and liking The Chronicles of Elantra.Nits same old, same old terribly naive, pure YA heroine a fact that absolutely contrast with her past an incredibly convoluted slow moving overarching plot, at times simply unbelievable, Elantra is worse than a war zone, it keeps being hit to the point of near destruction, characters that don t always grow up Or at least to my eyes they do not They may understand better, but they still lack any real emotional growth I ve read many other series, but I can t really remember if any of them was so extreme In every single book there s the Armageddon Not a threat to the heroine or her life, but a real destruction of the entire world And with a time span of literary weeks among the stories it s almost unacceptable.Moreover, there are moments when I wonder if the author has decided on a final point or she s going on on a daily basis The world building is always stunning, even if the magic isn t always so clear but then it s not to the heroine too I love the philosophy sneaked into the books, but I admit that after 10 books I co
After the little trip to the West March that Kaylin took in the last couple of books, things are getting back to normal That is Kaylin is back in Elantra and she s neck deep in yet another crisis She also has to deal with living in the palace and since that is getting on her nerves, she s looking for a new place to live However, because of her roommate there s a problem with finding a landlord willing to deal with the Emperor s ridiculous demands So basically it s a lost cause Until the Keeper recommends a place It s ideal because it s very similar to Taura and can pass the imperial scrutiny.Of course disaster strikes just when things start to look up I felt bad for Onorion and Mandoran They ve had it tough and now it seems that their very presence puts everyone they care about at risk At least now Kaylin has competition for the most clueless person in Elantra Though in the Barrani s defense, they ll proba
4.5 The cliffhanger If there was editing, say to take out the endless repetition and overly elaborate descriptions, this would ve been 4 5 stars The beginning was meh, the middle was full of repetition, and the end was great I liked the finale battle a lot and the last guest was excellent I hope to see of the
I feel like I need to write the same review of this book as I did the last book Did I enjoy it Yes Was any particular plot arc addressed Not really Did Kaylin resolve some weird magic problem through her marks, intuition, and good intentions Yes Did any of the relationships in the bo
I received an e ARC from NetGalley for Cast in Flame.Approximately 6 20 hours, depending on time of day, after reading a new Sagara book you are inevitably pissed off you have to wait another twelve months for the next installment Huge thanks that it s only twelve months, by the way Seemingly rare these days with author s switching to every two years or gods know when.Kaylin s journey continues with an exceptionally mundane premise for a fantasy book apartment hunting Of course, this turns out to be a minor element, but essentially that is driving plot for the characters It s not a very exciting apartment hunt as a concept and there is a lot of focus on newer characters, but what the book is really about is the continuing problem solving and magical journey of the protagonist Kaylin has further slipped into an accepting role of her power and gained a confidence in her abilities She runs towards the fights because she knows she can do something, and she doesn t let the doubt of others weigh her down There are heaps of magical skirmishes and set ups for what is to come Something big is eventually coming, you just know it I thought the me
Cast in Flame is the tenth book in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara It is currently schedule for release on July 29 2014 Kaylin knows that any day that starts with dragon arguments is going to be bad, and far too many days have started that way since she returned from the West March in one piece She does not fit in, or feel comfortable, living in the Imperial Palace All she wants is to get back to her normal work routine, apprehending average criminals, and a place of her own Well, a place with a dragon as a roommate But the newest residents of her city are having some trouble adjusting and are causing some serious problems in the fiefs When a family argument wakes something that should have been left alone everything and everyone that Kaylin has ever cared about is at risk.I cannot believe that Cast in Flame is book 10 Some series start to either all read the same or get so off track when they get past five or so books that I only read them because I have already invested so much time into the series This is not the case here i feel like this series is getting better with each book While it is getting complicated and metaphysical, the threat to life and limb and the importance of s
I am very fond of the Chronicles of Elantra and now, nine books down, I feel invested than ever in its characters yes, even some of the unpleasant ones whenever I begin a new book in an ongoing series, I am overcome with dread that it will disappoint and it never ceases to amaze me when that doesn t happen This series and perhaps Sagara s wirting are not for everyone, for one, her sentences and style of writing, can seem unusual and abrupt I know that when I started it, it took me some time to acclimatise to her style, but having done that, I found her books very enjoyable and vastly entertaining For a series with a wide cast of characters, they all seem very well established and realised with very distict personalities Even among the Barrani possibly the most uniform race of people, both in terms of physical appearance as well as superficial behaviour Sagara manages to infuse a distinct personality in the various characters The pace, as with the previous book, remains uneven, but I think that that s intentional on her part Cast in Flame starts slowly, at an almost sluggish pace and then suddenly, as it closes in on the climax, the pace gets almost frenzied It is chaotic and very busy with something happening almost all the time, it is exhausting I felt that ke
Dragons, magic, warriors and psychopaths in a complicated world of intrigue and politics welcome to the world of Ms Sagara This series is phenomenal Ms Sagara is hands down one of the best writers of our time The world she creates is intricate Every single book builds upon the previous Her books must be read in order and usually best one right after another If too much time goes by between reading of the books, it may be a bit hard for a reader to catch back up to speed In Cast of Flame, Kaylin once again finds herself in the middle of trouble Between Teela s childhood friends, a dragon queen roommate and an angry dragon king, which one will end Kaylin first The children who returned with Kaylin from the West March, what have they become What is it about them which disturbs the Ancients as well as the Devourer How are they awakening the avatar of buildings More buildings are answering their calls and it may not be a good thing This is because one of them is Castle Nightshade and it no longer wants to listen to Nightshade While Kaylin is trying to help Teela s friends adjust to life in the outside world, she s also trying to find a new home Feeling uncomfortable in the Dragon Palace, she tries to find a new