Deduct It!Lower Your Small Business Taxes

Deduct It!Lower Your Small Business TaxesFor All Your Tax Deductions, From Start Up To Success, You Need To Deduct It Completely Updated For Returns Make Money For Your Small Business By Paying The IRS Less Let Deduct It Show You How To Maximize The Business Deductions You Re Entitled To Quickly, Easily And Legally This Comprehensive, Yet Easy To Read Book Is Organized Into Practical Categories Featuring Common Deductions, Including Start Up Expenses Operating Expenses Health Deductions Vehicles Travel Entertainment Meals Inventory Equipment And Many The Th Edition Is Completely Updated With All The Latest Tax Information, Eligibility Requirements And Tax Rates For Returns Whether Your Business Is Just Starting Or Well Established, Deduct It Is Indispensable To Your Venture Well written and brilliantly edited, like the other Nolo books I have read If all books were so well edited, everyone would return to reading And as a small business owner, I found it full of useful information. This was a very helpful book. 3.5 stars Skimmed through this helpful and practical guide Well laid out and content is accessible This answered almost all the questions I had about taxes and self employment A good reference. This book gave me a handle on what to look out for to manage my small business deductions Practice will make perfect. It s not a fun read, obviously, but it is a good one Deduct it makes taxes for small business understandable and gives plenty of info to fill out your tax returns and prepare for next season so you can maximize your profits The only downside is that this book contained almost the same info as Tax Deductions for Home Businesses Don t understand why they publish two different titles with basically the same infoHence the one star deduction. This book runs through a lot of tax law related to running a small business and different things that your business can do to reduce its tax burden. Need to read the current version Good info for a cursory understanding of how business deductions work with taxes, but not reliable otherwise I had the 2010 version from the library. Just skimmed, but this book has cleared up a lot of questions I had about the details of how to deduct business trips and a few other things like that Good stuff.

[BOOKS] ⚣ Deduct It!Lower Your Small Business Taxes ⚡ Stephen Fishman –
  • Paperback
  • 535 pages
  • Deduct It!Lower Your Small Business Taxes
  • Stephen Fishman
  • English
  • 23 January 2017
  • 9781413310610