Clockwork Heart

Clockwork HeartFOR BETTER OR CURSE That Might As Well Have Been The Wedding Vow Of Elle Chance And Her New Husband, The Ex Warlock Hugh Marsh In The Second Book Of This Edgy New Series That Transforms Elements Of Urban Fantasy, Historical Adventure, And Paranormal Romance Into Storytelling Magic.As Elle Devotes Herself To Her Duties As The Oracle Who Alone Has The Power To Keep The Dark Designs Of Shadow At Bay Marsh Finds Himself Missing The Excitement Of His Former Life As A Warlock So When Commissioner Willoughby Of The London Metropolitan Police Seeks His Help In Solving A Magical Mystery, Marsh Is Only Too Happy To Oblige But In Doing So, Marsh Loses His Heart Literally.In Place Of The Flesh And Blood Organ Is A Clockwork Device A Device That Makes Marsh A Kind Of Zombie Nor Is He The Only One A Plague Of Clockwork Zombies Is Afflicting London, Sowing Panic And Whispers Of Revolution Now Elle Must Join Forces With Her Husband S Old Friend, The Nightwalker Loisa Beladodia, To Track Down Marsh S Heart And Restore It To His Chest Before Time Runs Out. What would a steampunk zombie look like That s okay, I ll wait Well, whatever you re thinking, I m not sure you ll expect what will happen in this book I enjoyed the first book in this series and while this one takes up the storyline, it takes it in unexpected directions It isn t a
The cover s UP 4.5 starsAmazing sequel Well, that was pretty much a waste of time Bloated, superficial, and a much weaker effort than the first novel.Review to come. DISCLAIMER I received A Clockwork Heart as a publisher ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.This review can also be found at The Title PageRating 2 StarsA Conspiracy of Alchemists was a great novel, it set the standard for the Liesel Schwarz steam punk series It was exciting with some strange flaws, but I opted to like it anyways.A Clockwork Heart sadly fell flat of my expectations While it was interesting to read, the story was dry and everything seemed to work out a bit too perfectly Elle is a completely different character than she was in the first novel, she s far too dependant on Marsh and seems incapable of functioning once he disappears from the novel, about 20% in.The dialogue was filled with old tymey banter, it gives you the feeling that the author was trying way too hard There was a scene where I swore they said the term ever so slightly at least 18 times.The new protagonist was too good to be true An evil but gorgeous witch lady who can control the weather
My initial reaction as to finishing the book NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It feels like mine is the heart that has been ripped from my chest I have become very attached to these characters, and it was genuinely heartbreaking to reach the end of this second installment when I know the next one will be out in a year So many loose ends are left and even though there is a moment of hope at the very very end of the story, there has been so much sorrow throughout the story that its hard to be expectant that anything in the next book will remove the sadness from Elle s story Not all fairy tales begin with Happily Ever After Some begin with it If you are a fan of Shakespeare you know that if the wedding happens before the last act then the ensuing play is indeed a tragedy I like that Schwarz put that little nod to the classics at the beginning of this story, but knew that it foreshadowed dark things I really enjoyed the writing in this story If its possible I think that the voice Schwarz gives to 19th century England amid a Steampunk revolution is even better than the first book, and I believed that the first book in this series was an exceptionally well done love story My only quibble with this book would be that the final battle occurs too late in the story and happens
This bored me about halfway through, and Elle was much off putting to me in this novel I understand the entire debate around women s rights and place in society, and breaking the myth of women can t do have it all However, her complete naivete and disregard to her husband and marriage just infuriated me I understand that marriage is a new experience to her, but she was not initially presented as a complete simpleton More aggravating, is that it takes her best friend two sentences to entirely convince her that she is wrong to disregard her husband s feelings and concerns After the first half of the novel trying to start a women s rights movement, we have the switch to fix Marsh, which results in complete opposition with the first half The second half is all love and complete dedication With the setup, Elle is completely subservient to Marsh Even though he is incapacitated, Elle s every move i
It has been way too long since I read the first book in this series I honestly wasn t sure if it was a good idea to read this without doing a refresher because I thought for sure I d be completely lost But I started with hope and my memory started to kick in as I got reading A CLOCKWORK HEART is almost an entirely different book than the first one for one main reason In A CONSPIRACY OF ALCHEMISTS, our heroine Elle fights with the idea of the paranormal world and her place in it All of that is at the forefront of this second book Elle is now happily married to her warlock husband, she understands what she is, and she has no fears at going head first into the paranormal What this book shows us is the personal struggle that Elle is finding herself in What is her place as Marsh s wife How can she still be herself and do the things she s always found joy in while also making her husband feel as if she respects his position in society and her role as his wife Of course, throw in some paranormal danger and there s the recipe for a solid story.I am still very much a fan o
WHY I WANTED THIS BOOK After reading A CONSPIRACY OF ALCHEMISTS, the first book by The Chronicles of Light series by Liesel Schwarz, I knew that I wanted to read of this fantastic world where Steampunk and the Paranormal collide I was excited to continue reading about Elle and Marsh s story as a newly married couple, and Liesel Schwarz s fantastical realm of Shadow and Light.SUMMARY This is the second book in the Chronicles of Light and Shadow series by Liesel Schwarz, and it picks up shortly after A Conspiracy of Alchemists ends This time around the story takes place mostly in London, and Elle and Marsh are now married Both are having trouble adjusting to their new roles as a married couple and their involvement in the Shadow Realm Marsh worries about the dangers that surrounds Elle as The Oracle, and misses his powers as an Warlock Elle wants only to fly and keep her independence, without the ties of being the Oracle nor the restrictions she faces in the traditional role as Marsh s wife After an argument with Elle, resulting in her taking a charter t
I got a copy of this book to review through NetGalley dot com This is the second book in the Chronicles of Light and Shadow The third book will be titled, Sky Pirates, and is due out in June of 2014 I absolutely adore this series I loved the first book in this series and this book was even better Elle is fantastic fun to read about and the steampunk elements in the story are really well done.Elle and Marsh are having some trouble with their marriage Elle loves Marsh but wants to be free to pilot her plane wherever she wants, she is also chafing at being forced to perform the duties of the Oracle Marsh has given up his Warlock powers to be with Elle, but finds himself bored by her constant absences While Elle takes a charter to Singapore, Marsh decides to help Commissioner Willoughby solve a strange mystery of missing people and tick tock men When Elle returns to find Marsh missing she doesn t know if it is a change of heart on his part or if something sinister is going on I really enjoy these books a lot They are wonderful steampunk reads with a paranormal element to them They are incredibly engaging and well written and the main heroine is a lot of fun to read about.Elle is spunky and fun and is struggling with something a lot of women struggle with when they get married She wants to be h

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