God Save the Kinks

God Save the Kinks In August 1964 The Kinks Released Their Third Single After A Little Noticed Debut And A Follow Up That Had Failed To Chart At All, Pye Records Were Threatening To Annul The Group S Contract But With Its Unforgettable Distorted Guitar Riff, You Really Got Me Went On To Reach No.1, Entering The US Top Ten Later The Same Year Followed By A String Of Hits, It Marked The Breakthrough Of One Of Britain S Most Innovative And Influential Bands, And A Turning Point In The Fortunes Of Two Brothers Whose Troubled Story Is As Tumultuous And Characterful As The Music They Produced Ray And Dave Davies Born Into A Deeply Musical Working Class Family In London S Muswell Hill, Ray And Dave Grew Up In A City Recovering From The Bombs And Privations Of The Second World War, And, Than Any Other Musicians Of The Sixties, They Crafted The Soundtrack That Made It Swing Again In Songs Such As Dedicated Follower Of Fashion , Sunny Afternoon Which Toppled The Beatles To Become The Hit Of Summer 1966 Waterloo Sunset , Days And Lola , They Drew On Music Hall, Folk And Rhythm And Blues To Craft A Peculiarly English Pop Idiom, Inspiring Generations Of Songwriters From David Bowie To Jarvis Cocker And Damon Albarn.Pocked By Sibling Rivalry, Furious On Stage Violence, Walkouts, Overdoses, A Career Throttling Ban From The US, Gross Self Indulgence, And The Band S Curious Rebirth As Eighties Stadium Rockers, The Story Laid Bare In God Save The Kinks Is One Of The Greatest In British Pop History. The author has done a lot of homework but I wish he were a better writer Too often this sounds like it s being transcribed from a notebook I also noticed a couple of errors, in particular the 1967 reference regarding Revolver Overall though, this told me about the Kinks than I ve ever known. It does a good job of telling the Kinks dramatic rise and breakdown with facts but doesn t do a good job of hooking the reader A good history book transports you to the past but this one didn t really do that well. I always liked the Kinks and The Lovin Spoonful when it seemed de rigueur to like Cream, but oddly I sort of lost touch with everything at university I recently got hold of a compilation The Kinks The Anthology 1964 1971 and discovered how much I d missed even then God Save the Kinks showed me how much had passed me by.I think I expected rather from this biography than the chronicle it effectively is Certainly there s a lot about the Davies brothers, as you d expect, but in the end there s not much to it than a detailed chronology of their careers with some details about their private lives and those of their associates thrown in.Nevertheless, the details that are there paint a pretty good picture of people who can t be said not to have lived life to the full I was particularly taken by Dave Davie
I ve been a fan of The Kinks since going through a Mod phase as a teenager after the fall of Brit Pop and not knowing much about them outside the greatest hits compilations this book seemed ideal Now if you re just after the facts delivered clean, clear and concisely this is an entertaining read however if you want the tale told with raw, rock and roll verbal energy Jovanovic is not the author for you.To say the author is meant to be a Kinks fanatic I found his prose unenthusiastic to say the least and he was almost cautious about proclaiming Ray Davies and Co were better than the Stones or The Beatles My God if you re a Kinks fan writing a book on the subject is there any better a time to bang the drum for the band Cold, sterile delivery aside this book is also just a round up of previously released interviews so don t expect much new under the sun here.So in conclusion this is an adequate
What an odd and wonderful band the Kinks were Grounded for the best part of the British Invasion of the USA in the sixties, the Kinks hunkered down in London and concentrated on writing about life in old Blighty, becoming the quintessential musical voice on the subject Oddly enough, they became somewhat ignored in the homeland around the advent of punk and into the eighties but built up a strong following in the US long after the invasion was over The tale spans a lot of years and a hell of a lot happens with the Davies boys at each others throats, booze, drugs, mental illness, a love hate love hate love affair with the snippy English music press and a revolving door of band and management If you are a fan of the Kinks, this read gives you a nice overview of the big picture and even for
I am a Kinks fan and have a bunch of their records but never knew a lot about them This book was informative but a bit lacklustre I now have a lot respect for and sympathy with the band members However, I am a fan of their much derided concept albums Soap Opera, the Preservations, Schoolboys in Disgrace and am a bit sick of the way that every critic follows each other in panning these albums As f
For Kinks fans only Mostly a compilation of quotes from album reviews, quotes from interviews of band members and interviews with minor figures I don t feel I gained much insight into the famous battles between Dave and Ray Davies I gather Ray was volatile and sometimes violent than was apparent to the fan base A lot of the book deals with the Kinks being banned from playing in the US in the
Workman like recapitulation of this band s career Contains many details without really touching what makes the Kinks music so magic That spirit is far better captured in the liner notes of The Kink Chronicles Or just by playing the songs. Great kronicle of one of the best and most British of the British Invasion bands that never seemed to quite get the success and recognition they deserved but nonetheless made excellent music through the 1990s. Garden variety bio of the Kinks Does share some unattractive Ray Davies characteristics.

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