Daddy’s Little Princess

Daddy’s Little Princess The Latest Title From The Internationally Bestselling Author And Foster Carer Cathy Glass.Beth Is A Sweet Natured Child Who Appears To Have Been Well Looked After But It Isn T Long Before Cathy Begins To Have Concerns That The Relationship Between Beth And Her Father Is Not As It Should Be.Little Beth, Aged 7, Has Been Brought Up By Her Father Derek After Her Mother Left When She Was A Toddler When Derek Is Suddenly Admitted To Hospital With Psychiatric Problems Beth Is Taken Into Care And Arrives At Cathy S.Beth And Her Father Clearly Love Each Other Very Much And Derek Spoils His Daughter, Treating Her Like A Princess, But There Is Something Bothering Cathy, Something She Can T Quite Put Her Finger On.Meanwhile Cathy S Husband Is Working Away A Lot And Coming Home Less At Weekends Then, Suddenly, Everything Changes Events Take A Dramatic Turn For Both Beth And Cathy And Her Family As Cathy Strives To Pick Up The Pieces All Their Lives Are Changed Forever. I enjoy Cathy Glass books, but oh my days do I get annoyed by the woman Its becoming a love hate relationship Beth s story is certainly interesting, my problems however are with the small things which repeatedly crop up throughout every Cathy Glass book Such as the excessive detailing which is unnecessary, for example I used acetate on cotton wool to remove her nail varnish REALLY Why would anyone say this Surely I removed her nail polish too, or, I was glad to take off her make up and nail polish I thought it was irresponsible to write about letting Adrian use matches to light the candles on his own birthday cake The kid was supposedly 7 years old, even though she said he was supervised would you really let a child who was turning 7 that very day handle matches And even if you would, would you publish the fact in a book when your career is meant to mean you are responsible for children and their well being However the most irritating thing I found with this book is the fact that it starts with Paula aged 2, and a couple of months from her third birthday, which coincidentally is exactly the same age as my daughter is now, yet some of the things that Paula is supposed to say is so unrealistic it just makes me question Cathy s credibility as an author in general.Paula is still having a mid morning nap something my daughter has not done for about 9 months now and is still so young that she has to go in the pushchair to school which is five mi
This is the first book I have read about Child abuse and Neglect since I entered the academic field of Child and Youth work, keeping in mind that one day I will be responsible for Fostering kids of my own, most likely, I think it put a very different perspective on how to approach kids like these while also applying my own knowledge of how you would go about doing it now This book, though published in 2014, actually had taken place long before there were set rules about how to approach the kids you foster, which means Cathy sort of had to improvise and, all things considered, I think she did a great job It s always humbling to me to hear a story of how kids are saved, especially considering the field I have entered This story revolves around a seven year old girl named Beth who has come to Cathy when her Father admits himself into the hospital for manic depression and suicidal thoughts Though it is clear from the start that Beth is mature beyond her years and loves her Dad with a certain ferocity, Cathy keeps her like her own child But then she begins to notice things that seem out of place The love that Beth has for her Father makes Cathy uncomfortable and she begins to wonder why I absolutely loved the story It was a great story wit
Couldn t put this book down A few people have said this isn t her best book, I can t really comment on that as I have only read one previous memoir by Cathy Glass A really fascinating book, I am glad help was on offer to Beth s biological family I feel J
I ve read all of Cathy Glass books This one was good, but it just didn t draw me in like her others I do appreciate that we got a look into her personal life, and her divorce toward the end of the book. As you read the blurb of this book you feel a sense of foreboding about what is going to be behind Beth and Derek s relationship and you can t help but read on Thankfully it wasn t sexual abuse but it was something which was emotionally damaging all the same and it was treated with the severity it needed It wasn t dismissed because there were no physical marks or sexual abuse going on but it was treated as the huge red flag it was.Derek is the father of Beth and while I didn t particularly like him throughout the book, even at the end, I did appreciate that he was given the help and support he needed to address the issues in order to get his daughter living with him again I m glad it was caught before anything irreversible happened What I found most interesting in this book was Cathy writing this book in the future Several times she addressed practices that were unsafe or times she felt she was uns
I haven t read many books on child abuse, yet I always go into such accounts with a feeling of trepidation As a mother of two angelic boys one being almost the same age as the abused little girl in this book I started Daddy s Little Princess with dread in my heart, and countless times reconsidered whether I should continue with it But looking back, I m really glad I didn t give up on Beth s story.Emotional incest although the term is new to me, I understood its significance and the implications very clearly when it was explained Even though this isn t the worst case of child abuse I ve heard of, I can only imagine the long term effects it could ve had on Beth as an adult had a caring foster parent and other concerned adults not stepped in when they did Whether the abuse was intentional or not, I found it hard to believe that a father could blur the lines so easily I m a firm believer in allowing your child to be a child, and I have to admit that I had very little, if any, sympathy with Beth s father.I was instantly immersed into Beth and Cathy s world Cathy deals with this heartfelt story with sensitivity and empathy She allows the reader into the heart of her household and makes us as at home as she did Beth She also takes the reader through the step by step
I always love reading a book that discusses a topic in a slightly different way Cathy Glass s stories of children she has fostered nearly always touch on the tragedy of abuse whether sexual or physical or emotional This story explores abuse of a much insidious nature that is not immediately apparent but when it becomes obvious and explained it is quite horrifying and just as damaging and difficult for the little girl to recover from This is also a story of the sometimes redemptive power of good therapy and therapists to enable a father and daughter to be reunited and to raise understanding that sometimes reunification is possible and people can turn their lives around and address the underlying issues that led them to bec
Very disappointed in this book I did think the subject matter emotional incest was very very interesting it s the first time I d heard of it, however I thought the writing was very poor so was the editing it seems like very little care was put into this book and it was just thrown together quickly for publication I also felt the overuse of the word love was really really annoying I felt the book ended badly as well wasn t impressed that a book from another author was at
Again, another great book by Cathy What s new This is another one of the firsts experiences of Cathy s, set around the time her a hole ex pursued his 10 years younger beyotch of co worker pardon my language, dear dear Cathy.The topic of this book is particularly important while still seen as taboo There are some things that makes this book a bit uncomfortable to read, maybe the writing or how Cathy s overwhelming sense and feelings I don t know
I really liked this book Emotional incest is something I don t think a lot of people know about and I think through cathys story of Beth this will bring a lot awareness to it Cathy also tells us in this book of h

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