Charlie on the Rocks

Charlie on the Rocks Charlotte Daniels Is Certain Her Best Days Are Behind Her Her Marriage Is Stale, She Has A Past She Can T Let Go Of, And Her Once Budding Writing Career Is About To Nosedive That Is Until She S Introduced To Connor Owens, A Man Who Isn T Afraid To Take What He Wants And After Meeting Charlotte, What He Wants Is Her Willing To Do Almost Anything To Save Her Career, Including Put Up With His Oversized Ego And Sharp Mouth, Charlotte Accepts An Offer From Connor To Serve As The Inspiration For Her Next Novel But When He Pushes Charlotte To The Brink Of Betraying Her Husband And Marriage, She Is Forced To Choose Between The Man Who Once Saved Her Life And The One She Can No Longer Imagine Her Life Without. Review will be cross posted on my blog Chasing Empty PavementsI haven t read a contemporary women s fiction romance novel in a while and I m happy to report that my thirst for the genre was quenched with Charlie on the Rocks Dvorak s writing style and witty quips reminded me of the some of my favorite contemporary romance writers like Tracey Garvis Graves, Elin Hildebrand, Kristen Hannah and Barbara Delinsky For a debut novel, Dvorak certainly has a way with words There were quite a few things to love about this novel First, Charlotte Daniels could be me The way she thinks, acts, talks it s like a walking replica of me in a sense I love that I can relate to her on such an intimate level but that makes what happens to her in the novel that much devastating I love the whole idea of this woman who takes an innocent hobby and turns it into a multi million dollar career and has everything she could ever want but can t quite cope with her dark past She clings onto what and who she thinks is
I will preface this review by stating that I don t normally read this genre of book real life fiction.Overall, this is a very strong first novel The main character, Charlotte Charlie , is well developed I was able to identify with her daydreaming and hope for a better life, but not quite sure how to attain that better life when she thought she already had it all The cause of Charlie s discontent is connected to an event that happened while she was in college The author leaves just enough breadcrumbs throughout the book to help the reader see what really happened on that eventful night without revealing too much or too little.I struggled with most with the male characters, Connor and Ethan, in the novel Compared to Charlie, both men seemed very one dimensional There wasn t much depth to either character and it was very easy figure out each of their next moves Connor, much to my dismay, reminded me of Christian Grey Connor, indeed, had everything except for a Red Room The one positive thing about Connor was that he truly cared about Charlie and her mental well being Ethan was easy to hate and maybe that is why I disliked him as well While Ethan does play a big part in Charlie s emotional hang ups, I didn t feel a connection with him nor did I feel his connection with Charlie I felt lik