Football The World Has Changed Society Has Advanced Mankind Have Reached Heights Their Forefathers Only Dreamed Of Football Is Seen As The World Wide Sport, Engaging Fans And Supporters In An Epic Season Of Drama And Action But The Game Has Changed At The End Of Every Season, The Three Teams That Finish At The Bottom Of The League Are Relegated , And The Players Are Transferred In Other Words, Their Body Parts Are Auctioned Off To The Highest Bidder Jax, A Celebrated And Famous Footballer Finds His Team Lingering Near The Bottom Of The Table, And With The Last Game Of The Season Around The Corner, Jax Knows Relegation Is A Real Possibility And He Is Faced With The Most Difficult Struggle Of His Life YA, Science Fiction. The book was a really good book it talked about the team losing and got kicked out but they had another chance to get back in and they had to face the best team The teammates new what was coming so did the fans It was
Alright, but hard to understand if you re not that into football This book overall was as interesting as a trip to the dentist for root canals without anaesthetic Although after I read this book, I felt like I would have needed the anaesthetic.