Cocaine Confidential

Cocaine Confidential Cocaine Is The World S Most Notorious Narcotic It Underpins A Vast, Multi Billion Pound Underworld With A Dark And Deadly Side But Who Really Are The Shadowy People Behind This Chilling Network The Coca Farmers, The Jungle Sweat Shop Workers, The Smugglers, The Suppliers, And, Ultimately, The Dealers Who Provide For The World S Hundreds Of Millions Of Users Cocaine Confidential Goes Inside The Lives Of All These Characters To Reveal Their Stories For The First Time.Along The Way You Ll Meet Hitmen, Pimps, Desperate Former International Footballers, Coke Barons, Mules, Hardened Traffickers And Corrupt Cops As The Truth Is Unravelled In A Roller Coaster Ride Through This Secret World. I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK AS A GOODREADS GIVEAWAYSorry for the delay in reading this, I ve had the reading list from hell to contend with I started this book this morning and read all 300 pages in one go It s brilliant I loved the journalistic quality, I loved the writing and I loved the way it built up the picture of the people My personal fav is the account of the two grannies selling coke in Spain that has to be a risque Sunday night drama th
Cocaine Confidential an interesting read, it consists of short, couple of pages long true stories that give you a good understanding about everyone in this industry farmers, producers, wholesalers, dealers, traffickers, coke barons and also describes role of different countries. Kirja tarjosi mielenkiintoisia henkil haastatteluja kokaiinibisneksen eri portailta aina viidakkofarmeilta katudiilereihin Haastattelut olivat mukavan erilaisista henkil ist , joten toistoa ei onneksi ollut Oma ehdoton suosikkini oli p tk Espanjassa asuvista kokkelia diilaavista el kel ismammoista. This is basically a book that looks at all the different elements to the cocaine drug trade the growers, processors, smugglers, dealers etc.It consists of short chapters which act as interviews with those involve
Goodreads giveaway win This has just completely depressed me about the state of the world and humanity It can be a horrid place out there And this book does nothing for the tourist trade in Spain unless you re wanting to get off your head.This is basically about the international trade in cocaine, told through a lot of short chapters Each chapter is some criminal s story of what s going on Criminals bigging themselves up and sometimes trying to justify what they do It is curious to see how attitudes change from the generations, and also from the nationalities Clarkson kind of goes through the process, starting in South and Central America where the coca is grown and processed not really talking to the farmers but to people who buy off them And some of them bleating like they re doing the world a big favour No, you are not a phillanthropist You are doing this in order to make massive profits whilst keeping people on a pitance and unable to get out of growing illegal crops for you It s hardly fair trade product when you read about how the prices get marked up.There s a lot of interviewing going on in Spain people who have for various reasons come to dealing with cocaine, either through choice or misfortune Although it can t excuse anyone s behav
An interesting and easy, if somewhat tabloid read Wensley Clarkson uses his skills and contacts to interview people all along the cocaine value chain from labs in Panama to dealers in Spain to kingpins in the UK He also makes very brief visits to West Africa and East Europe.The book doesn t have an overarching narrative, other than sequentially following cocaine from origin to users Often chapters are bridged at the very end with a brief and rather unrelated paragraph This is a collection of interview essays than a singular work As such it is not loaded with facts and figures, though there are a number to be read The vast majority of content are interviews with various people, almost all of them anonymous.This creates a bit of uncertainty Is Clarkson making stuff up or is it all true Given his career, I ll settle fo
I picked this up in a hotel lobby in Mallorca last week, which seemed quite apt since a good deal of the book takes place in and around Spain and the Balearics.It s an interesting read which gives a number of insights into the shady world of international drug dealing If I m honest I felt that some of the segments were too brief, giving only a glimpse of much bigger stories I also felt that there was a little too much emphasis on Spain when dealers in other countries, such as the UK, US, or Netherlands could have featured .There also seemed to be an absence of a section which focused on the end user who didn t deal in the drug To me this w
I won this book in the GoodReads giveaway.Cocaine Confidential is a collection of real life stories told by individuals involved in the cocaine business The stories made me feel like it was me talking to these people while sipping another cup of coffee You get to meet drug dealers, drug barons, mules, smugglers, corrupted law enforcement personnel or coca farmers And everything in the comfort of your own home I lik
3.5 stars Cocaine confidential outlines the origins of cocaine From it s jungle beginnings to dusting the noses of the rich, famous and most powerful people in the world, Clarkson interviews key players in this lucrative trad
I received a free copy of this book as part of a First Reads giveaway This was actually a really interesting read which covered a whole range of characters from the many different aspects of the cocaine t

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