Dirty Work

Dirty WorkTwo Women In A Room.One Is Bleeding To Death.The Other Just Sits Back And Watches.For Both, There Is Everything To Lose.Surgeons Are Meant To Save Lives, But Nancy Is A Special Kind Of Surgeon Doctors Are Meant To Be Good At Reporting The Truth, But Nancy S Is An Untellable Story.A Mistake Made In The Operating Theatre Changes All Of This Summoned To Explain Herself To A Tribunal Appointed By The General Medical Council, Nancy Is Forced To Consider What It Means To Be A Doctor Who Has Killed As Well As Cured And To Realise That Her Own Redemption Can Only Come Through Telling A Tale That Nobody Wants To Hear.Gabriel Weston, Author Of The Acclaimed Direct Red A Surgeon S Story, Winner Of The 2010 PEN Ackerley Prize, Has Written An Extraordinarily Moving And Powerful Novel About A Female Doctor Who Performs Abortions. My initial interest in Gabriel Weston s debut fiction was prompted by an article I read about her memoir I liked that she pushed the envelope and will admit that surgeons are not infallible They are human, they make mistakes I know that Direct Red A Surgeon s Story., a collection of twelves stories about her work in surgery, this still predominant male world and the patients she treats, will be read by me one day In the meantime I picked up her debut novel Dirty Work to see what she s got Dirty Work is the story of Dr Nancy Mullion, an obstetrician gynecology surgeon Nancy s specialty is abortion She practically does these in her sleep until one day when something horrible goes wrong The patient on her table is bleeding out and rather than being able to stop it, Nancy freezes, necessitating an emergency call to Nancy s supervisor who must take over in an effort to save the patient Nancy is brought up before a review board This method is used to give us the past, the present and possibly the future of who Nancy is Early on Nancy explains to us that surgeons pick an organ to look after We gynecologists have the womb to look after And whichever s
A nuanced and powerful novel about abortion told from the perspective of a doctor who performs them It looks at the realities of the procedure and the difference between early and later terminations, suggesting that if we are to accept the right to choose we should not shy away from what this really means and also suggesting that those who are pro choice are wrong to leave the images and the truth solely in the hands of the anti lobby The author also suggests that to be theoretically in favour but to shy away from the reality is a form of cowardice It is a fascinating look at how we use narrative to try and make sense of the world Also really interesting on the subject of medical negligence, how it feels to be judged, and what the impact of abortion is on those who provide it I came away with a real sense of the main character as a brave and principled woman, and the a
I had high hopes in the beginning of this book Some of the writing was sooooo lovely in the first few chapters, there were many lines that I reread just to admire Weston s voice I also thought the topic would be really interesting I ve worked in a perinatal unit and thought there was so much potential in the topic But I just couldn t connect with the main character, Nancy I felt like her reflections on her past were supposed to give me perspective into her but some how it all felt very disjointed and disconnected to me I tired of Nancy realizing that she s tuned out and missed half of what another character said to her or rehearsing what she was going to say and then saying none of it I get that this was supposed to show how bewildered s
Gabriel Weston s thought provoking Dirty Work A Novel examines the ethical issues facing a doctor after a botched surgery Dr Nancy Mullion faces a medical tribunal over a four week period, and during that time, she reflects on her life as an ob gyn specialist who performs abortions Weston presents the dilemma of doctors providing procedures while dealing with personal issues, including those they may not be aware of in their practice Weston, who is also an ear, nose and throat surgeon in England, manages to keep the first person narrative flowing, including the use of medical terms, as the protagonist agonizes about her fate as a doctor and person Louise Aronson, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Franc
I hated this book I found the meek and passive protagonist to be completely unlike every doctor I ve ever known and worked with, so much so that I disrespected her The story itself was so poorly explained, all we read are one woman s endless self doubt and lack of assertiveness At one scene in the trial , they talk about her good grades, multiple publications, good reviews from supervising surgeons I had a hard time believing that, and had a hard time believing that this person who passively allowed herself to be steered and directed by boyfriends or by senior colleagues would ever be a doctor worthy of a fellowship She is never shown to be taking any responsibility for anything and never
This is an excellent book providing insights on daily life and challenges of an abortion provider They work so hard to become a doctor and have a harder job to do but still they are not given the same respect as given to their colleagues from other departments Society and even doctors don t see them eye to eye They are
Nancy Mullion is a trained surgical obstetrician gynecologist She has chosen to terminate pregnancies for a career That s right, she is an abortion doctor As the novel opens up, she is in surgery, having done four out of five procedures for the day and is on her fifth Something goes dreadfully wrong and the patient starts bleeding out Nancy is helpless to do anything Everything she has learned leaves her and she watches helplessly as her patient lays there dying Luckily, another surgeon on duty is called into the room to take over and the patient ends up in the Intensive Care Unit, hanging on to her life by a thread.Nancy is up for review by the hospital board because of what happened As she worries about her four meetings with the board, including one with a psychiatrist, Nancy goes back in her life to share with the reader what has transpired up to this time to make her the person that she is.Despite her being suspended from practice and not allowed in the hospital, she goes to the ICU where all my thoughts lie with my ailing patient She sits in the waiting room keeping vigil, hoping that her patient does not die.She often asks herself how she could have ended up performing abortions for a living She states that she considers it to be a life saving procedure It s saving the life of a woman, it s something that saves a w
I would like to preface my review with the information that I am a strong supporter of a woman s right to choose to have an abortion or not And I find much of the tactics and rhetoric of the pro life movement to be very distasteful and ignorant of basic medical and biological facts And yet, there still is something about abortions that are troubling to me, and I feel that it is important to understand all of the parameters of this procedure, both medically and emotionally I found this short novel to be very provocative and emotionally rich Although the author is clearly pro choice the main character as much as states that as clear as a bell , she also realizes that there can be much trauma around having the procedure and it can have a significant emotional impact on various people I had a friend who had had an abortion and was strongly pro choice We went to a science museum where there was a display showing a developing fetus, and she had to leave the room because of how negatively affected she was by it She never fully regretted having the abortion, yet she still had an emotional reaction to being visually reminded of it This is how I look at this book The narrator realizes how important the procedure of abortion is to the well being of many women And she also realizes that there is a human element to the fetus that is removed and subsequently destroyed No, it is not taking a life and it is not a sen
Promotion of anti choice ideas couched as an exploration of the ethics of abortion told from the perspective of an ob gyn I thought this book would be intelligent, balanced and scientific because I read about it on NPR Instead, I found it disappointing and dishonest The premise didn t sit well with me, because boiled down to its essentials, it assumes that there is something dirty and shameful about abortions, and that, abortions terminate life Physicians routinely perform and have some clinical distance from gut wrenching procedures that seem repugnant to the layperson Yet, here, our anti hero purports that each abortion carries some degree of sadness Moreover, in her view, with each termination, she, as a provider, crosses a theoretically immoral line of no return Simultaneously, she fails to recognize how critical her care was to her pat
Nancy is a surgeon She is facing a disciplinary hearing at the hospital where she works because a patient suffered serious bleeding during an abortion which she carried out The book covers the four weeks of the hearing which we see from Nancy s point of view During that time she reminisces about what led up to her mistake and how she feels and thinks about her work.I found this a harrowing read and even though it is fiction it has the ring of truth because its author is herself a surgeon As a study of how carrying out abortions affects the professionals involved it is devastating and searingly honest Some of the images are likely to reappear in my nightmares But this is not an anti abortion rant dressed up as fiction it is an absorbing novel which will almost certainly cause you to examine your own views of this always controversial subject.Whether or not

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