Doctor Who (Destiny of the Doctor, #3)

Doctor Who (Destiny of the Doctor, #3) Two RAF Fighter Jets Are On A Training Flight Over North East Scotland When One Of Them Is Plucked From The Air And Promptly Disappears UNIT Are Called In, And The Doctor And Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart Are Soon On The Scene They Enlist The Help Of A Local Military Officer A Young Lieutenant By The Name Of Mike Yates.The Doctor Discovers A Link To The Recumbent Stone Circles That Are Plentiful In This Part Of Scotland The Stones Are Thousands Of Years Old, And Are Soon Revealed To Hold A Terrible Secret Then Mike Yates Disappears, Abducted By An Alien Race That Has A Grievance With Humanity Their Intention Is To Harness The Power Of The Stones In Order To Take Their Revenge For The Doctor And The Brigadier, The Race Is Now On To Save Their New Friend Mike And The Entire Planet Earth. Hello friends.It s me again I am in a Doctor Who Phase so I am hearing some Doctor who adventures in audiobooks.Well, for those who do not know, Doctor Who doesn t exist for the past 10 years with the beginning of season 1 in 2005 Well that was a continuation not REBOOT of a older series that started in 1963 and went for 26 years There are 26 Seasons plus 11 from the XXI century.In my home country Doctor Who never passed on TV and I didn t watch the first years of Doctor Who when it started in 2005 I am late watcher Being a very strange person I like to have it all and watch it all even if it s impossible and Doctor Who is impossible There are than 700 episodes and than 1000 audiobooks and not counting with the novelzationsBut I started from the First Doctor and went to the Second and stopped at the Third I will try to restart and learn everything I can.The third Doctor my least favourite so far from the two previous ones is a bit strange duck He was stranded on Earth because of his actions on time travel and messing things up So he is trying to fix Tardis and at th
Published in 2013 by AudioGo Blackstone BBC Read by Richard Franklin and Trevor LittledaleDuration 1 hourAs a part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of Doctor Who, the BBC released a series of audiobooks called Destiny of the Doctor Each of the Doctors has a 1 hour audiobook story.In Vengeance of the Stones the Doctor and UNIT are called in to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a RAF fighter jet from the skies above Scotland While the Doctor is poking around he encounters Lt Mike Yates for the first time who becomes Captain Mike Yates and a companion in the television series The Doctor soon discovers that the disappearance of the jet is the work of an alie
This was a decent 3rd Doctor story featuring UNIT with the Brigadier, Benton and our apparent first meeting of Yates.Two planes are affected by some strange glowing energy one night and it seems the stones of some local Scottish stone circles maybe be related It s the usual running around and aliens and the Doctor begging patience from the Brigadier and being denied but it was a well paced little romp and only an hour long short story well r
The third story in the series is read by Richard Franklin, who played UNIT officer Captain Yates in the TV series.The choice of Franklin, rather than Katy Manning, as the narrator does seem an odd one, although it makes sense in the context of the story which is, in part about how Yates first joined UNIT That, of course, is a story that has been told before in other media, arguably with success This version has him serving at RAF Lossiemouth for no particularly clear reason given that he s an army officer.The story is a reasonably straightforward UNIT era story, with the Doctor and Brigadier sent in to investigate the disappearance of a fighter jet and its pilot over Aberdeenshire It is reminiscent of both The Daemons and The Silurians from the TV show, although it struggles to make th
Skip this one Not worth the time It s VERY Mike Yates heavy The man who played Mike Yates narrates this and does not do a good job He really hams it up when he voices Yates I had to turn the volume down several times due to his groaning and yelling The plot wasn t great and didn t grab me at all. Very suspenseful Very interesting story and easy to follow Excellent voice acting I liked it A very solid, kind of an origin story for Captain Mike Yates Enjoyable enough, but doesn t stand out as a story in of itself in either a good or a bad way Consider this a strong 3. Nice backstory how Captain Mike Yates ended up joining U.N.I.T. Richard Franklin was great as Mike Yates but he didn t work doing the voice of the Doctor or the brigadier. Another 50th Anniversary thingy This is the third of 11 BigFinish Audio books made exclusively for AudioGo I dl d it from my local library s digital site.This is a Third, Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and Mike Yates UNIT adventure.The Second Doctor was tried for violations of Time Lord non interference policy He received two punishments An involuntary regeneration and exile to late 20th Century 1971 73 Earth When they did this they also removed certain secrets of time travel from the Doctor s mind including the materialization codes needed to operate the TARDIS During this time, the Doctor agreed to stay on as UNIT s unpaid scientific adviser in exchange for a place to park the TARDIS and its technical resources he needed to repair his ship This adventure is extremely faithful to this era and the early Third Doctor My problem with it is simply that the Exile years were among my least favorite I just don t like UNIT adventures or the Exile years ep