Fate How Far Would You Go To Get Something You Really Want Emily Malone Has Had A Lifelong Crush On Her Brother S Best Friend, Paul Unfortunately, He Just Sees Her As His Friend S Little Sister Desperate And Infatuated, Emily Resorts To Lies And Deception She Only Needs One Night With Paul, To Finally Get Over This Obsessive Crush But Fate Has Other Ideas. FREE on US today 10 29 2015 Stand alone.BLURB How far would you go to get something you really wanted Emily Malone has had a crush on her brother s best friend, Paul, all her life.Unfortunately, he just sees her as his friend s little sister.Desperate and infatuated, Emily resorts to lies and deception.She only needs one night with Paul, to finally get over this obsessive crush But Fate has other ideas
. DNF I didn t really get very far into this She is trying to fool a guy she has known for years with different color eyes, different hair color style and fake boobs And he falls for it I found that unbelievable and skipped on to the next book. This just popped up on Bookbub today and reminded me I read this a couple of years ago when, wide eyed, I read my first few bdsm books I hated this one Nikki Sex, gotta love the name, has some fun books that are ridiculously OTT in terms of sexual romps the Andre Chevalier series , but this is not one of them.When you have a heroine so desperate for a man, yes it is a specific man, as to get a breast enlargement and total transformation it makes me seriously uncomfortable Whether it s true love or BDSM s exchange of power, blah blah blah, why does the woman have to physically and emotionally change so much Makes me long for the old days when just changing your shampoo was enough Taking this way too seriously, I kno
Fate, by Nikki Sex was a wonderful book In my experience, there are two types of erotica Both types, like all books out there, vary greatly in their quality The first type of erotica is most common It s what I call smut It s pure sex without much of a story I m not knocking it I ve read my share The second type of erotica has a real story, with elements of romance It can also have elements of suspense, humor, SciFi, paranormal, etc It just has detailed, graphic sex scenes This kind of erotica, IMHO, is not just smut, it has substance Nikki Sex is the best of the 2nd variety Her books are truly wonderful Fate is a great book, even looking past the sex However, luckily for the readers, the sex is integral to the story it s simply amazing I loved Fate It was written with deep emotion, wit and intelligence I laughed, gasped, panted, sighed fell in love The characters were three dimensional and easy to relate to I genuinely cared about them and understood them I loved the emotional, ethical and psychological aspects of this book I understood why the characters did what they did how things happened to change them.One of my all time favorite fictional characters was in this book Thankfully, Andre s been in many of Nikki Sex s b
I love how there is than sex and BDSM to this novel The author crafts an intricate tale with a complete backstory that will keep you hooked Now don t get me wrong, that s all there and it s hot as all get up but it s not the sum total of the novel Nikki Sex brings it all together with her subtle yet powerful descriptions that paint this world for you She had me so wrapped up in this story that I read it in a single sitting then wanted to read it again I definitely had fun getting to know the characters that Nikki Sex brings to life in the pages of this novel Both main characters are fully developed individuals who are easy to relate to, or at least understand I love the history between the characters and surrounding their interactions with one another and with the supporting cast I also quite enjoyed the supporting cast They were developed in a manner that allowed the reader to get to know them without overpowering the main characters Also, although not strictly part of a series, the recurrence of staple characters throughout her work definitely adds to the aura mystique o
FOR MORE REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS, DO CHECJK OUT MY BLOG Characters Over 5Emily 5Paul 4Andr 6 Plot 5Hotness Love Scenes 5 Fate was a book that did not disappoint.I loved Emily since she was willing to go for what she wants and that really is a great characteristic.At first, the breast implants she had kind of disturbed me Not because I am disagreeing with people who has implants, it s just that when they have certain plays I cannot help but think Will her badoonka donks get deformed or will it pop Paul Well he was very arrogant at first, and the way he acted when he real
I do like this author so feel bad giving her a two star review but I just didn t enjoy this story I m not a fan of stories where the heroine changes her appearance but the guy doesn t guess who she is and in this case, Paul has known Emily Candy for years so even though she LOOKS different, she surely didn t SOUND different or use different mannerisms That aside, after Paul and Candy s one night together they are then apart for quite a chunk of the book communicating via email but instantly Paul is in love with Candy We know Emily Candy has always loved Paul but I still never really sensed their connection and definitely not their love.When Paul finds out who Candy really is I found his reaction very immatu
Loved Emily and Paul s story These are great characters, with a long history of friendship between them Only, Emily has harbored a crush on Paul all these years without him knowing He has always thought of her as a kid sister, since he s been friends with her older brother for years Emily has always taken on the burdens of those around her, including her mother and Paul s father She finally decides to take something for herself, by disguising herself and going after Paul It s hard to imagine that he wouldn t have recognized her, but she did change her hair, eyes and her look Not to mention, that she acted like Candy , and not herself She was determined to get him in bed, for just one night, and she succeeded It was very hot, and they had great chemistry There were many times I was laughing due to her inner dialogue What Emily didn t plan for was that Paul would want to continue seeing Candy That created a bigger web of lies for Emily to maintain I was worried what his reaction would be when he found out the truth, and it does cause some heartbreak There is a whole of family drama going on in the background of this story Between her mother s depression and helping Paul s father run t
Oh how I love love LOVE Nikki Sex books.She never disappoints EVER I just loved the female lead in the book Emily knows what she wants and plans to get it She goes to great lengths to finally have the man she s been in love with since she can remember Truthfully, I can see myself in the h and I would go that far to get the guy I wanted.The story unfolds in a very easy to read manner, the chemistry between the H and h is sizzling hot and the sex scenes are scorchi
NEW RELEASE Fate, by Nikki SexThis one is new out today and seems to have some good reviews on And I have to admit, the author s name caught my attention lol Apparently it s a quick, steamy read with a bit of humour thrown in So if you like yourself a bit of erotica,