French Parents Don't Give in: Practical Tips for Raising Your Child the French Way

French Parents Don't Give in: Practical Tips for Raising Your Child the French WayPamela Druckerman Offers A Practical Handbook Of Helpful And Fun Short Tips To Bring Up Your Child La Fran Aise, With Advice About Feeding Including Meal Plans And Recipes From French Creches , Sleeping, Dealing With Tantrums And Other Bad Behaviour, And. I loved Bringing Up Bebe and this is a little guidebook of the most important tips from that book It works as a refresher for those who want to follow the author s model of French parenting, or a guide for other caregivers I m reluctant to talk about parenting with anyone nowadays It seems similar to politics or religion No matter what your opinion is, someone will disagree with you and get pissed off So I hesitate to say too much about my opinions Seriously, people get crazy about parenting philosophies They re right, and the rest of the world is wrong But I agree with the author that Americans tend to center their world around their children, sometimes to everyone s detriment The kids sometimes end up thinking they re the center of the universe, or they just don t know how to be independent because they re used to their parents doing EVERYTHING for them.But whether you agree with all of her opinions or not, I think we can all get behind the idea that kids should be polite, they should be considerate of others, and they need structure Parents need sleep, alone time, and couple time You can t let your relationship fall by the wayside And kids need to develop at their own pace, with some downtime everyday Being overscheduled will drive the entire family nuts.So I think she offers a lot of practical tips Of course, my kid is only 3 months old, so it will be awhile before I can test a l
I avoided Bring Up Bebe because, seriously, we re going to make broad generalizations about a whole society s parenting habits again Sometimes it seems like the parenting practices echo chamber is just demanding its newest sacrifice But I subsequently read so many positive reviews of it that I decided to dip my toe in the water and picked up this much shorter book.And, ok, I don t think the parenting practices advocated herein, or at least most of them, are particularly French But they are, at least in my humble opinion, good sense Except for the bit in here about thinking of men as just a poor bumbling other species that can t remember
The full length book French Kids Don t Throw Food was a far enjoyable read but this was a nice little reminder. A practical, no nonsense and may I add validating handbook with 100 tips on how French parenting is different and effective than American parenting styles.Some of my favorites included talking to your baby like an actual person, having the children eat what you eat at mealtimes, allowing lots of time for children to play, and treating children like members of the family, not the central
, , , , . Granted the book is intentionally slim, but there is a surprising lack of depth and explanation for why to parent her recommended way Then the persistent giving of credit to the French like some mystical enlightened people up in the clouds becomes so repetitive it betrays the author and hints to the amount of fluff injected into the book.The author makes the French out to be some sort of religious figure and the parenting style should be taken on faith.On the other hand, this book is a fresh counter to the over parenting fad that has hit a certain social class the ones that read parenting books Some people in this group haven t yet grown up and realized that parenting isn t easy and the parents are obliged to perform the duties of parents even if it upsets the little ones The author was spot on when sh
I really liked this book it s a quick read, with one entry per page and covering 10 aspects of parenting pregnancy, babyhood, sleep, food, learning, patience, the cadre i.e parenting framework, motherhood, couple relationship and authority.Some entries really stood out and inspired me most of the stuff on patience, the cadre and authority , others fit the common sense approach I adhere to anyway, some seemed to address a culture i am clearly not a part of do some parents really say yes to all their children s
There is much truth in Druckerman s writing To be fair, I only read her first book and The Happiest Baby on the Block Not reading all of the neurosis inducing books has kept me a very calm parent, and a
Reading this book apparently a condensed version of another book by the same author makes one wonder how Americans raise their children As a German raised in the 80s and 90s, with a background in early childhood education, there is really nothing groundbreaking about this, and the amount of credit given to the frenchness of parenting advice that can mostly be summed up as common sense is irritating.As for the truly French parenting staple of letting others care for you
Ein kleiner, kompakter Ratgeber f r eine bessere Erziehung von Kindern und damit auch f r ein entspannteres Zusammenleben.Ich bin zwar selbst noch kein Vater, aber ich arbeite beruflich mit Kindern bis 6 Jahre.Das Buch hat mich in meiner vorhandenen Denkweise best rkt und mich ermutigt sie mit ruhigem Gewissen weiter durchzuf hren, auch oder gerade weil man immer wieder Eltern sieht die keiner klaren Struktur folgen und sich von ihren Kindern auf der Nase herumtanzen lassen.Auch die Kapitel b

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  • French Parents Don't Give in: Practical Tips for Raising Your Child the French Way
  • Pamela Druckerman
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  • 22 December 2019
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