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Expert AssistanceTo Get Out Of Debt, Spacer Jake Bonner Takes On Two Odd Jobs The First, Chauffeuring Teen Pop Star Evvie Martini On A Cross Galaxy Tour The Second, Helping A Couple Of Unhappy Miners, Daniel And Clarissa Rosen, Overthrow Their Planet S Tyrannical Ruler Expert Assistance Pokes Fun At Revolution, Pop Culture And Some Of The Cliches Of Sci Fi. Jake Bonner is given a task he is not at all pleased to undertake However, his intelligent computer counterpart named Odin insists he use the odd jobs to help pay off his debts.Their small scout ship is accompanied by the pop singing sensation, Evvie Martini, and the adventure takes a whole new spin Jake must do his best to put up with the spoiled star as he tries to set up plans for his other task leading a rebellion on Antioch Two.With the star at his side and the AI overhead, Jake leads the planet to a rebellion that you would not expect Be prepared to set aside time for this read as you will find it difficult to put down.Robert Collin
Sit back and imagine, if you will, a story where Lazarus Long, Hannah Montanna, and the Marvin the Paranoid Android on prozac get together to liberate a planet Got that image in your head Sounds like fun doesn t it Yep Reading it was fun, too.Jake, the main character is something of a cross between Han Solo and Lazarus Long Like Han he s in financial trouble Like Lazarus he seems to have seen and done everything at least once And like both of them he exudes a sense of fond grouchiness at the naive cute and fuzzy puppy types that keep tripping through his life.Like Lazarus, Jake has a sentient computer spaceship with a brain the size of a planet This one is not depressed, but does seem to have a dry sense of humor and irony sensors on overdrive Odin, in addition to knowing basically everything that ever was recorded, also has teleporter technology, can build almost anything, and crack basically any code As you can imagine, Odin is a very good friend to have Odin was built as a military vessel He became sentient and decided he did not want to be a warship Jake found him floating abandoned in the middle of space, probably bought him some fuel, and the two have been together since.And now, looking for some
Article first published as Book Review Expert Assistance by Robert Collins on Blogcritics Going from being broke and having no opportunity to redeem yourself to having two opposing gigs is something that can really throw you off stride When one job entails protection of a seriously spoiled Diva, and the other entails helping a rebellion to succeed on a compromised planet, how do you choose the one most important Or do you Jake Bonner is a down and out spaceship pilot He is in hock and only has a ship because it was abandoned in space where he was able to connect to the ships computer, Odin Without Odin, most of what Jake has accomplished would not have been possible All the same, Jake is in trouble He is unable to pay his debts so when Odin is able to secure him not just one job but two he is ready to take charge.Evvie Martini, a young pop star, is his initial workload He is to chauffeur her and keep her safe during her tour When her tour just happens to coincide with his second opportunity it seems like luck is smiling with him Daniel and Clarissa Rosen need help overthrowing the dictatorial ruler of their planet This is to Jakes liking and abilities, b
Expert Assistance is an interesting science fiction story dealing with two different stories The two stories end up intermixing in a humorous combination of events that keep the story flowing fast and furious.Both of the stories are interesting, and I found that I really enjoyed the social commentary about modern pop stars Evvie is what I would consider your typical pop star She is nineteen and really only wants to have fun She is kind of a ditz and thinks she is the most awesome thing since buttered toast The other story about the revolution is also very interesting, and I really like the way Robert Collins sets the pace of the story The characters in the story are all highly believable The story actually reminded me of the Stainless Steel Rat books by Harry Harrison Jake Bonner is a smart main character that I liked instantly I enjoyed the way he had everything figured out, and I also liked that he was willing to have a bloodless revolution In the age we live in where movies are very violent and human life just doesn t seem to have any val
Robert Collins is an author who promotes his work at the MobileRead forums I visit the forums and I also like science fiction, so I decided to give it a try I chose Expert assistance because the synopsis sounded interesting Unfortunately, the premise of the story is not utilized There is nothing wrong with the writing, the characters may be somewhat one dimensional, but I didn t find it problematic The biggest drawback, in my opinion, is that the protagonists face no obstacles whatsoever actually they do, but overcome them easily This makes the novel somewhat bland Still, it is better than some others, which t
I enjoyed this book It made a refreshing change to read about a mutinous situation being resolved with the use of guile and very little violence The characters are believable even the clever clogs computer and entertaining I would like to read in thi

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