Eyes Ever to the Sky (The Sky Trilogy #1)

Eyes Ever to the Sky (The Sky Trilogy #1) When Hugh Wakes Up In A Smoldering Crater No Memory, No Clothes A Single Thought Echoes In His Head Trust No One Frightened And Alone, With No Memory Of Who He Is, He Stumbles Upon A Grisly Murder Scene And Is Fatally Shot He Wakes, Only To Find He Can Heal Himself He Has Superpowers, And He S Going To Need Them.Desperate And Bleeding, Hugh Stumbles Upon Fifteen Year Old Cece, Who S Got Enough Troubles Of Her Own Between Caring For Her Bipolar Mother And Trying Not To Get Evicted From Her Run Down Trailer, Cece May Be The Only Person Struggling As Much As Hugh Drawn To Hugh, Cece Finds A Love She S Never Known But When The Real Killer A Man Hunting Beast Chooses Another Victim, Hugh And Cece Realize They Must Unlock The Clues To Their Past If They Have Any Chance At A Future. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review 3.5 StarsYou know those rubberneckers on the highway that slow down to ten miles an hour when there s an accident on the OTHER side of the effing divide You hate those people don t you Well prepare to become one of them, my friend Prepare to be so damn nosy that you can t pull your wide eyed face from between the pages This book turned me into one of those douchebags prone to loitering around a crime scene It gives you a tiny sliver of information and makes you want to scream STFU, THEN WHAT HAPPENS It never gets dull, never lets you relax and is basically non stop action drama creepfest from the first page to the last This is helped along by an ever shifting narrative and though it changes quite frequently, it s never confusing You always know whose perspective you re following and it always comes back around to Cece, our female lead, and Hugh, our No really WHATTHEFUCKISHE All you have to do is look at my updates to get a vague sense of how many times I asked myself that question Our HUMAN hint hint female le
Of course I like it I wrote it. Initial reaction And I m totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this book, in terms of how fun and engaging it was to guess on certain aspects of the story and the fact that it was written in multiple perspectives very well I connected with Hugh and Cece both and the story events kept me on my toes in moments Hopefully I can explain on my thoughts in the full review, but this is a solid 3.5 stars Quite enjoyable and recommended.Full review Katie French s Eyes Ever to the Sky is a very cool read in the scheme of supernatural YA fiction I didn t quite know what to expect going into the novel, only that it started with a boy waking up naked, without his memories, in the middle of a huge crater But Hugh since this is what he calls himself has bigger problems than those things, including a supernatural creature with murderous intent that appears not long after him waking up Luckily, Hugh realizes that he can do things that not very many people can, which lends him to question exactly who he is and what s going on with him And to figure if there s a way to stop said creature.In the meantime, a girl named Cece is at her wits end with her rapidly debilitating mother, and barely making things work in her household with taking on a number of responsibilities that her mother cannot She tries to ask for help from her extended fragmented family, but has very little luck due to her mother s turbulent history with them I really liked following Cece s perspect
An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my thoughts in any way Thank you Katie French and Netgalley What made me want to read this book, aside from the short number of pages, were the words smoldering crater Holy crap whut Those words alone were enough to make me go into a frenzy Such an intriguing beginning not counting the supposedly hot naked man found inside it swoon swoon was just the perfect missing variable for an epic story formula, so I immediately requested it on NG And I have read it And I quite enjoyed it Unfortunately, it wasn t as epic as I thought it would be.Don t get me wrong there are many good things about this book The prose, for one, was gorgeous The author has written a lot of details that really captured the dark and looming atmosphere that went along with the context of the novel a young man with unnatural abilities and powers yet didn t have any recollection of who he was or where he came from, and a young woman trying to keep her life together, which was only hanging by a
Eyes Ever to the Sky builds slowly and beautifully as we learn about Hugh wakes up naked in a crater , a terrible murderous beast, and Cece who is stuck living with her bipolar mom in a trailer As with Katie s other books the characters all are interesting and well developed and a bit heart breaking Her prose is absolutely magical and so descriptive you can vividly imagine and feel everything happening The action is phenomenal and gruesome There are twists an
Find this review and at any guys reading this Parts of this is a normal review Other parts are strange Very, very strange And hopefully, you ll think I just have a cold or something, and that s great But please note I envy right now Actually, I hate every male specimen for not going through the same torture as me Including my shih tzu who adores me So don t feel singled out.I was going to change it from a three star to a four star rating because I m nice like that, but the day I wrote this review today , I remembered the exact reason why I hate Mother Nature And now this lovely book is going to suffer for it It won t suffer a lot The exact rating was around 3.5 or so, and I was trying to decide whether or not to make it 3 or 4.So while my body decides to recreate that bloody scene from Aliens, I ll be trying to write an understandable review.Hugh wakes up in a crater completely naked Oh, and with no memories except for a completely cheesy, Trust no one Naturally, he gets a little freaked out And then he finds out he can heal fatal wounds almost instantaneously and is super strong I had a
OK first let me say that I am a DEVOTED fan to Katie French She is an awesome writer and her books have intense action sequences as well as heart felt romance moments I truly love her writing style It is a perfect mix of what I look for in the books I want to read She is also devoted to her fans and responds to emails, Facebook posts, and twitter I LOVE THIS I love when an author takes time to show her fans she cares YOU ROCK KATIE Now, Eyes Ever To The Sky.Of course I have to rave about the cover first I thought it was gorgeous I love the deep blue color theme and the fact that they are flyingYES FLYINGin the clouds. This gave me a hint as to what I was headed into when reading this book and I couldn t wait The story is told from several different points of view so you see the story from all different angles I loved Hugh s POV especially because he is basically experiencing life for the first time since he has no memory I loved that he automatically knew to be kind and how to treat people I loved the way he immediately fell for CeCe and she for him I am a
Recensione in italiano view spoiler Il libro mi ha conquistato Una volta che sono riuscita ad entrare nella storia, non sono pi riuscita a smettere di leggere. _ Ho fatto fatica all inizio, devo essere sincera. Ora, non so se la cosa dipendesse esclusivamente da me, ma sospetto che comunque sia ci ho messo parecchio del mio XDSe vi viene voglia di leggerlo e, come me, avanzate zoppicando per i primi 8 9 capitoli, siate forti e continuate a leggere Merita davvero Solitamente scelgo i libri in due modi 1 Mi lascio catturare dalla cover 2 Seguo il consiglio di amici, conoscenti o gente che merita fiduciaCon Eyes ever to the sky sono stata catturata dalla cover e quindi niente, era fatta Dovevo assolutamente leggere il libro, non potevo perdermelo Quando ho aggiunto il libro su Goodreads poi sono stata super felice di scoprire che il libro aveva circa 230 pagine ho un ben noto problema con i libroni. Cio , razionalmente parlando sarei da psicanalisi perch alcuni dei libri pi belli che ho letto nella mia vita erano dei b
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review 3 stars Eye s Ever to The Sky tells the story of Cecelia Cece Acha, a 15 year old girl living in a rundown trailer park with her bipolar hoarding mother, and Hugh, a mysterious boy who wakes up naked in the bottom of a crater with no idea who he is all he remembers is his name and the image of him standing near a strange, cylindrical structure.Soon after a series of mysteriously gruesome murders begin occurring, a chance meeting in an alley leads Cece and Hugh into a dangerous romance as things from Hugh s unknown past begin showing up and the secrets of who he really is threaten to tear them apart forever Going into this story, I was excited I d heard good things about Katie French s other book The Breeders and was eager to see what else this self published author had come up with.Can I just take a moment to say that self publishing rocks Think about it, you go out and write this book and promote it all on your own, all by yourself, then when you get famous, it s all like Yeah suckers, you know you jealous Seriously, when I finally decide to write that epic novel I ve been waiting to write for the last half of my life I been busy, ok I m like, totes gonna self publish.MOVING ON.Eyes Ever to The Sky is
To see my full review is a very short novel At just under 200 pages, it is a quick read for those looking for something on the shorter side Overall, I think it had a great concept and premise, but the execution just wasn t my style Don t get me wrong, the writing was well done, but as I ve found with many shorter novels, I just didn t have time to connect with the characters on that deep level that I enjoy so much Hugh and Cece are both interesting in their own right, and God knows they ve been through hell and back, with Hugh s inability to remember the past and trust a soul, and Cece s home life in a hoarding situation with her bipolar mother, but I wanted While I felt badly for them throughout the novel, that s about as far as my feelings were able to extend because I just didn t get to know either of them well enough A little fleshing out of character and an explanation and slowing down of the whirlwind romance would have been preferred for me, personally, but to each his her own.One aspect t