Grace and Mary

Grace and MaryBy Quite Simply One Of The Best Writers We Have Sunday Telegraph , A Profoundly Moving Story Spanning Three Generations.John Visits His Ageing Mother Mary In Her Nursing Home By The Sea, And Mourns The Slow Fading Of Her Mind Hoping To Shore Up Her Memory, He Prompts Her With Songs, Photographs And Questions About The 1940s, When She Was A Young Woman And He A Child In A Small Cumbrian Town But He Finds That Most Of All It Is Her Own Mother She Longs For Grace, The Mother She Barely Knew John Sets Out To Recreate Their Buried Family History, Delving Into The Secrets And Silences Of Mary S Fractured Childhood As He Imagines The Life Of Her Spirited Mother Reaching From The Late 19th Century To The Present, This Becomes A Deeply Moving, Reflective Elegy On Three Generations Linked By A Chain Of Love, Loss, And Courage. This is very remarkable book Its sad and emotional John makes his way to his others house His mother is walking towards him and barges straight past him and did not recognise her own son Mary is taken to a nursing home as she is suffering from Dementia. I was surprised at how much I liked this book To begin with I thought it would be a simple, slightly dull account of a son watching his Mother s health deteriorate However, as Bragg filled in the stories of Mary and Grace I became interested and sympathetic to all the main characters.The most compelling story for me was Grace s There was such sadness in her life, such enormous injustice, all based on the fact she was born at a time when religion and its s dictated how people were treated, that I couldn t help but wish for a twist to her story Meanwhile the loving relationship between Mary and John was drawn so tenderly, without avoiding the uncomfortable aspects of illness, that I also warmed to both of these characters.It is not easy to do, to take three everyday lives, make them compelling, create a clear backdrop for the story with landscape, societal expectations, domesticity, the difficulties of being women, and do it in a way that
I m really not sure what my feelings about this book are I was captivated by Melvyn Bragg s writing but at times it felt over done I was confused by the two stories we follow but I also loved how they entwined I was fascinated by Grace s story but I don t know what the point of this book is I was bored because this book is slow, I was in awe because it is gentle and sweet and sad This isn t like anything I ve read before and as a whole I don t think it worked for me With the book being set over a long period, moving between multiple people and multiple stories I didn t feel involved In a way this worked because it almost makes you f
I read this a few weeks ago and was surprised and moved. This book is a sensitive study of the problems that beset an individual when a family member develops Alzheimer s John visits his mother, Mary, in her nursing home in Wigton, in the Lake District, which is a six hundred and fifty miles round trip from his home in London, sometimes only to find her asleep or, worse, awake but unable to recognise him It s a good nursing home, however, staffed by local women who genuinely care for their patients, for which he s grateful because as he sees it, the situation could be a whole lot worse He s consumed by guilt, firstly that he hasn t moved his family back to Wigton so that he can care for her himself or, alternatively, moved her to London, where she would be left alone, in strange surroundings, for large parts of the day At over seventy years of age, John, too, is ageing, so not only does he have to confront his mother s final days but find the courage to face his own mortality, too Because of her dementia, Mary is confused and he feels it is his task to lead her back into her past, towards safety and away from the abyss that threatened This past is complicated by the fact that she s illegitimate Her mother, Grace, a farm labourer s daughter, though maintaining contact, was forced to give her away at
Grace and Mary is expertly written by Melvyn Bragg A great number of themes are covered in this deceptively gentle story Mary is suffering by dementia and her son John is keen to see if exploring her early memories can stave off further decline Told in the present day by John, observing Mary and recreating her memories, and alternately telling her mother Grace s story Grace s mother died after giving birth to her and she went to live on her grandparent s farm A picture is painted of a life at the beginning of the twentieth century of a farming community with life lived according the church rules Grace s story was the part I preferred although the two strands complemented each other beautifully.This is quite a philosophical book exploring what religion meant to the three generations of the family An interesting portrayal of a genera
This e book arrived by surprise I had pre ordered it and forgotten about it I started to read and didn t expect this to be than a short break, but I found it compelling and beautiful and couldn t put it down The skilful interaction between the two intertwined stories the current and the past is controlled and yet not constrained It is a story of love, and compassion At the point I was feeling I should put the book down, the story would move from the present to the past or vice versa Melvyn Bragg spoke about his experiences in writing this book most of his work has a strong autobiographical l
I give this book a mixed review I enjoyed the story of Grace particularly She lived a hard life at a time when women had few options Her story is told with great tenderness Mary her daughter was never well developed as a character We watch her steady decline into dementia Her son suffers with her and tries to bring back her lost memories but despite a few successes he must accept her lose
Melvyn Bragg is withoutdoubt one of our most underrated novelists Grace and Mary slowly pieces together the story of a family through a son s attempts to help his mother remember as she succumbs to Alzheimer s It s beautif
I enjoyed reading this story of two exceptional and unusual for their time and place women set around each of the wars, in a small English village The story of the elderly Mary gradually being drowned by dementia as her aging son endeavours to stall the inevitable process is a touching one.

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