Diary of a Trendy Village Girl with a Wolfpack

Diary of a Trendy Village Girl with a Wolfpack Mars, Venus And Their Enchanted Wolf Cubs Defended Molly S Village From A Zombie Siege In Book 2, But Now Mr Jenkins Is Trying To Capture The Cubs With His Iron Golem.Molly Is Forced To Use All Of Her Fashion Skills To Rescue The Wolf Cubs, Outwit Mr Jenkins, And Find Investors For Her New Business However, Mr Jenkins Is Not Her Only Challenger There Is A Strange Player From Another Realm Named Alex Stirring Up Trouble.Meanwhile, The Zombie In Molly S Backyard Keeps Trying To Bite Her Friend Owen When A Golden Apple And Splash Potion Of Weakness Are Used To Transform The Mean Greenie Back Into A Villager, Everyone Is In For A Shocking Surprise.Molly S Blocky Life Is Turning Into A Real Creeper S Breakfast Luckily She Has Allies At Her Side Mum And Dad, Mars, Ex Frenemy And Now Friend Jenny, Owen, Venus, And 8 Frisky Wolf Cubs Roaming The Forest.Below Are A Few Of The 5 Star Reviews Of The Trendy Village Girl Series By Verified Independent Purchasers Review By Z., May 29, 2015 On I Loved Number Two Even Than Number One Full Of Drama Action Fashion Sadness Suspense Mystery And Much I Hope The Author Writes For This Series Because It Truly Is The Greatest Story Ever Crafted