Full Moon Island

Full Moon Island Twenty Two People Are Left Behind On A Military Island With A Hurricane Bearing Down On Them Battling The Elements Will Be Hard Enough, But When A Stranger Joins Them With No Memory Of His Name Or The Curse That He Carries, A Hurricane Is The Least Of Their Worries. ConflictedThe plot and storyline was good in my opinion could have been an excellent read Now the bad One is spelling and misusage of words including names and incomplete or non existent research DON T write about things you don t know For me the sheer stupidity of an entire group of people who have seen first hand what something is capable of but just ignore that it is fixing to happen multiple ti
Good action thriller.This books is a good one for a woman of a man It is full of action and is fast paced from beginning to end. The title and the cover of this novel by Terry Yates make it pretty clear who, or should I say what, are the stars of this entertaining and action packed gorefest.Let me get the bad stuff out of the way, so I can concentrate on telling you why I liked Full Moon Island This novel is severely afflicted with cliche itis, is poorly written in places, and over written throughout which leaves it way too long It is not a tight narrative, nor is it free of point of view issues The combination of the above factors left this reader annoyed at times.Technically, Full Moon Island is not great, but it s a really fun read nonetheless Plenty of fast and furious action with grisly, bloody consequences, suspense and surprises, and some really interesting lines and character interactions There were also some very well written scenes which featured graphic and occasionally amusing descriptions.It was a B grade horror f
New Weere FareNot typical at all Most sections IMPOSSIBLE to put downscary, adventurous, funny, and mysterious highly enjoyable Great character development with definition Hitchcockian twists and surprises Get it I liked the book butfor those who like the unbelievable, which I do,will like this book the first half was really good,but than it started to go on and on but even skipping through parts I did like the book EXCELLENT What a great book I thoroughly enjoyed it Other than a few misspelled words, and an aggravating lack of firearm knowledge, I was extremely thrilled throughout the story It was a blast, and now I am gonna buy and read the next one I like werewolves and romance not just watching them eat everyone.