Happy Campers

Happy Campers Audrey Sunshine Monke, Mother Of Five And Camp Owner Director, Shares Nine Powerful Parenting Techniques Inspired By The Research Based Practices Of Summer Camp To Help Kids Thrive And Families Become Closer Research Has Proven That Kids Are Happier And Gain Essential Social And Emotional Skills At Camp A Recognized Parenting Expert, Audrey Monke Distills What She S Learned From Thousands Of Interactions With Campers, Camp Counselors, And Parents, And From Her Research In Positive Psychology, To Offer Intentional Strategies Parents Can Use To Foster The Benefits Of Camp At Home Our Screen Obsessed, Competitive Society Makes It Harder Than Ever To Raise Happy, Thriving Kids But There Are Tried And True Methods That Can Help Instead Of Rearing A Generation Of Children Who Are Overwhelmed, Anxious, Depressed, And Who Struggle To Become Independent, Responsible Adults, Parents Can Create A Culture That Promotes The Growth Of Important Character Traits And The Social Skills Kids Need For Meaningful, Successful Lives Thousands Of Parents Attest To The Magical Benefits Of Summer Camp For Their Kids, Noting Their Children Return Joyful, Positive, Confident, And Resilient After Just A Few Weeks But You Can Learn Exactly What It Takes To Promote These Benefits At Home Complete With Specific Ideas To Implement The Most Effective Summer Camp Secrets, HAPPY CAMPERS Is A One Of A Kind Resource For Raising Happy, Socially Intelligent, Successful Kids. I ve read this many times, because I wrote it So my review might be biased, but I really do like what I wrote I hope that the book is helpful for others Thanks for reading Happy Campers HAPPY CAMPERS A ship is safe in harbor, But that s not what ships were built for attributed to John A SheddI really, really enjoyed this book It gave me all the happy feelings of summer camp, days full of joy and long summer nights Written by Audrey Sunshine Monke, mother of five children and owner director of Gold Arrow Camp, it is based on the author s extensive experience on the skills that our children need to thrive as adults.She uses 9 Camp Secrets proven again and again to help children to cultivate important life skills for them to have a happy life.Connection Comes FirstCatch Them Doing Something RightPositive Practices Produce Optimistic KidsAll Kids Can Be More IndependentGrit Is Grown Outside the Comfort ZoneKids Are More Capable Than Parents Think They AreKids Thrive with StructureMake it Cool to Be KindCoach Kids to Better FriendshipsEvery chapter presents a lot of different strategies to implement the camp secret At the end of each chapter there are concrete ideas and steps that you can use in your own home These are One Simple Thing basic advice , the Sticky Note Solution, How to Make it Fun, Around the Campfire how to discuss that particular challenge during dinnertime bedtime , a Family Meeting Topic and Diving Deeper a detailed approach.At the end of the book, there is a Ready for Adulthood Checklist which is an extensive list of all skills that an adult needs to thrive in our world.An excellent book on parenting written in an easy and relatable language that is full of practical advice on raising happy kids In Happy Campers, Audrey Monke provides families with all the tools they need to bring the well documented benefits of camp into their daily lives at home By exploring the intentional mindsets and practices behind the magic of camp, Happy Campers shares specific ways we can help our children develop confidence, connection, and well being Whether the reader is looking for simple strategies to put into place right away, or is eager to explore the core values that shape their family priorities, this book delivers Importantly, Audrey writes with the joy and enthusiasm of a dynamic and encouraging camp leader, who is there to remind us of the supports and experiences that matter most for our kids long term well being, and to highlight the importance of having fun along the way. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC advanced reader copy and cannot wait to host Audrey at my shop for a book signing author chat Audrey is able to guide readers through important topics such as, connection, unplugging and setting goals both for ourselves as parents and with our children Audrey puts her unique experience as a camp owner director and mother of 5 to the page and the results are phenomenal I highly recommend this book if you re looking to connect deeply with your children and with yourself. Loved this book I also blurbed it, full disclosure, but that s because I, as previously stated, loved it It s full of things you can put into place NOW, whether you re a camp parent or, like me, just a regular old boring parent whose kids go to the local pool and play in the yard in the summer until they re old enough to get a job or something, jeez. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this wonderful book and highly recommend it for parents Inspiring and irresistibly practical Happy Campers is a post millennial parenting treasure brimming with dozens of essential, achievable and transformative parenting strategies Laugh and cry with Audrey Monke as she masterfully distills a lifetime of professional camp director wisdom that will guide your family to great joy and fun together while becoming deeply optimistic, communicative, resilient, adaptable, socially competent and emotionally confident. This is a wonderful book full of easy practices to put into action at home. Audrey Monke does a fantastic job of taking what she has learned as a camp owner and researcher and distilling it into lessons that parents can use to help them raise confident, happy and engaged children. For the last decade, I ve witnessed camp transform my children Summer after summer, my kids come home confident, joyful, and compassionate I ve always wished that we could bring the magic of camp home Now we can I ve been a parenting and happiness expert for than 15 years, and I can honestly say that Happy Campers is one of the best distillations and applications of research backed practices for parenting happy, self motivated, kind, and resilient kids I ve seen yet Christine Carter, Ph.D., author of Raising Happiness and The Sweet Spot Audrey Monke, the mother of five and owner of Golden Arrow Camp in Sierra National Forest in CA, has shared with us what she has learned in her 30 years of kids, camp, and campers that we can implement in our everyday world to ease the lives of our youngsters Her positive attitude and willingness to accept youngsters at their own self recognized level are telling It is so easy to lose the connections we share with our kids in the day to day hassles of life by forgetting that they also have opinions and thoughts and dreams that we might overlook when the trash doesn t get taken out and no one can even see the floor of their rooms and bills need to be paid and the laundry is piled neck high Ms Monke s suggestions are spot on and ones we all need to re enforce in our everyday lives Even her chapter titles will spur you on to looking at life a little differently and her words will inspire you as they have me This is a book I will gift to my great nieces, the new mothers of the world of tomorrow I wish it had been written many years ago.I think the most important information is in how to recognize and handle bullying from the point of view of the Bullier and the bullied But also the chapter on recognizing the growth and capability of children as they mature is essential And the knowledge that grit is grown outside the comfort zone And make it cool to be kind All parents and grandparents need to read this book And send a kid to camp I received a free electronic copy of this self help book from Netgalley, Audrey Monke, and Center Street Publishers Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me I have read this book of my own volition, and this review reflects my honest opinion of this work pub date May 7, 2019Center Street Publishers Hatchette Book GroupReviewed on May 16, 2019, at Goodreads, Netgalley, , BN, BookBub, and Kobo.

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  • Happy Campers
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  • 11 April 2017
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