First Time Filling on Spring Break

First Time Filling on Spring Break Forbidden Pleasures First Time Filling On Spring Break Rough Unprotected First Time Taylor And Her Friend Misty Are Headed To Daytona Beach For Spring Break Fun And Freedom Await Them, But Then Taylor Reveals To Misty That She S A Virgin Misty Is Shocked And Vows To Help Taylor Find A Man During Spring Break.Misty Decides To Show Taylor What The Boys Might Do To Her By Giving Her A Little Bit Of Pleasure Before Taylor Knows What S Happening, Her And Misty Are Naked In Bed And Loving It This Increases Taylor S Desire To Lose Her Virginity And Before She Knows It She S On The Beach Getting Pounded After Her First Time She Just Wants And Taylor Returns To Misty S Beach House To Find Her With A Man And Taylor Can T Help But Join In.See How Taylor Becomes A Brand New Woman During Her Crazy Trip To Daytona Beach Her First Time Filling Is One She Will Never Forget TAGS First Time Erotica, Erotic Romance Series, Erotica Menage, Erotic Pleasure, Erotica Short Stories, Erotica Thrillers, Erotic Romance, Taboo Erotic Romance, Forbidden Rough Sex Menage