Fire & Ash (Rot & Ruin, #4)

Fire & Ash (Rot & Ruin, #4) Benny Imura And His Friends Have Made It To Sanctuary, They Ve Found The Jet And They Ve Discovered That Civilization Is Struggling To Regain Its Foothold In The Aftermath Of The Zombie Apocalypse Scientists Are On The Verge Of Finding A Cure For The Zombie Plague It Should Be Time For Celebration, But It S Not Benny S Best Friend, Chong, Has Been Infected By An Arrow Dipped In The Flesh Of A Zombie And He Hovers Between Life And Death And Dr McReady, A Researcher Who May Have The Critical Formula For A Cure, Has Gone Missing So Benny Convinces Captain Ledger To Mount A Search And Rescue Mission To Find The Doctor And Help Chong But With The Reapers Still Pursuing Their Plan To Turn All Zombies Into Super Fast Shock Troops Even If They Can Save Chong, Can They Save Themselves In The Fourth Book Of The Thrilling And Emotionally Charged Rot Ruin Series, The Battle To End All Battles Is About To Begin Benny waited, his whole body tensing for the argument, the outrage, the refusal that he knew was coming The ranger looked past him at the three fierce girls on the other side of the trench Then he turned and looked at the zoms, who were less than a quarter mile away Finally he looked down at the torn piece of paper in his hand You re doing all of this because of your friend Because of that Chong kid I m doing this because this is our world too You don t have a right to shut us out of the process of saving it WARNING This will contain major spoilers for books 1 3 So, it took me a little over two months to get through the entirety of Fire and Ash I did like it over all, and altogether this is a good series However, I felt the first two books were much powerful than the third and fourth I found the third book a bit disappointing, but I was still really looking forward to the fourth book since I knew it would be the final installment of the series On top of that, the third book had quite a cliffhanger ending, what with Chong starting to turn into a zombie and all After finishing this one, I m mostly happy with the way the series ended However, in general I felt like the third
Now is the time when I wish I had a better gift of writing to express my thoughts on these books I do not understand why they are not popular than they are because yep I m gonna say it These are my new favorite series of all times Next to Lonesome Dove I am a stingy bitch when it comes to giving books five stars The book has to blow me out of the water Guess what This did it.5 teenagers Yes teenagers are out to save the world Some of the better characters I ve ever seen in books.You have Benny Imura In the first book of this series I so wanted to smack the taste from his mouth He was a whiny little turd Over the series you see this boy grow up He becomes a hero with a smart mouth and no fear Facing the reaper group a group of religious nuts bent on killing off everyone I know Red mouths, tongues cut out What is it with you guys and threats you need to work on your people skills Lilah aka the Lost girl I think she has become my favorite female character ever She is a survivor My reapers of te Red Brotherhood will slaughter you Lilah said, Look into my eyes Tell me if you think I care She frigging does not.Nix RileyProbably my least favorite of the group but I still love her so that is saying a ton.Chong A town boy who wasn t supposed to come along with the group Every time I think the boy is going to get himself killed he pulls a fast one on me and not only pulls through He shines doing it.Rion She
And this is how you end a series yes I m talking to you Charlaine Harris.So, how shall I sum up the whole Benny Imura series I ll let Maberry do that himself nothing was dangerous than living men p241Fire Ash is a worthy ending to a very good series And as it turns out, this series may actually be longer than I thought but I don t want to ruin any surprises so I ll just leave you with that little teaser You can read the series and decide for yourself.The final book in the Benny Imura series brings the final confrontation between Benny s people, the Reapers and of course, the zombies Will the Children of Lazarus inherit the earth Yes, the weirdo religious theme reaches full force in Fire Ash, which of course made me very happy There is a storm coming, he said It is the breath of my god, and it will be powerful than any hurricane you ve ever seen The clouds will open and a rain of blood will pour down upon you The coming storm will blow down the structures of your old world it will seek out the blasphemers no matter where they hide It will cleanse the earth, and when it has passed there will be no proof that you that any of you ever even lived p233Maberry also continues with the intelligent, profound life statements as well As a military brat and spouse, this one hits close to home And that sparked a memory of something Tom once told him, an old samurai maxim that describes the apparent contradiction of those who prepare for war but do n

One of the better books in the series so far.

So Benny and his friends have found the jet in a place called Sanctuary They ve learned that people have formed a new government That there is even the possibility of a cure to the zombie plague But the doctor who has the mis

Some things bugged me and if I didn t love this series as a whole I d probably dock another star This was a great ride though. It s just that I m fifteen, and I have this crazy idea I might actually have a life in front of me I don t see how it s going to do me much good to believe that the world is over and this is just an epilogue Jonathan Maberry, Rot and RuinNot sure how I feel about this installment I think that the plot was intriguing but the pace dragged a little too much for my liking I normally love big books but this one actually felt long if you get what I mean I may be a little unfair in my criticism of this book though, in that I found myself comparing it slightly to the walking dead The sheriff Rick Easter eggs in the series didn t really help to take away that comparison The romance in the story was irritating and I often wondered if I was reading a bad ass zombie novel or Twilight The constant I love you I hate you over and over really tested my patience I don t need romance in a novel to enjoy it and I feel like this book didn t need the romance aspect at all to make it a
This is it lovers I m a little sad when I finished this series To be totally honest, even though Jonathan Maberry irked me a little because he killed Tom Imura, this series one of the good ones The type that you can t sleep because you just finished the book and you didn t buy the sequel so you re wondering and suffering what will happen next This is it.The ending is okay I guess I m at peace wi
I love the Rot Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry The only exception would be Tom, and that is all I m going to say on that one These new zombies in this book are freakin scary I mean if all of the zombies were like those I don t think there would be much left on the planet for them to eat I was so happy that Joe played a big part in this book I have been wanting to get a hold of that series as well Now that I have a crush on him, I m guessing I need to get them all up to date OH and I love Grimm I was about ready to blow up some peeps if they hurt Grimm There are many unex
An epic conclusion to the much coveted Benny imura series The only star left is for Tom There was action, adventure, romance, suspense, zombies, what could you possibly want If you want then you are in the wrong place Get out of YA category And one there is an epic friendzoning it s a suspense
Straight after finishing the third book in the Benny Imura series, Flesh and Bone, I started reading Fire and Ash It s quite rare that I binge read a series any blogging tends to make it a bit too much of a balancing act, but once I had the momentum going, I really wanted to find out how this series ends.As with the other books, Fire and Ash picks up pretty much immediately where the prior book left off Benny, Lilah, Nix and their new friends, Riot, Eve and Joe, have found Sanctuary, where monks tend to the humans dying of diseases that would have been easily cured prior to first night, but the scientists are isolated from the survivors This in itself poses an interesting question because people are dying of disease than being bitten and rising from the dead how quickly and severly would diseases such as TB, cholera and typhiod decimate survivors in any apocalyptic scenario once the stockpiled medicines and treatments run out I have mentioned previously that all the Benny Imura books follow a similar formula what I didn t realise until reading Fire and Ash are that books one and two are closely linked, as are three and four but the transition between books two and th

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