Choosing Choosing, Book Three Of Corinne Jeffery S Understanding Ursula Series, Concludes The Heart Wrenching Story Of Five Generations Of The Controversial And Secretive Warner Family Become Reunited With Amelia And Gustav, Meet Their Many Descendants, And Follow Them Across The Canadian Prairies From Saskatchewan To Manitoba And Finally To Alberta.In Spite Of Relentless Ambition And Increasing Prosperity, At Every Turn Gustav Warner Is Cursed By Strife, Upheaval, And Tragedy His Own Children Seem Determined To Disobey Him He Is Still Grappling With His Eldest Son S Defiance That Strikes At The Very Foundation Of His Beliefs, When His Daughter Ursula Dumbfounds Him Must He Forever Endure Hardships That Might Break The Spirit Of Ordinary Men Gustav S Inexorable Decision And Unyielding Influence Over Ursula Ultimately Prove So Powerful That She Becomes Her Own Worst Enemy In Order To Take Her Secret To Her Grave Still, It Is Not Until His Children S Demands Steadily Compromise Amelia S Peace Of Mind, And Eventually Her Health, That Gustav Is Forced To Make A Choice That Astounds Them All, And No One Than His Beloved Wife. The final instalment in this trilogy spans 49 years The Warner family birthed so many babies over this period that most of them weren t even mentioned Not that I feel they should have been, I had a hard enough time keeping track of those that were.As this series progressed, my fascination with the family dwindled I no longer felt the connection to the characters that I felt in the first book Arriving spanned 10 years, and each family member and even some characters outside the family were given ample focus They grew and evolved over the course of the story, and I was able to keep everybody straight Thriving spanned 19 years and my connection to the core characters started to slip New characters were added at a tremendous rate, and the focus seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once In Choosing, Ursula s family was highlighted, which makes sense considering the trilogy is named Understanding Ursula But even though they were the focus, I don t really feel like I know any of them As a result, I wasn t all that interested in what happened to them.Running like a thread through the whole trilogy is a series of family secrets While I am sure every family has it s secrets, there seemed to be an inordin
Choosing concludes the heart wrenching story of five generations of the controversial and secretive Warner family Become reunited with Amelia and Gustav, meet their many descendants, and follow them across the Canadian prairies from Saskatchewan t