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Good Vibrations The New York Times Bestseller Mike Love Tells The Story Of His Legendary, Raucous, And Ultimately Triumphant Five Decade Career As The Front Man Of The Beach Boys, The Most Popular American Band In History Timed To Coincide With The 50th Anniversary Of Good Vibrations As A Founding Member Of The Beach Boys, Mike Love Has Spent An Extraordinary Fifty Five Years, And Counting, As The Group S Lead Singer And One Of Its Principal Lyricists The Beach Boys, From Their California Roots To Their International Fame, Are A Unique American Story One Of Overnight Success And Age Defying Longevity Of Musical Genius And Reckless Self Destruction Of Spirituality, Betrayal, And Forgiveness And Love Is The Only Band Member To Be Part Of It Each And Every Step His Own Story Has Never Been Fully Told, Of How A Sheet Metal Apprentice Became The Quintessential Front Man For America S Most Successful Rock Band, Singing In Than 5,600 Concerts In 26 Countries.Love Describes The Stories Behind His Lyrics For Pop Classics Such As Good Vibrations, California Girls, Surfin USA, And Kokomo, While Providing Vivid Portraits Of The Turbulent Lives Of His Three Gifted Cousins, Brian, Dennis, And Carl Wilson His Partnership With Brian Has Few Equals In American Pop Music, Though Mike Has Carved Out A Legacy Of His Own He Co Wrote The Lyrics To Eleven Of The Twelve Original Beach Boy Songs That Were Top 10 Hits While Providing The Lead Vocals On Ten Of Them The Band S Unprecedented Durability Also Provides A Glimpse Into America S Changing Cultural S Over The Past Half Century, While Love Himself Has Experienced Both The Diabolical And The Divine From Charles Manson S Family Threatening His Life To Maharishi Instilling It With Peace A Husband, A Father, And An Avid Environmentalist, Love Has Written A Book That Is As Rich And Layered As The Beach Boy Harmonies Themselves. Brian Wilson was one of nine brothers but his father Murray was extremely abusive and so by the time he was a teenager there were only two others left, Dennis and Carl For self defense reasons they therefore formed a group and because he could handle a baseball bat and was skilled at taekwondo they asked cousin Mike Love to join While waiting for the next attack from Murray they would while away the long hours harmonizing old Four Freshman numbers Eventually Mike and Brian began to make up songs, which of course were all about their own concerns One early song went If everybody had a shotgun across the USAThere d be no creeps like Murray in Californi ayFrom their self contained Hawthorne compound the Wilson Love group would make midnight forays for food and ammo, and they would also make contact with other survivor groups such as the one run by Charles Manson in nearby Redondo Beach There was some talk of merging the two groups but Manson insisted he should play lead guitar and he only knew two chords In this he was 15 years ahead of his time One day the news reached the Wilson Love compound that Murray Wilson was dead So at last the boys were free to roam during the day They could look at girls and buy sunglasses They discovered that singing in perfect four part harmony was a good way to get sunglasses All they needed now was a record contract As the Wilsons and Mike Love were all tall and handsome they decided to recruit Al Jardine, who was
Mike Love arrogant, crass, mercenary lead singer of the legendary Beach Boys.Mike Love the rock and roll Judas who betrayed his Christ like cousin Brian Wilson for twenty top ten hits three number ones and thirty pieces of silver Mike Love the notorious womanizer, the unrepentant ham, the shallow and insistently annoying pitch man for America s band Mike Love the resentful rage aholic, the schoolyard bully in the robes of a trailer park swami, the man who only meditates when he s not throwing diva size tantrums about the way the music industry and the rock press and his own family have shafted him for over fifty years Mike Love all of the above, yet so much The tough guy from Dorsey High The student of Chuck Berry and the midnight harmonizer on a thousand late night oldies in the streets of Hawthorne The sheet metal apprentice who crafted a sound for summer and never got the respect he deserved because his cousin Brian perfectly fit the fake hippy media s idea of a tormented genius If you can balance the different truths and make allowance for obvious evasions, this book is exciting and rewarding Mike Love is incapable of perspective on his own behavior, but he turns out to be a surprisingly
Second only to the Beatles in terms of the number of books detailing the histories of the two respective bands, The Beach Boys have been explored from nearly every possible angle It might seem a memoir from Mike Love might be redundant, but it s instead a needed corrective to many a previous volume.That s largely due to articles and books that started in the 70s that created the myth of Brian Wilson being the single tortured Genius of the band with the other members mere chess pieces to his brilliance Worse, it was then the stories began that if he had had support and less obstruction from the other Beach Boys, Brian s projects, especially the legendary Smile, would have been given to a hungry fan base eager for whatever Brian came up with While Brian s father Murray is justly the most vilified figure in the saga, Mike Love has been reviled for decades for supposedly being the Beach Boy who opposed Brian s creative evolution.In Good Vibrations, Love builds a very convincing case of self defense For one matter, he details his own contributions to the band s catalogue of hits, especially their lyrics As with many a previous chronicler of the music of the Beach Boys, he discusses the turmoils of the troubled Brian Wilson and shows how it was drug abuse and mental issues that derailed Wilson s creativity, not squabbles with hi
I have read a lot of Beach Boys memoirs This one, despite being by an actual band member thus far unprecedented, unless you count the spiritually unwholesome Wouldn t it Be Nice My Own Story, penned by ghostwriter unethical therapist staff , is squarely in the middle of the pack I think a good barometer about whether a Beach Boys memoir is good is maybe the attention it pays to Surf s Up, Holland, and Love You This sort of mentions that the band went to Holland to record an album, talks about how Surf s Up had good cover art and a Real Smile Track, and disses Love You in a paragraph Against that, lots of good details about Why Everyone Is Down On Al Jardine, the big lawsuit over writing credits, and some of the creepy ins and outs of the Australian tour with David Frost Brian is, maybe properly, kind of a spectral presence throughout Mike doesn t seem to have access to his thoughts at all, even in the early phases of the book where much is made about their powerful friendship This feels right I totally believe that Mike legit loves Brian, but has no capacity to relate to Brian,
Its incredible to think that after a half century the Beach Boys are still touring Founding member Mike Love 1941 joined with his cousins Brian Wilson 1942 , Dennis Wilson 1944 1983 , Carl Wilson 1946 1998 and high school friend Al Jardine 1942 to form one of the greatest American bands in rock pop history In Good Vibrations My Life as a Beach Boy Love with James S Hirsch chronicles his memoir of his family musical history legacy, the fame, hit songs albums, the controversial involvement with Charles Manson followers, Transcendental Meditation, and the less than flattering stories of drug alcohol addictions and multiple marriages and divorces.The Beach Boys represented the Surf Craze not just in name, but with their 1961 smash hit Surfin Safari Dennis was the only one who actually surfed, and when the girls started screaming at a concert, he thought there was a fire Love, being a husband and father was the oldest member at 20, and Carl the youngest was 14 With fame came the multitudes of adoring female fans
Just finished the book moments ago and am pleased to say it has vaulted to the top of a long list of rock n roll memoirs I ve read It s very well written and covers every controversial incident and comment we ve heard about through the years as well as many uplifting, happy events and moments In that respect, reading this book is like listening to a compilation of the entire Beach Boys catalog it tags every emotional base It answers every question about The Beach Boys and Mike Love s life that I had when I started reading, and it includes rich details about the writing of many of the Beach Boys greatest songs The origins and outcomes of the many legal troubles within the band are clearly explained, as well as the various drug problems, Manson Family connections, and untimely deaths of family members Throughout it all, Mike Love is magnanimous in his descriptions of band members and conflicts within the
Mike Love not war Or something like that This is the year of dueling Beach Boys autobiographies Brian s latest is set to be released soon I have to say I ripped through this It s honest, smug, generous, crazy Both anecdotes I haven t read before and covering familiar territory Nicest surprise Mike s not as unsympath
Most of this book is super dull I quickly found myself skimming in way that challenges the definition of skimming There is a fascinating section in the middle that deals w Dennis, as well as the Manson Family psychos There is also a mildly interesting bit that refers to an ashram stay w the Beatles Outside of that, the bits near the beginning, a few near the end, about Brian, were pretty it much it for these dry, 422 pages of text Mike Love comes off as an absolute prick, in my opinion I nearly stopped reading after p 18, b c he is so f ing entitled full of himself That actually was the point at which I started my skimming, to see if there would be any pay off to continuing on through this guy s bologna All that liberal skimming leads
I love the colorful clothes she wearsAnd the way the sunlight plays upon her hairI hear the sound of a gentle wordOn the wind that lifts her perfume through the air Good Vibrations I m a huge Beach Boys fan and have read pretty much every book written about the band, so I was excited to hear the story in the words of Mike Love For those considering this book, I d just say it s worth the read if you re an avid Beach Boys fan, but be prepared for quite a bit of discussion supporting why the author hasn t received the credit due him for his role with the band.After a rather boring beginning describing the Love Wilson ancestry, the remaining chapters raise issues which have clearly gnawed at Mike for years, such as song writing credits Love was swindled out of by Brian and Murray father Wilson, the negative effects of Brian Wilson being called a genius by music aficionados, how Mike never deserved to be painted with the don t f k with the formula mantra, etc While I enjoyed Mike s perspective on the background history of the band, I just couldn t get beyond the not so subtle banter about not receiving fair credit for song writing In the early 1990s Mike Love sued Brian Wilson and successfully won a judgement that Brian had defrauded him of millions of royalties for songs in which Mike had not been credited as a writer To Mike s credit sorry he settled for an amount far less than he proba
Just could not make it through all the self glorification and bragging I did not know this about Mike Love before beginning the book, but then googled him and found LOADS of references to his HUGE ego When I got to the part of his acceptance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I tried to w

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