Daddy's Gone A Hunting

Daddy's Gone A HuntingIn Her Latest Novel Mary Higgins Clark, The Beloved, Bestselling Queen Of Suspense, Exposes A Dark Secret From A Family S Past That Threatens The Lives Of Two Sisters, Kate And Hannah Connelly, When The Family Owned Furniture Firm In Long Island City, Founded By Their Grandfather And Famous For Its Fine Reproductions Of Antiques, Explodes Into Flames In The Middle Of The Night, Leveling The Buildings To The Ground, Including The Museum Where Priceless Antiques Have Been On Permanent Display For Years.The Ashes Reveal A Startling And Grisly Discovery, And Provoke A Host Of Suspicions And Questions Was The Explosion Deliberately Set What Was Kate Tall, Gorgeous, Blond, A CPA For One Of The Biggest Accounting Firms In The Country, And Sister Of A Rising Fashion Designer Doing In The Museum When It Burst Into Flames Why Was Gus, A Retired And Disgruntled Craftsman, With Her At That Time Of Night What If Someone Isn T Who He Claims To Be Now Gus Is Dead, And Kate Lies In The Hospital Badly Injured And In A Coma, So Neither Can Tell What Drew Them There, Or What The Tragedy May Have To Do With The Hunt For A Young Woman Missing For Many Years, Nor Can They Warn That Somebody May Be Covering His Tracks, Willing To Kill To Save Himself.Step By Step, In A Novel Of Dazzling Suspense And Excitement, Mary Higgins Clark Once Again Demonstrates The Mastery Of Her Craft That Has Made Her Books International Bestsellers For Years She Presents The Reader With A Perplexing Mystery, A Puzzling Question Of Identity, And A Fascinating Cast Of Characters One Of Whom May Just Be A Ruthless Killer. Dryer than sand, full of naive and stupid characters, Clark is getting worse with every new novel This had a good premise of classic Higgins but it was so poorly executed with flat dialogues that it felt like I was reading a brochure.Also am I only one who find Clark s recent novels being way too political conservative disturbing First of all she bitches on and on about the economy, understandable, but then she goes on introducing Christian themes with all church stuff for few chapters that has ABSOLUTELY NO relation the plot, and then she shows her disdains about ban of death penalty in New York in the worst light possible It is one thing respecting ones political views and other forcing ones though down other people Higgins Clark used to write terrific mystery novels, but her shifting into religious and political territory essentially ruined this book If I wanted to to read a Christian themed or political commentary book I d read that, I came here for
This pains me because MHC has always been a favorite of mine, but good grief This book is awful There is no character development whatsoever We get Kate is tall and blonde, Hannah looks like dad and is short, dad is an asshole, etc We get it because its told to us in every chapter The dialogue is stilted, immature and unrealistic There are too many periods and not enough comma s She inserts inane facts in the oddest of places It s just weird.Sadly, I think it s past time for Ms Clark to retire Her books are starting to reflect the standard of an aging person..repeating yourself over and over and losing your train of thought I don t write this with saddens me that her books have taken such a turn, but this one really is dismal I felt like she thought I was an idiot because she e
Now we are back to another not her best It was very unbelievable from the first page There is no way a successful educated Kate would cause an explosion in her families furniture business no matter how upset she was over the money it was losing Totally unbelievable and since that was the main plot of the story, it made it unenjoyable There were way too many sub plots Too many other murders and suspects and storylines to keep track of And while I get the
This book was an entertaining and fast read As a long time MHC reader, the twists and turns keep the reader s interest It is clever how several murders intersect people s lives and for some allow painful closure I do not want to give out spoilers, but recommend it as a entertaining read. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Mary Higgins Clark, Agatha Kristy 1929 , , 50 , 80 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Higgins, , , , , , , , , , , , , , . In Daddy s Gone A Hunting by Marry Higgins Clark, Kate Connelly nearly dies in the explosion of her father s furniture antique reproduction company, when she goes there in the middle of the night to meet up with Gus Schmidt, her friend and a laid off craftsmen who gets killed as a result of the explosion As Kate falls into a coma, it is up to her sister Hannah, a fashion designer, to try to piece everything together while their father Doug Connelly, a drunk womanizer who hasn t been managing the furniture company left to him by his father for five years now, delegating the job to plant manager Jack Worth, is acting very strange As is Jack himself, who tries to explain away the absence of working security cameras at the site, as Doug not wanting to spend extra money on the already failing business Of course the explosion at the plant means a five million dollar pay out if Doug can prove the explosion was not set on purpose.As the explosion is being investigated, further mysterious ordeals are tied into the main plot line the mysterious disappearances of two young women Tracey Sloane, who disappeared twenty eight years ago while working
Wow Wow Wow What a story I would have never guessed how this story would unfold I developed so many theories about what was going on and who did what but my suspicions were waaayyyyy off What a twist Thumbs up for keeping the suspense going until the end AudioBook Review Stars Overall 3 Narration 4 Story 3I am a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark, and have read probably every title released up until 2010, and then sporadically as time permitted While I had not read this title, I had high hopes for the book, and was really excited to be approved to review the title Sadly, I didn t find the story as intriguing or suspenseful, nor was the ending at all surprising The overwhelming sense I have from this audiobook is that the ending was created first, and characters were created and added simply to service the conclusion, or provide fill far too many characters were not completely developed or their appearance explained Additionally, there were several places where description overwhelmed the story, far information provided about clothing and styling elements that did not feel necessary Conversationally, there were moments of really good, and moments that were not so wonderful while much of the dialogue felt stilted and rough, it was also often included in spaces that were overwhelmed with description and underserved with emotional impact The narration provided by Jan Maxwell was smooth, well done and her tone was perfectly modulated, with inflections to distinguish and differentiate characters and sexes Her voice is easy to listen to, and her delivery added an emotional component that was missing in the text This was not my favorite title
Some parts of this book were just so mind numbingly STUPID I expected great things from Clark and she sadly didn t deliver Far too many sub plots, and as much as I love reading about food, I ve never felt so bored reading about ham and Swiss on rye and bloody salads Clark took a bunch of strings and attem
Mary Higgins Clark has become known as the Queen of Suspense in the years since her first novel, Where Are the Children 1975 and for good reason Her suspense mystery books are reminiscent of Agatha Christie with plot twists and turns, multiple red herrings, and a dramatic conclusion that the reader comes to understand only in the last pages of the book Her novels for the last decade or so have focused on the uncanny sleuthing skills of Alvirah Meehan and her husband Willy and did not have the same edge as her earlier works Daddy s Gone A Hunting, however, is of a return to her earlier style and was a quick, easy and suspenseful read with just the right mix of suspense, loveable and hate able characters, plot twists and humor My only complaint, if in fact I have one, is that there are so many characters that it becomes difficult to remember who s who Since I read the Kindle version, I must say the x ray feature would have been of great benefit in this case, but unfortunately was not available for this book.The story begins with a deadly explosion in the furniture warehouse of the Connelly family of New York, known for their high quality reproductions of fine antique furniture Injured in the explosion is daughter Kate Connelly and dead is Gus Schmidt, a long time employee who was bitter over having been fired five years earlier Kate had calle