D.Gray-man, Volume 16

D.Gray-man, Volume 16Blood Chains Lenalee Is Determined To Confront A Level Four Akuma That S Out To Kill Komui, But Her Only Chance Is To Reclaim Her Innocence And Synchronize With It The Level Four Is Not Inclined To Wait Around And Pursues Its Mission Even Against The Best Efforts Of Lavi And Kanda It S Left To Allen To Hold The Line, But It Soon Becomes Obvious He Has No Hope Of Doing It All By Himself This is easily one of the best volumes in a long time Kanda and Lavi are trying to do battle with a level 4 akuma without their innocence while Allen is being almost puppeteered by his innocence thanks to his injuries The akuma wants to kill Komui who is trying to evacuate the base and save as many as he can.Lenalee finally becomes the strong character she started out as before she reverted to the simpering manga girl type Her innocence evolves into a cool new form which sadly takes the shape of high heels I would like to see Hoshino have to do everything Lenalee is supposed to in spike heels, just saying At least Lenalee is fig
Hmmm I cannot deny that the men in here are pretty to look at I like all of them, but recently I REALLY like Komui He is so serious and stuff in this volume and I liked this side to him I want to see of this Komui sometime.His voice actor looks JUST LIKE HIM image error I love the comic relief at the end of so much tension, and the Matron Head Nurse is such an awesome character I am really curious about Noise Marie and Miranda s relationship Are they just close friends or Hmm This volume starts off with Chapters 150 160.I ll write when my editing mode hits.Happy Readings Fly my Pretties Fly Lenalee goes looking for a fight with a level four Akuma as the summary says and the resulting battle at headquarters immediately following the attack tears the place apart even further view spoiler Lenalee regains her innocence and levels up and she and Walker take down the level four in th
This one is definitely an improvement for me over the last book Things are finally starting to recover and things are trying to get back to normal though normal is never quite normal enough, considering Komui s weird experiments This is definitely a cute volume. I love this one and Lenalee looks so determined A n gyes szint j form n az eg sz rendet elpuszt tja, s senki sem tud ellene mit tenni.Lenalee megissza az Innoence j t, s j alakot vesz fel.Allen is meg rkezik, s k z s er vel legy zik,de a n gyes szint m g mindig letben van.Ekkor Cross dr mai bel p vel meg rkezik, s v gez az akum val.Sokan meghaltak s megs r ltek.Allen t m g mindig gyan s tj k.A Rendnek j f hadisz ll st kell tal lnia, s elkezdtek csomagolni.A kutat si c
This volume is really seperated into two halves The first half finishes up the attack on the Black Order HQ and view spoiler the defeat of the level 4 akuma hide spoiler j ai beaucoup aim cet opus centr sur la section scientifiques, ceux qui travaillent derri re les h ros et qui visent aider les exorcistes dans leurs combats les adieux Tap taient d chirants Un nouveau genre d innocence apparait ce qui promet une belle volution j ai ador voir le cot humain des no vivre en famille comme si de rien n tait Enfin le final est hilarant entre un mauvais walking dead ou une parodie de zombie qui annonce un d but de prochain tome r ussi av

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • D.Gray-man, Volume 16
  • Katsura Hoshino
  • English
  • 19 April 2018
  • 9781421530383