Faun of a Time

Faun of a Time Not Everyone Who Works For Rookery Cove Aphrodisiacs Does So Through Normal Channels There Are Some Who Prefer To Do Their Work Quietly, Orderly, Alone Corin R G Is One Such Person He Is The Groundskeeper On An Isolated Section Of The Island And Only A Handful Of People Know He Exists But, There Are Some Secrets That Are Meant To Be Discovered.Mitch Whelan Is One Angry Wolf Entering The Forest To Find A Runaway Lab Experiment, He Never Expected To Find An Altogether Different Type Of Creature The Shy Faun Calls To Him, Awakening The Wolf Inside Him But, In Order To Be With The Faun, Mitch May Need To Restrain His Basic Urges The Need To Claim His Mate In The Only Way An Alpha Knows How.Corin Won T Leave His Land, Mitch Won T Leave The Lab Can These Two Very Different Men Ever Find A Way To Be Together This novella is part of a series revolving around a paranormal run company called Rookery Cove They make aphrodisiacs Hmm, sounded good I m a fan of Jade Buchanan, so I began with her story Unfortunately, I just did not like it.The werewolf was typical hot body, completely erotic and alpha all the way, and I liked him just fine My problem was the faun When I bought the story, I didn t realize the faun was really that, a satyr type creature with horns, hooved feet, fur covered legs and otherwise naked I should have paid attention to the cover art The character was just too alien I can t see myself enjoying an erotic story with a minotaur or centaur either The Felidae from her other series are certainly not human, but they aren t a blend of man and animal either I like erotic M M stories with sex but the sex here was just not erotic Plus other characters, like the toad lab assistant , weren t human either Issues with the story just added to my dissatisfaction.I know a novella cannot give as much depth as a full novel, but this story had too much mystery introduced with no resolution The faun doesn t know how he came to be on the island, who his parents are, or who the mysterious Bernie is that no one else knows about We don t get to really know any of the characters, even the main ones Plus there is the mystery of Rookery Cove itself which is no doubt expanded on in the other novellas.Overall, I just didn t enjoy this novella I m still a fan of Jade s and can h
Rookery Cove is a series about a company which made aphrodisiac and sex toys for the supernatural beings It s located in an island, Rookery Cove, and all its employees are beings from otherworld this time our couple is made by a Faun and a Werewolf.Mitch is a wolf in shift form and in character He growls and bites and has a very instable behaviour Corin is a Faun he has always lived alone with the only friendship of Bernie, a old man who lives like an hermit in the fartest part of the island and Airk, the birdman who has just his mates some books ago.Corin is like a child he doesn t know lie and bertrayal, he is lovely and pure And he, like all the faun, enjoys the sex like a natural part of his life And when Mitch meets him, he is sure to have found his mate his heart and his smell tell him so.Like all the Rookery Cove story, also this is pretty short and
Sweet, cute and not complicated story about an scientific Alpha wolf and a naive and lonely faun. for what it is, it s a 3, but in the scope of all books probably not worth that muchI found this series weak on the whole, and JB s story the most entertaining of the lot