Ecstasy Unbound

Ecstasy UnboundAs One Of The Twelve Guardians Of The Realms, Urian Has Spent The Last Several Centuries In A Constant Battle To Keep The Inhabitants Of Earth S Realms Under Control Humanity Needed To Evolve, Hell Beasts Needed To Die, And Immortal Races Needed Mates Unfortunately, He Found That He Cared Less About Duty, And About When His Sexy Voyeur Would Again Grace The Shadows To Watch As He And His Brother Guardian Shared One Of The Human Females Frequenting The Club All Guardians Were Forbidden Contact With The Little Goddess And Her Brothers, But His Need For Her Was Escalating He Found It Difficult Than Ever To Keep From Pinning Her Face Down On The Nearest Surface, And Making Her His Alexandra And Her Brothers Have Avoided Exile From The Human Realm For Centuries, Ever Since The Creators Sent The Gods To Sleep For Their Sins Against Humanity, And Banished The Immortals She Has Always Known That She Was Needed On Earth Only Once Had She Gone Against Her Instincts And The Price She Paid Will Forever Haunt Her It Is For That Reason She Forces Herself To Stay Away From The Only Male That Has Ever Truly Enticed Her The Only One That Has Ever Made Her Flesh Heat, And Her Stomach Quiver With Desire In Desperate Need To Help Her Beloved Brother, She Will Have To Go To The Enthralling Guardian, Her Dark Obsession He Is Her Best Hope To Get The Help She Needs, Even Though He Would Surely Attempt To Exile Her She Won T Go Easily 4 voyeuristic games starsUri and Alexandra were bound to come together, centuries of playing voyeuristic games that left a need that they will soon find out could only be filled or sated by one another Being the first pair to ever go through a mating ceremony, it leaves too much unknown where the pasts are dark and the insecurities high They need to let go and trust the bond they have and let fate guide them I began this series with book two, not really sure how I managed that, but in any event I did and it catapulted my obsession with this series As I finished each book, it was never enough always wanting Usually I only look forward and move on, never looking back, but since I was jonesing for my next hit, I went back.all the way back to the very first Guardian mates, and I am beyond thrilled that I di
3.5 Stars Keep eating me up with those eyes, little goddess, and I ll be so deep inside that hot little pussy you won t remember what you came her for. With a title and cover like that, you have to wonder how well a book will deliver on the erotic element that s promised In the case of this book book, no worries are needed Ecstasy Unbound starts out with a bang, and concludes with one too I m sure you get my drift hereBut dirty in the most delicious way, of course.Being the first book in a series, it s always a concern for me if the world building and story will suck me in enough to keep me interested to continue with the series In the case here, the answer would be a resounding HELL YES Setta Jay takes a new and very interesting spin on the Greek gods lore You get a little bit of everything, gods, demons, hell hounds, immortals And
4 Ecstasy Guaranteed StarsEcstasy Unbound is a paranormal romance full of erotica, action, and romance Setta Jay has created a magical world full of vampires, guardians, dragonesque creatures, and unearthly beings I thoroughly enjoyed every second that I spent exploring this world The Creators had charged him and the eleven others with watching over and protecting the Four Realms of this world Uri is a Guardian and is charged with keeping the earth realm under control He does that by hunting hell beasts and keeping humans in check Uri has a big problem He has been lusting after an Immortal named Alex He wondered if it was the impossibility of the whole thing with his little Goddess that made it somehow hotter The itch he had for her was a damned obsession UriAlthough they have never spoken, She has sought him out time after time in the various clubs he visits Alex is a voyeur of sorts She has no problem watching him Although she wants to be with him, she is destined to stay away If she were to ever approach a Guardian, she risks being banished from her home in the Human Realm.Alex has many powers She frequently transports herself into the minds of others who are in need Alex and her two brothers are on a mission to help humans and keep them safe from the supernatural powers that surround them When one of their rescue missions turns complicated, Alex knows she must risk banishment and approach Uri for help.When Uri and Alex meet, they are instantly connected
If I d just followed the rules You live and learn and today I learnt that following the Romance Reader Holy Grail Rulebook, is essential to find true happiness in your reading experience I read out of order dah dah dahhhhhIt s OK, I managed to recover and move on, but it was touch and go for awhile there I nearly didn t finish Ecstasy Unbound and poor Setta Jay may have had a completely undeserved DNF on her hands See, I ve come to realise these books are released in a certain order for the flow to work Duh If I had read Ecstasy Unbound first I would have read the opening chapters getting sucked into a world, devouring explanations and getting turned on by the little bits and pieces of kinky play I actually spent the time going Ew, Gross, you re watching him and Would you hurry up already, I know all of this It did clear up some issues I had with Ecstasy Claimed, and I did have some Ah ha moments when I actually understood things better So in the end, after a rocky self inflicted start, it all came good and I ended on a high.Alex, a Goddess, has led a fairly l
Only 0.99 or FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription There is a lot wrong with this book.Info dumping is hard at work in the first 25% And even with all the info that got dumped on me, I still have no idea about a lot of what happened in this Weird words are thrown about constantly without any explanation, one hundred characters are introduced when they have little to no importance to the story and the lore is never fully explained I guess I m just meant to know what all the different races are, what they specialize in and where they come from There is point of view overload here I m all for having different points of view if it is beneficial to the telling of the story, but I found it incredibly lazy in this book There was no reason that we needed Sam and Cyril s points of view Speaking of Sam why the hell did we need her and Erik s story to be such a huge part of this I felt it detracted from the story of Alex and Uri s blossoming relationship There was so much happening in this, so much noise, that I never really connected with the main characters And the logistics of the sexy times were often confusing.The editing was atrocious Wrong words, missing words, wrong spelling It s all here This hampered my reading experience.The main question I am left with after reading this, is why is Alex s vagina so sad Why is is weeping Is
RATING 3.5 4 Scorching Hearts D 3 Ecstasy Unbound is carnal and addicting Setta Jay does a superb job of building a world that is in equal measure intriguing and seductive The paranormal aspect is wonderfully balanced with the romance, which is a huge plus for me We have immortals, Greek gods, hell hounds, demons, dragons, shifters You name it, and its in this book And best of all, it never gives off the feeling of being overly crowded.The eroticawellthere s menage, voyeurism, rough sex, and whole lot of delicious smut My inner whore was all over this Aside from that, the main characters, Uri and Alexandra were brilliant, staying true to their per
FOUR STARS TO FOUR AND A HALF STARS When I first heard about this series, I was told that ice was sorely needed for inflamed ovaries Being the natural doubter that I am, I scoffed at all the warnings and dived head first into the first official book, having teased myself with the novella and lulling myself into a false sense of security Knowing what I now know, if I had a chance to do this all over again, I would definitely do this right here, straight at my ovaries.I m not even going to play like I can be sensible in writing a review for this so I ll leave you all with three reasons why you should read this book.Reason 1 Female BAMF.I will never ever get my fill of strong female characters, especially if they re total bad asses that will snap an enemy s neck to keep their strong hand, well, strong Alexandra is definitely no stranger to the term BAMF, not only in terms of her own supernatural abilities, but also her fighting capabilities Reading about her in action is such a marvellous thing, and I was so overjoyed to see that she can than hold her own with the guys.Reason 2 The struggle is real.Let me warn you of the fact that there be some straight up crazy mofos up in hurr There are some confronting scenes to contend with and they are not pre
am not sure how I feel about this book even now This book caused me quite a bit of RAGE.The prologue was a bit confusing there was a huge info dumping session that almost left me reeling We have the Greek pantheon again Why is everyone so obsessed with the Greek Pantheon Why not some Egyptian gods Or Asian Or something but instead of being up to their usual tricks almost all of them became tainted with some unexplained dark energy They became stronger and cruel er and torturous The tainted gods kidnap and perform experiments on the untainted gods and the Guardians creating shapeshifters Etc etc etc The Guardians manage to get back an additional set of gods the Creators who puts the pantheon to sleep and leaves the Guardians over the world alternates and disappears to never be seen again.Now page 2 LolBut seriously We go from all of that to Urian Uri who is going out with his friend to a sex club Uri and his friend often goes to these sex clubs to have public anonymous sex with humans Humans gave them plenty of room, compressing their much smaller bodies back into the crowds as the two made their way past Moving through the throng, they gained sultry looks from scantily clad females, those that thrilled at the aura of danger that came from their sheer size
3.5 starsI knew going in that this book contained MFM and following a review that said there was one scene right in the beginning I thought, quite naively, that it wouldn t be between the main couple And that first scene wasn t Don t get me wrong I like reading m nage and MFM or MMF but I want all parties involved to be mated love each other But even though all the sex scenes were excruciatingly hot,it annoyed me that there was a menage with the main couple and another male.Why Because Uri goes all possessive, growling Mine , says this Second, I agree to your terms that neither of us take other lovers I find I am also feeling possessive tendencies I ve never before experienced And then a few pages later It s tradition to have someone watch over our blood bonding, but, I also planned to have him assist in your pleasuring I ve seen your fantasies Is that something you want to experience now Which she does.And this, in my opinion kinda lame explanation Sirena and the others had explained over wine that things were a lot free here, than on Earth In Tetartos, lives were long, and the populations were very small, as even mated pairs had few births The races sought pleasure in any incarnation they desired They had said that a wing of Drake s Manor was dedic