Come Eat at My Table

Come Eat at My Table Karin Miller Has A Need To Feed Everyone One Ofher Twin Daughters Always Teases Her About It Theother Daughter, Faith, Realizes That There S To It Than That Faith S Suspicions Are Confirmedwhen She Is Assigned A Project In School That ForcesKarin To Talk About Her Past, Mainly Her Childhood.Most People Have Fun And Pleasant Memoriesfrom Childhood, But Not Karin There Are A Lot Ofsecrets, Which She Has Kept Hidden For Twenty Yearsthat Have Contributed To Her Vulnerability And Lackof Self Esteem Her Husband Convinces Her That Itwould Be Good For Her To Let It All Out He Tells Her Itwould Also Be Good For The Girls To Learn Abouttheir Mom And Why She Is The Person She Is Whenit S All Said And Done, Karin Is A Much Stronger Personand So Are The Members Of Her Family And UntilKarin Faces Her Past, She And Her Family Cannotface Their Future.Everyone Has Things In Her Life That Forms Who Sheis It S Karin S Past That Has Formed Who She Is Thisis A Story About Perseverance, Love, Forgiveness, Andmoving On With Life We Can All Take The Bad Thingsthat Happen In Our Lives And Turn Them Around Forthe Good Of All With Whom We Come In Contact. Very easy read I enjoyed this book.Very surprised at the ending I won this book on Goodreads giveaway and would recommend it. Karin Miller has a loving, Christian husband, beautiful twin daughters, and a reputation for feeding everyone who crosses her path.She also has baggage from her unhappy childhood baggage she s resistant to unload.This book unwinds slowly, but surely so much so that I didn t realize how deeply I d been drawn until the very end.Day in the LifeThe narrative reads like a biography than a novel from the book ending asides by Karin s daughter Faith, to the way it tells rather than shows each person s personality and motivations, to the omniscient viewpoint that skips from person to person at whim.It also feels like a biography because of the scene content Events such as going out to lunch with church friends and planting a garden are mixed with scenes about Faith s school report on a parent s childhood which forces Karin to confront and process through her past.The whole thing is united, though, because it all ties into Karin s life the tension, mystery, and interest from her tragic backstory mingled with the joy and faithfulness of her current life a life filled with service to others and God.A Life of FaithThe family s Chri
Shortly after Christmas, I received an e mail informing me I was a Grace Awards Christmas Sweeps Winner The following day, the author of the book I won, e mailed her book to me Thank you to the Grace Awards And also thanks to Ruth O Neil for e mailing her book to me This faith based story has a good message of forgiveness, love, family, friends and food Karin, wife, mother and great cook has a gift of hospitality and loves to garden, cook and feed people She loves her family and Karin and her husband have a good relationship But She doesn t talk about her childhood I liked Karin and her family She is married and has twin daughters One day Karin s twins arrive home from school informing Karin they have an interesting assignment One twin was to interview Dad about his past and the second twin was to talk to Mom.Her girls, Faith and Hope, though twins are very different I liked both girls, but Faith was always sensitive to her mother s moods I liked that quality in Faith
I thought I had an idea of what the story was going to be about, with the clues given in the beginning of the story, but I didn t expect what it really was about wow A moving story The reason I m not giving it 5 stars